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  • sometimes funny

    Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I have a hard time liking doosh characters. Sometimes these guys are funny, but sometimes they are so far past the moral line it's hard to like them. Like, comedy or not, sometimes they REALLY screw each other over for supposed friends. If you pay attention, they are pretty much sociopaths.

    Also, almost every episode would have landed then in jail?
  • Insanely unpredictable!!

    3rd season (14) LIBRARY
  • Awesome

  • Adam Rocks!!!

    I can't get enough of this show, cracks me up. Adam brings out the cougar in me ;D he's adorable! The guys have such a great rapport.

    It quite a bit boring season 3 but this season I was literally laughing and not like stare and mentally laugh, there was actual nice and mouth movement.

    Ahaha nioce
  • Dynamic

    Its Conquest agaist the workforce
  • Not another stoner comedy

    Workaholics isn't horrible, it has some funny parts, I just don't like this show though. I just can't get myself to like it.

    We get it, you smoke weed, congrats.
  • its just stupid now

    last nights episode will be the last i watch of this show. its just utter nonsense now.

    the funny thing is i watched it while high and didnt laugh and in the morning i watched again while normal to make sure and still didnt laugh. the past last few episodes just was not funny anymore
  • Love it!

    Love this show. Please renew for 8 or 10 seasons, I'll be there to watch.
  • Slightly entertaining with a dash of hilarity

    I haven't quite decided if I like this show or not yet, it kinda feels like a merging of a stoner-comedy and The Office, mixed in with occasional exhibitions of mindnumbing stupidity. It wouldnt be far from the truth to say that the show consists mostly of slapstick humor and excessive drinking, but it also has a lot of interesting plot lines and hilarious situations. One of my favourite episodes has got to be "Teenage Mutant Ninja Roomates" where they wind up locked in a sewer after being chased by a community security guard.

    If you're a fan of slapstick-stoner-collage-dropout-drinking-humor and don't care too much whether or not there's a continuing story across episodes/seasons then this is probably something you're going to enjoy, if not, then you still might enjoy it.
  • Great show

    During the summer you want to go out and enjoy the weather. But there are times when you want to sit and watch TV when it's all said and done. This show fills that summer time TV lull very well. Good comedy with fun stories. I love the blonde girl, she may be a little thick in the waist but looks hot to me. All in all I love to watch the show and look forward to season 3 premier tonight.
  • The Workaholics Show

    The Workaholics is a great comedy show on television based on workplace comedy. The premier of the show was on April 6th, 2011. The show is on hangover. The executive producer of the show is Kevin Ettin. There are two seasons of the show. There are ten episodes in each of the season. The Workaholics is about three fresh college graduates. Blake Anderson as Blake, Adam De Vine as Adam and Anders Holm as Anders play the role of these three. They work together and are roommates. Therefore, they have to live together even after work. Therefore, they spend all their time together as the cubicle in which they work is also common.
  • A great, modern comedy.


    Workaholics revolves around the antics of three slacker-stoner telemarketers: Anders, Adam and Blake. Obviously not the most popular, they try to emulate the lives of frat boys, which creates some hilarious moments. The only negative aspect would be that not all of the episodes are consistent in regards toward overall enjoyment. Regardless, you'll fall in love with this show if you appreciate the modern comedy.

  • Best comedy show since "My Name is Earl"


    Funny, crazy and most importantly: authentic. Yes, authentic. Because these guys are friends in real life. Plus: there hasn't been one single poor episode yet. They keep the quality of the show at a very high level. It's just hillarious. Not even the Daily Show makes me lough this hard. A true and worthy successor to "My Name is Earl", for which all of the above also would apply. Keep it comming, guys!

  • Three unmotivated college students try to make it in the real world while having as much fun as possible and avoiding work at all costs.

    Workaholics has a ton of potential if it can make it past the first few seasons. The humor is similar to what you would see in the office or always sunny however I think it still has a ways to go. I would love to see a few more characters brought into the show but overall I enjoy watching it and hope to see it come back again next season. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth your time to give it a try. The first season is almost over, but you can watch all of the current episodes for free at I'm sure next season will be even better.