Work Out

Season 1 Episode 4

Jackie's away, Trainers will play

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2006 on Bravo
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Jackie is invited to train a wealthy client in Palm Springs, leaving Erika in charge of the gym and Jesse in charge of the house. Mimi reacts badly to the idea of Jackie leaving town alone, especially when she sees a photograph of the client, a beautiful, rich woman named Sarah. The trainers respond badly to Erika's authoritative management style and create havoc in the gym.moreless
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  • Jackie giving her trainers some trust, may not have been the best move as she definetly regrets it later in the episode.

    I really find it irritating that these Trainers she hired are so juvenille. They treat their profession like they are in high school even though they may be in their mid 20's.

    It's rediculous, I have never seen such unprossionalism in the work place like that save for maybe MTV, or teenagers at a fast food restaurant. One thing that this episode lets you see is what the Trainers really think of their jobs, profession, and boss. Since, if they took it seriously or at least cared about it, they would have at least have the respect not to trash Jackies house. Or at the very least, clean up the mess.

    To be honest I think that Jackie should fire Brian for instigating mutany while she was away talking about taking clients and starting his own gym (along with the major role he played in trashing her house). She should fire Jesse because he wasn't even supposed to let any of the people in that showed up, therefor betraying her trust. And finally, put the rest on probation for they're unprofessional behavior at the gym, her house, and especially Erika for not taking a stand when things were getting out of control.

    It's one thing to be loose, or unprofessional when Jackie is there, but it's blatant disrespect when she is gone.

    Either way this episode definetly poses many new challenges at work for Jackie, It will be iteresting to see

    how she deals with her..."playful" trainers.

  • Jackie goes away to stay with a female client, who turns out to be nice and just like Jackie - But what about MiMi??!!

    Okay, This just might be me but in this episode you can really start to see that Jackie and MiMi's realationship is on the rocks. You can tell by noticing the way that Jackie all of a sudden went into a Serious flirtation mode when she was with her wealty client. She all of a sudden was happy that she did not have to argue with another close female, that she liked. However I do not think that MiMi is going to be so happy when she see's this.

    If I was Jackie I would not have gone out with MiMi in the first place Be like I said That's Just Me!moreless

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