World Cup Comedy - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • Finals
    Episode 13

    Round 1
    Shaolin Monkeys are Big Brother roommates at a dysfunctional family reunion.
    For Super Colliders, a woman tries to join a men's club in the 1800' a Britney Spears music video.

    Round 2
    Shaolin Monkeys enact a kung-fu job interview scene.
    Super Colliders, as the Rocky Horror Picture Show, show us a meeting of the father in-law for the first time.

    Round 3
    Shaolin Monkeys are in a spaghetti western, where they get their first massage therapist. hostile corporate takeover.
    Super Colliders are movie gladiators in the process of a hostile corporate takeover.

    Round 4
    Shaolin Monkeys are in a film noir restaurant being visited by a health inspector.
    Super Colliders create a new version of Newlyweds, this one featuring a newly-married couple in a trailer park.

    Round 5 (double-length)
    Shaolin Monkeys parody an end-of-the-world disaster movie at the opening night of a restaurant.
    A Bob Fosse musical about an I.R.S. musical is the last challenge of the season for Super Colliders.moreless
  • Semi-Finals
    Episode 12
    Semi-Finals: Rank : Tres Hilariosos, 4 wins Rank 2: Shaolin Monkeys, 3 wins Rank 3: Super Colliders, 3 wins Rank 4: Cuddlefish, 3 wins Rank 2 vs. Rank 4 Shaolin Monkeys vs. Cuddlefish Rank 3 vs. Rank 1 Super Colliders vs. Tres Hilariosos
  • Episode 111
    Episode 111
    Episode 11
    FIRST HALF Cuddlefish VS Pantaloonies Round 1 Cuddlefish does a scene in which someone goes in for a routine check-up with their doctor, but as a Jackie Chan movie. Pantaloonies document Christopher Columbus' discovery of the new world as an episode of The Amazing Race. Round 2 Cuddlefish enjoys an operatic happy hour at a dive bar. Pantaloonies do a 1930s screwball comedy about a whistleblower on a Wall Street firm. Round 3 Cuddlefish is a wedding band now performing at divorce precedings. Pantaloonies do a melodramatic movie of the week in which a child catches his parents trying to run away from home. SECOND HALF Cuddlefish VS Recessive Geniuses Round 1 Cuddlefish throws a Dirty Harry movie New Year's Eve party. Recessive Geniuses are college cheerleaders on a Food Network cooking show. Round 2 Cuddelfish is in a self-help guru's office while performing a broadway musical. Recessive Geniuses are in a teen slasher film retirement home. Round 3 Cuddlefish parodies Michael Moore documentaries in a junior high school cafeteria. Recessive Geniuses tell the story of Hansel & Gretal as a Lifetime movie for women.moreless
  • Episode 110
    Episode 110
    Episode 10
    FIRST HALF Tres Hilariosos VS Whack Eyed Peas Round 1 For Tres Hilariosos, it's a gothic horror movie scene where a realtor shows a couple a new house. Whack Eyed Peas are a support group for unwanted toys in a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. Round 2 Tres Hilariosos are on a first date where the restaurant is run by own of their a primetime teen drama. Whack Eyed Peas are motivational speakers in a 1970s variety show (like Sonny & Cher). Round 3 Tres Hilariosos perform the movie musical Fame, featuring a kid's first night without a babysitter. Whack Eyed Peas do an episode of The Twilight Zone in which a couple is on their honeymoon but their hotel room is an office. SECOND HALF Tres Hilariosos VS Cuddlefish Round 1 Tres Hilariosos perform a Tom Jones Vegas-style review about a marriage proposal. Cuddlefish throws an office Christmas party in the style of The Apprentice. Round 2 Tres Hilariosos brings us a scene about a hospitality suite in an elf convention on a Big Brother-type reality show. Cuddlefish parodies Queer Eye For the Straight Guy in an old west saloon. Round 3 Tres Hilariosos perform an ABBA musical about a mob boss discovering a snitch. Cuddlefish is on a family camping trip where the bear is trying to pass himself off as dad, who he has eaten. The style is 60s Disney movie.moreless
  • Episode 109
    Episode 109
    Episode 9
    FIRST HALF Tres Hilariosos VS Velveteen Blabbits Round 1 Tres Hilariosos are viking consultants visiting an office. Velveteen Blabbits are in a Lifetime movie for women first date (One is narcoleptic and the other is claustrophic). Round 2 Tres Hilariosos hide out in a hotel as a 1930s Busby-Berkeley musical. Velveteen Blabbits are Tarzan and Jane in a Woody Allen movie. Round 3 Tres Hilariosos break up in the style of a student film. Velveteen Blabbits are children having a play date in an episode of The Real World. SECOND HALF Tres Hilariosos VS One of Each Round 1 Tres Hilariosos takes the boss to dinner in an Agatha Christie mystery. One of Each is in a Grease-style musical at elementary school. Round 2 Tres Hilariosos does a Gone With The Wind-style epic in which a farmer has some very bad news for his cows. One of Each are aliens discussing abducting humans on a Jerry Springer-type talk show. Round 3 Tres Hilariosos do the Andy Griffith Show as if it were an 80s new wave band. One of Each are Teletubbies throwing a retirement party.moreless
