World Cup Comedy

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Show 204
      Show 204
      Episode 4
      Ham Squad vs. Mind Meld/ Ham Squad vs. Sliced Bread Ham Squad wins for the second and third time.
    • Show 203
      Show 203
      Episode 3
      Shaolin Monkeys vs. Good Looking Sandwich/ Shaolin Monkeys vs. Ham Squad Shaolin Monkeys has a record breaking fifth win, but is defeated by a team from last year, Ham Squad.
    • Show 202
      Show 202
      Episode 2
      Shaolin Monkeys vs. Razor Burn/ Shaolin Monkeys vs. 9 Short of a Dozen Unbeatable champs Shaolin Monkeys go for wins 3 & 4
    • Show 201
      Show 201
      Episode 1

      ==FIRST HALF==
      Round 1:
      Shaolin Monkeys show us what happens to a houseguest that won't leave, in monster-movie style.
      Evil Genius is in a 1950's army training film that narrates a couple breaking up.

      Round 2:
      A locker has been vandalized, so Shaolin Monkeys delivery justice as a buddy cop movie.
      Evil Genius improvises a rock opera about the black sheep of a family coming home.

      Round 3:
      Shaolin Monkeys are a board of directors having their annual dinner at a summer camp talent show.
      Evil Genius do a Lifetime movie for women about the first lady police commissioner in a precinct.

      ==SECOND HALF==
      Round 1:
      Shaolin Monkeys act out a 1940's film noir movie about a mother-in-law.
      Beersharkmice do a student film titled "Annoying Waiter."

      Round 2:
      Shaolin Monkeys give us an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man, about a visit to the optometrist's office.
      Beersharkmice take on C.S.I. to find missing baseball cards.

      Round 3:
      There's a new bus boy at the restaurant, and he wants to work his way up the business. Shaolin Monkeys tell us this story as a Rocky movie.
      Beersharkmice are superheroes solving the crime of embezzling company funds.
  • Season 1