Working Class

CMT - Country Music Television (ended 2011)





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  • love love love this show!

    i'm a 41 year-old male, therefore certainly NOT in the target audience of this show. Yet, i have to say i enjoy it more than any recent new comedies. jokes are VERY good (i'm already using the line: "you're a shrink's wet dream") and overall, it's finely scripted and VERY well acted. i have to say i'm quite impressed by Melissa Peterman. she delivers jokes in a very timely manner and while having a few extra pounds (on this show) she's a very sexy mama!

    Add to this solid performances by emmy-winner Edward Asner (remember Lou Grant?), and guest stars like Reba McEntire (actress and country singer), John Schneider (seen recently in Desperate Housewives as Bree's boyfriend's dad), and last but not least: the always excellent Ryan Stiles (from the Drew Carey Show).

    The only problem with this show is WTF is it doing on CMT (Country Music Television)? I mean come on... this show deserves SO much better. Okay, we get it, Peterman plays a part that's borderline white-trash/redneck (sorta), but the punch lines are REALLY excellent, and their connotation very sexual (to a point that some lines could have the show rated PG-13)...

    So yes, i'm pissed, because here's another excellent show (just like David Crane's THE CLASS 3-4 years ago), that will likely either get canceled for lack of sufficient audience (someone has to pay all these expensive guest stars, right?), or continue to go under the radar. in either case, this show deserved to be on CBS, FOX or NBC.