  • Episode 108
    Episode 108
    Episode 8
    FIRST HALF Shaolin Monkeys VS Crazy Make 'Em Ups Round 1 For the Shaolin Monkeys, James Bond meets Saturday Night Fever. In Crazy Make 'Em Ups' scene, a woman returns clothing to a department store in a classic western. Round 2 The Shaolin Monkeys tells the tale of a son building his science fair project, with a Disney movie flair. Crazy Make 'Em Ups are workers at a pizzeria of a 70s cop show (like Starsky & Hutch). Round 3 Shaolin Monkeys perform a soap opera about a drill sergeant who has a secret. Crazy Make 'Em Ups perform a Cats-style musical about a greeting card company. SECOND HALF Shaolin Monkeys VS Tres Hilariosos Round 1 Parents have rented out Shaolin Monkeys' room to their ex in the style of a teen drama. Tres Hilariosos are a folk singing trio that is forced to reunite for a PBS pledge drive. Round 2 Shaolin Monkeys are the Rat Pack in a Tom Clancy thriller (like The Hunt For Red October). For Tres Hilariosos, a family pet has been accused of something a la a 1940s detective film. Round 3 Shaolin Monkeys try to enjoy Thanksgiving in a Stephen King movie. Tres Hilariosos are scientists in a 1960s beach movie making a surprise discovery.moreless
  • Episode 107
    Episode 107
    Episode 7
    FIRST HALF Super Colliders VS Shaolin Monkeys Round 1 Super Colliders' first scene of the episode features a realtor is showing the neighborhood to his clients in the movie Twister. Shaolin Monkeys do a kung fu movie about customer service training. Round 2 Super Colliders moves to the band area for a scene about a third grade musical, as covered by Entertainment Tonight. Shaolin Monkeys sell items from a garage sale as if they were on the Home Shopping Network. Round 3 Super Colliders do a Billy Joel musical about the CEO trying to get the accountants to "cook the books." Shaolin Monkeys hold American Idol-style auditions for cowboy sidekick. SECOND HALF Shaolin Monkeys VS Charlotte Rays Round 1 Shaolin Monkeys are country bumpkins visiting the big city in a 1940s detective movie. A couple in a restaurant where the waiter happens to be her ex-husband. Charlotte Rays must act this out as a Lifetime movie for women. Round 2 Shaolin Monkeys perform an opera about the first day of school. Charlotte Rays do a pick-up scene at happy hour as covered by ESPN. Round 3 Shaolin Monkeys are an internet company having their annual award dinner on a 1960s variety show. Charlotte Rays do a 1940s screwbally comedy in which a new girl at work.moreless
  • Episode 106
    Episode 106
    Episode 6
    FIRST HALF Super Colliders VS Cougars Round 1 For Super Colliders, a new employee comes from the future in a sci-fi movie. For Cougars, it's a 1940s newsreel frat party. Round 2 Super Colliders makes Mary Poppins the subject of a home makeover show. Cougars are teen rebel movie characters at a space academy. Round 3 Super Colliders start the round. A stockbrokers office has an office snitch, done as NYPD Blue. Cougars are Universal movie monsters stuck together for an episode of Big Brother. SECOND HALF Super Colliders VS The Dilettantes Round 1 Super Colliders visit a pirate movie-based club med. The Dilettantes try to break out of a jail in a Disney animated movie. Round 2 Super Colliders parody Queer Eye For the Straight Guy giving a mob boss a makeover. The Dilettantes are dogs playing poker in the World Poker Tour. Round 3 Super Colliders get busy in a hip-hop music video about a principal mediating a dispute between two students. The Dilettantes act out an Alfred Hitchcock movie about a relative arriving unexpectedly.moreless
  • Episode 105
    Episode 105
    Episode 5
    FIRST HALF Little Big Woman VS Moist Towelettes Round 1 Little Big Woman shows us an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical about writers at a fortune cookie factory looking for inspiration. A scene in the style of a competitive reality dating show features Moist Towelettes as Snow White and the remaining two dwarves. Round 2 Little Big Woman is in a bachelor party done as a Japanese style monster movie. Moist Towelettes sings about an episode of Star Trek as a Las Vegas-style show. Round 3 Little Big Woman acts out a disco movie set in a saloon in the old west. Moist Towelettes' scene features a movie gladiator asking a dad for his daughter's hand in marriage. SECOND HALF Little Big Woman VS Super Colliders Round 1 Little Big Woman is (or are? I don't even know) students volunteering at the hospital of a sci-fi B-movie. Super Colliders are out-of-work telemarketers at the local watering hole during happy hour. But they're Muppets! Round 2 Little Big Woman attends a meeting of kids in junior achievement, as the Grand Ol' Opry. Super Colliders are a cartoon family of ants at a family picnic. Round 3 Little Big Woman does an episode of C.S.I in which someone has been stealing food from the office refridgerator Super Colliders jam through a heavy metal number about an episode of the Antiques Roadshow.moreless
