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  • Workout is my new obsession. How can i get SEASON 1,2 and 3 on DVD?

    I love the show cant get enough. I wish I had a place like that to go and get motivated. I also enjoy all the interation between the trainers and Jackie. Thier private lives. It has helped me in so many ways. I wish I could thank Jackie for so much help in healing my scars from a trainwreck of a personal life. Watching her has helped me in so many ways. Im obsessed I would like to get all 3 seasons on DVD. I would also like to get a copy of the WORKOUT DVD she did this season. I will be definatly looking for it.
  • one star if you believe this is real. Two and a half if its fake

    "Work out" is Bravo's reality show focusing on a training facility in California. One can understand what the initial attraction was to make this a reality show. The gym is owned and run by a youngish lesbian named Jackie, her staff is very attractive, and the first season had her story combined with her training methods for her clientile. It was good publicity for her gym, and Bravo got an original show.

    Much like every other reality show, the concept was really only good for one season. But here it is back again, and the drama is more contrived than on MTV's "real world".

    The first season focused on the clientile, the gym, and Jackie. It had some dramatic moments as one of her trainers passed away, Jackie's romantic situation was tangled to say the least, and she had a therapist and talked about her family issues.

    The reason why shows such as this are usually one shot shows are the "cast" (in whatever such show) are not actors, and don't know how they are being perceived until the show (and the editing) are done. After season one, they are more media savvy and the drama seems fake. Also, since most peoples lives (even strait or gay good looking trainers) are, lets face it, boring, some of the occurences, if not scripted, due seem forced.

    In season two, there is new "studly" trainer literally right out of a magazine, which everyone conveniently hates. Jackie is fighting with one of her other male trainers, who is conveniently not fired, and she has a new girlfriend, replacing the relationship she had with one of her trainers, Rebecca, Who is conveniently still there for the new season. As for the clientile, why its the girl from Joe Millionaire, a reality show from yesteryear..Oh the drama!

    Unlike some of the moments last year, this year's first episode felt as believable as a daytime soap. Ms. Warner (Jackie) seems to type A (as it were) to put up the drama from the male trainers and seems like the type to fire someone on a dime. I'm sorry if this offends, but I do not buy the rebecca girl as a lesbian, or the relationship. (maybe a girls gone wild type of play lesbian/anything to get on TV type, but that's it). She was appearantly on the "Amazing Race" and would probably do just about anything to get back that 15 minutes of fame. Its very telling that on the webisite for the show, many of the "actors" of the show refer to themselves as "characters".

    If this isn't scripted, someone is going to have a hell of a sexual harassment or discrimination suit. In the first episode, Jackie buys everyone new uniforms that have a picture of a female bodybuilder on it, it is revealed she is taking only her female trainers on a lesbian cruise (gee the guys must love that, and wouldn't any girl find that per se sexual harassment), and she was presumably sleeping with her employee. If she ever fires one of her male trainers, the papers will be in the mail!

    If it is fake, then enjoy it like you would the real world, it isn't shakespear, but it will kill some time.
  • I like this...

    The show brings a whole new look at fitness. It shows people getting fit and becoming happy with it. I remember one show and it really made me stop and look at this show and what fitness does for people. I can truely help a persons outlook on life and the way they look at themselves. I think that they need to show Jackie working with more people she was such a great trainer they gave her a show why not show america how great she is. Other than the DVD she made. Which was a great idea. I also thought that it was a weird situation with the guy she fired. I have to say I may have been a little on his side of the whole thing of what was side about his client. I know Jackie didn't say it but I believe it was wrong either way. With how Jackie and her trainers make people feel about themselves maybe she should have at least explained a little. O'well now.
  • I think the show is wonderful, I wish they would show more of Ericka! She brings more then you think to the show, is seems to be a wonderful person!

    I love the show, my son does as well. Not for the reasons most men and women watch. His father is a Bodybuilder and he watches the parts that are blocked by me as to much information.I am 37, two years ago I worked at Jewelry Television, I injured my back, per my husband and family I should have the minor surgery. It didn't go so well. I have a 7 year old son, who thinks you are so sweet and very pretty. Allen is having a hard time. I went from working and playing with him, to being bed. I have been diagnosed with Sleep apnea, Epilepsy, Rheumatoid art, lupus, my thyroid doesn't work well either. I hope you read this, I watched the ship show without him, and due to a new DVD player I can edit what he sees, however I wanted you to know Allen is special he has Developmental Delays. He is a lot better now and can tell me and his dad (a bodybuilder) day. Allen is already going to the gym 5 days a week; I want you to know it takes a lot of being beautiful on the inside for Allen to think you are on the outside. You are the sweetest, most honorable person on the show, so thank you for being gougeous, and for setting such a wonderful example of a good person!!!!
  • If you are here to help why are you putting people down...

