Working (1997)

NBC (ended 1999)


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  • How I Loved This Show And Why The Network Hates its Successes

    Memories of this show prove to me that TV executives are idiots. "Working" was a fast furious and funny show with the speed and humor of the Mel Brooks and Airplane movies - sort of "Scrubs" for its time. So what happened? It was an instant cult hit, but for some reason, it didn't last. Someone moved it from a great time slot to Monday nights and all around the schedule as if they were trying to shake the fans and success off like ants on a picnic plate. When the fans followed it, the execs found another way to kill it: tampering, They removed some of the best characters and replaced them with no talents. What happened: the series limped on with a bullet in its side and died. Execs win; viewing public of America ticked off. This show was a hit for Fred Savage and he deserved one after that "Wonder Years" fiasco refused to die after so long. This satire on corporate America had all the best actors with Maurice Godin as the swarmy boss Tim Deale, Seinfeld's Steve Hytner as the weasel John Delaney, stand-up genuis Dana Gould as childlike Jimmy Clarke and incredibly sexy Arden Myrin as prim and proper Abby Cosgrove (nowa fave cast member on "MadTV"). Rounded out with "She-Wolf" Kate Hodge and lovely Sarah Knowlton as Hal the working mother as the office sex symbols for Deale to drool over, the show was an instant hit, and we had less than a year of funny programming before the most evil and vile forces on earth took it away!