Work Out

Season 2 Episode 2

Unhealthy Truths

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 27, 2007 on Bravo

Episode Recap

This episode picks up with Jackie and Mimi still in therapy from the premiere. Only now Mimi returns to find a unhappy Jackie who decides that overall it is best for the both of them if they just let it end.

With no real regrets she pushes towards her future as she prepares to take Skylab to the next level and begins to interview clients for the program. But most importantly she has selected the nine clients to address and help them begin to overcome their weight issues. The one person that Jackie deeply wants to help is Tess who suffered an injury and put all the weight back on that she lost from the first season of the show. To begin to help them Jackie gets their body fat tested, using hydrostatic weigh in to more accurately get an idea of how much help each client will need. But the clients weren't the only ones to get tested, the trainers were too. So with eyes wide and a little reluctance Jackie gets them to do it so they know where they stand. To quote Jessie, he was "like the fat kid on the playground..." in the sense that he had the highest percentage of everyone.

Jessie and Doug haven't been talking for months, but this is when it peaks. The tension is so bad it begins to show signs of affecting business. At this point Jackie must intervene to hopefully coerce Jessie to, at some point, make amends with Doug.

Business aside Jackie feels the need to spend some quality girl time with Rebecca. Which eventually results in he two of them going to a lesbian bar to just hang loose. Later on Rebecca is in awe of the fact of how statuesque Jackie is in the Lesbian Community. The 'Lesbian Tom Cruise' according to Rebecca, everyone wanted a piece of Jackie. The Bonding between the two doesn't stop there as Rebecca and Jackie get a bit 'friendly' at Jackie's house warming party. But this serene event doesn't last long when Jackie and Peeler get into their verbal quips. Without realizing it she takes it a step too far, leaving Peeler frustrated and ticking like a bomb. Deciding to spare lives Peeler leaves not wanting to have a incident.

Even though the night for some was a bit rough, Jessie pulls Doug aside and apologizes. With them able to make a amends, its almost natural that even more drama is thrown into he mix regardless of who it hurts.