    If you work in a gym to help people to help themselves why would you even take the time to put them down and say anything about them. I wonder what you say about the people that come in there with a real problem!!!! Is it a jealous thing I dont know. Cause the woman with cancer looks good why would you do that if you work there? I can only image the jokes and the remarkes that are made when the camera are turned off makes me sad cause I watch the show and now this is sad to me that people are like that and say they want to help well I guess they forgot camera's were on.
  • Daily dose of Jackie

    I love this show. I started watching it last season, not every episode but just if it happened to be on. This season seemed to be a lot better and really pulled me in. I'm so glad that Jackie finally got rid of obnoxious Mimi. She bites her for god's sakes! I really liked Brian after he opened up, at first I thought he was just really arrogant, but this season proved otherwise. I was so depressed after what happened to Doug. When I first saw the episode, I was litteraly sobbing on my couch. My friend walked in and wondered what was wrong with me. He seemed like such an amazing guy that got along and touched so many people. I'm addicted to this show, and I can't wait for the third seasoon. Jackie would be the only person that I would turn lesbian for. Love this show.
  • Work Out is great in a sense that it has real people getting their bodies and lives back on track.

    Although I love the show, Work Out, sometimes I don't have enough time to watch the whole thing, so lucky for me, I found this article on that talks about different workouts from the show:

    If you guys don't have a lot of time like me, this is a good fix that's time efficient and easy to do.
  • JESSE!

    Ok.. so Bravo has been running this show for awhile and im starting to LOVE it! I'm definitely glad that jesse and rebecca are trying to resolve their problems.. the drama was getting to be alittle much, but i understand where jesse is comin from. I'm really feeling brians pain since this whole thing with doug. brian is amazing and i feel really bad. Gregg, Zen, and Andre are some amazing people, that seem serious with their work, but so fun to hang out with. The show would be nothing without Jackie. She's clearly going through some personal things, but shes a strong person and she'll get through it. RIP Doug
  • work out!

    Ok.. so Bravo has been running this show for awhile and im starting to LOVE it! I'm definitely glad that jesse and rebecca are trying to resolve their problems.. the drama was getting to be alittle much, but i understand where jesse is comin from. I'm really feeling brians pain since this whole thing with doug. brian is amazing and i feel really bad. Gregg, Zen, and Andre are some amazing people, that seem serious with their work, but so fun to hang out with. The show would be nothing without Jackie. She's clearly going through some personal things, but shes a strong person and she'll get through it. RIP Doug
  • An absolutely exhilirating reality show! If I lived in California, I'd become a member.

    I have become addicted to Workout. I am a straight female but I have found such a liking to most of the trainers at Sky Lab. If I lived in California, or if I was rich enough to fly myself to California for a month's worth of training, I'd do it -- with any of the trainers.

    I like the fact that Jackie isn't afraid to tell the world that when asked by her psychiatrist why she's still in her current relationship, she responds "because I'm **** up!". I LOVE IT! Jackie, if you're willing to fly a 5'3", 126 lb. female from NJ to California for a month's training, I'm sure to make it worth your while. I REALLY want to get back in shape (110 lbs.) but I LOVE to drink, much to the chagrin of my husband....he needs to start drinking.

    Thank you for such an honest & worthwhile show. I wish you the best of luck with Sky Lab and your clothing line. You are a true inspiration!


    Lisa Thomas
  • I missed this and had to catch it in rerun. The second season starts off with some new and hopefully better direction.

    Jackie's relationship hopefully is finally over. It just goes to prove that no matter how good the sex is a relationship cannot exist on sex alone and that is the only thing they had in common.
    The bickering in the gym between the two gay trainers takes a crazy twist. If you notice at the beginning of the episode it is dedicated to one of them, he dies unexpectedly during the season.
    As for the new fat camp, it has a purpose, but I am not sure if it is totally appropriate. They want to make them work out, but it may have some serious health consequences for some.
    I have been a fan of Rebecca since The Amazing Race, and what seems to be a relationship with Jackie, now that is interesting. The show is not rocket science and there is comedy, drama and enough hot bodies for everyone.
  • This show focuses on the life Jackie Warner in the process of dealing with creating her business which is a gym and a big part of the show, dealing with her homosexuality and how her mother feels about that among other things.

    Although the star is Jackie, we get to see into the lives of her trainers and how a little bit of how life is for a homosexual woman with a Christian mother who disapproves of many decisions in her life. Jackie seems to balance everything in her life very well. She can be her employees boss and friend at the same time. There are repercussions to that as you will see her learn on the show but regardless to what she is forced to deal with, she handles them with a lot of strength. One of the things you also get to see is the dating life of a homosexual female apart from what is typically portrayed in the media. I, myself, don't care for the homosexual lifestyle, but seeing it in the show doesn't really bother me at all. It's a well-balance show with enough drama always going on to keep you interested, plus I'm really into fitness myself, so I love it because of that too. I give it two thumbs up.
  • I love the show work out. It is very intertaning and intriguing as well. Please bring it back for more seasons. I can't wait for the second season to start.