  • Episode 104
    Episode 104
    Episode 4
    FIRST HALF Ham Squad VS Little Big Woman Round 1 Ham Squad starts off with a scene that involves a couple being at home when an unexpected guest shows up. As a Jackie Chan movie. For Little Big Woman, it's a casual Friday at an office on the day that the office troll has gone loose. As an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Round 2 Ham Squad does a pop music video about sending food back to the kitchen. Little Big Woman are on the pirate movie version of The Love Boat. Round 3 Ham Squad is building the Trojan Horse as a manly-man show (like American Chopper or Monster Garage). Little Big Woman does a scene featuring the Peanuts gang with Charlie Brown in Lucy's psychiatrist office. The style is E! True Hollywood Story. SECOND HALF Little Big Woman VS Round 1 In the first scene of the round, cops interrogate a suspect who only answers in song. Little Big Woman does the scene as a cop drama (like NYPD Blue). I Know What You Improvised Last Summer does a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical about a restaurant staff tries to impress an important food critic. Round 2 Little Big Woman brings us a family reunion done as a horror movie. The United Nations and new countries want to join: Candyland, the Island of Misfit Toys, and Never Never Land. I Know What You Did Last Summer does it as a CNN report. Round 3 Little Big Woman narrates an annual stockholders meeting as a ballet. I Know What You Did Last Summer knows what happens during last call at a bar in a Footloose musical.moreless
  • Episode 103
    Episode 103
    Episode 3
    FIRST HALF The Specifics VS Ham Squad Round 1 For The Specifics: A guy wants to impress a girl that he's been on a date with...on the Death Star. For Ham Squad: A scene about surgeons in the ER, played like an episode or ER, turned into a reggae number. Round 2 The Specifics enact a pick-up scene, but done in the style of a silent movie. Ham Squad does a scene about the kids being grounded, but as The Rat Pack. Round 3 The Specifics put on a telethon for telemarketers. Ham Squad does a western as an outlaw fires his accountant. SECOND HALF Ham Squad VS Fuzzy Round 1 The position of criminal mastermind is open for Ham Squad and positions are being held in the style of American Idol. Fuzzy is at a clown school parent/teacher conference done as Fame. Round 2 Ham Squad are characters from a spy movie rying to order in a foreign restaurant. Fuzzy does a scene about a problem in the suburbs as a Disney animated movie. Round 3 For Ham Squad, it's wedding interview with the minister - a Lifetime movie for women. For Ham Squad, it's an alien movie about a new babysitter.moreless
  • Season Finale
    Season Finale
    Episode 2
  • Episode 102
    Episode 102
    Episode 2
    Round 1 - Razor Burn's first scene is about a wise old ice cream man, done as a kung-fu movie. As a 1950's MGM musical, Sliced Bread acts out a scene in which the copier has broken. Round 2 - Razor Burn acts out a disaster movie about a bus coming back from Vegas, with help from the green screen. Then, Sliced Bread uses the green screen to demonstrate a pleasant Sunday drive, but as "Fear Factor." Round 3 - Razor Burn are having a slumber party in the style of a make-over show. Then Sliced Bread joins the band to perform as a PTA meeting Vegas lounge act. Sliced Bread wins, and in the second half face off against The Specifics. Round 1 - Sliced Bread improvise an end-of-the-world disaster movie in a hair salon. The Specifics then star in "This Old Pyramid," an ancient Egyptian how-to show, using the aid of the green screen. Round 2 - Sliced Bread do a restaurant staff meeting soap opera, followed by The Specifics acting out a primetime drama called "Mother Goose Land." Round 3 - Sliced Bread parodies "Behind the Music," exploiting the story of a wedding band. The Specifics then perform a western about a traveling salesman. The Specifics win the second half to advance to the next episode.moreless
  • 100
    Episode 1
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Razor Burn and Space Age Super Fun Club face off in the first battle, with Razor Burn ultimately proving victorious. Their reward is to then compete against Attack Squirrel, who they also defeat.