Working (1997)

NBC (ended 1999)


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  • Before "Office Space" was a feature film and "Dilbert" had a TV series, there was "Working!"

    "Working" had something that's lacking from SO many sitcoms these days -- truly funny moments.

    Matt Peyser (Fred Savage) was fresh out of college when he began his new job at Upton/Webber (the mother of all big-business corporations). He quickly learns that the working world really is a "rat race" as he struggles to deal with his insane co-workers who are put in equally insane situations. Steve Hytner was a stand-out as John Delaney, the sarcastic, oft-abused worker who revealed most of the secrets of the office. Maurice Godin was also exceptional as the pretentious, lazy, self-involved head of the office, Tim Deale.

    Barely renewed for a second-season (thanks to a guest-spot from Danica McKellar, Savage's "Wonder Years" co-star), the show quickly disappeared from NBC and resurfaced briefly on USA, where many people first discovered it.

    "Working" had a real edge and was a truly unique show. Many episodes featured off-the-wall promotional commercials for Upton/Webber, as well as sight-gags gallore -- all with a completely off-kilter sense of humour. There's never been another show like it (and likely never will be again). With the success of "Office Space," you'd think that some channel would air reruns -- and it would get the DVD release that it so desperately deserves.