    They should have more TV shows like these. People really need to be more open to new things that is happening in life as we speak. Jackie's and strong and intelligent woman who knows what she likes,love na dwant in life. Jackie isn't affraid to go after what she wants as well. ITs about her livivng her life the way she chooses and having the right people ing her life that truley support her. Jackie is very successful to me with her business and her personal life as well. I hope that jackie has a great season next and I cant't wait to watch either.
  • 3% body fat, 97% it

    3% body fat, 97% it, love it, love it! Like some others have mentioned Jackie has quite an ego, but what successful female entrepreneur doesn't! From one boss lady to another - Rock on honey! Oooh! and can't forget to mention, it certainly doesn't hurt ratings that Jackie and her staff are sexy!
  • Wow, "Workout" is the best original reality series I have seen in the last decade. Jackie Warner speaks truth from her heart. Warner's ability to disclose her vunerabilities as well as her strenghts is a very welcome protaganist in this story.

    I just loved this show. I ran into it one night when looking for something to watch and now I can't get enough of this very intertaining reality series. Jackie has a chacter that has charisma as does most of her personal trainers. Rebecca brings a special touch to the gym as does Jesse. The only problem with Jackie breaking it off with Mimi in the season finale is that Mimi as distasteful as she may be at times; discloses the vulnerable side of Jackie that makes her "REAL". The other strength of this show is the advice of the personal trainers. I found the show to also inspire others to want to workout. We all could applaude the success of Tess and her struggles that we all encounter when starting to become healthy. Jackie was compasionate, tough and not judgemental as she helped Tess through the first nine weeks of her program. Great show!
  • The reality series, Work Out, about the openly gay fitness trainer, Jackie Warner. Jackie\'s new project, Sky Sport and Spa in L.A. is setting for all drama queens, both gay and straight. And there the spoiled girlfriend in the mix as well.

    I have been truly entriqued by this program. I initially tuned in to check out the training tips and found myself TVO\\\'ing all of the episodes, more for the people than the tips. (Although I have got some good ones.) I love Jackie, strong, independant yet a semi-wreck. The personalities of the trainers, clients, and of course, Mimi, makes for GREAT TV. Just don\\\'t let Dr. Phil come in and screw you all up. Being a little out of kilter, now and then is REAL. Jackie makes this show but if they would put it on three nights a week, I could work out with Jackie and the trainers and wouldn\\\'t have to go to the gym. I look forward to the upcoming season and hope Mimi goes back to her original name and It\\\'s time to move on up people... the sky\\\'s the limit.
  • Let's face it: the show doesn't really make a point. But what makes it stand out is that it brings the homosexual issue to light. And people need to listen.

    Typing this means a lot to this reviewer, because I myself am gay. I heard the owner of the gym was a lesbian so I thought, "Gays on TV again in a reality show? Great!" So I had to watch it (also, Jesse is not a bad looker either). Watching Jackie (the owner)'s girlfriend and her mother fighting over the issue on gay marriage brought this show's inspiration level, for me, to a definite 10. The fact that her mother will not understand proves how ignorant we all are to the gay issue. 9.7 because Jesse isn't on enough.
  • Boring ego showcase for allegedly talented & tough female owner of an exclusive L.A. gym. Only slightly interesting when she corrects & embarasses trainers before THEIR clients and when long work hours cut into time she has for jealous lesbian lover.

    A boring and stupid show. I felt like I was watching her watch herself in her gyms\' mirrors. She corrects and embarasses trainers in front of THEIR clients. Successful Supervising 101 teaches to never criticize an employee in public. There are many other similar gyms to take a rich client to. She\'s mistaken if she thinks this makes her seem powerful and strong. Also, a lesbian relationship is no longer scandalous. The stress caused by having to work long hours and her lover\'s jealousy is the only thing of interest - might make a good sitcom or soap opera storyline.
  • I have to say, it's just entertaining.

    A new Bravo reality series for me to be hooked on. I caught the first episode by accident as I was working on my computer and just happened to leave the channel on. A driven, type-a personal trainer with an ambitious and impressive career history tries to build a sucessful gym in beverly hills. Her core team of trainers is made up of several interesting personalities. Some work well with each other and some just don't. Jackie, the owner, tries to use her knowledge to develop her trainers into the best in LA. The show focuses mainly on her interaction with her trainers and thier clients as well as her relationship with her girlfriend, Mimi, who is also a trainer(as a rule they don't work together). I think this show is a guilty pleasure for me because I can't help thinking that reality TV is teetering on the edge of TV history. However, I guess as long as people like me continue to get sucked in to these shows they will never fade into the great test pattern of off-the-air.
  • Give it a chance!

    Reality TV at its best. I dont know, it just sucked me right in. I love the Sky Sports & Spa location and wish I was wealthy enough to workout there! Jackie is so cool, its nice that they are featuring a high-powered lesbian. Finally. There are so many shows about gay men, its about time they featured a relatable down to earth lesbian.