World Famous For Dicking Around

Bravo (ended 2003)


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World Famous For Dicking Around

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A group of six "amateur stuntmen" perform spectacular, daredevil stunts to try and impress top movie directors. Whether it be navigating the forth estuary in a child's bouncy castle, boxing with raw chickens for gloves or setting themselves on fire, Team Squirrel will do anything to get to Hollywood.
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  • It's Jackass with an accent...But not.

    I just sat here and watched this. I can't say it is really all that good. It was a few kids going bananas getting hammered and beating the snot out of each other. Some of the stuff was good for a chuckle, but overall lacked the actual comedy found in the Jackass boys. No charm, nothing really inventive, like iverheating some wax and pouring it on their hands. Some amusing things like putting a metal bit on a hair dryer and basically burning the scalp as long as can be endured got me to laugh.

    Overall though unless you are completely hammered there really isn't any reason to watch this.moreless
  • Think Jackass set in Scotland, only newer.

    I was flipping channels the other night when I ran across this show. I\'m a big fan of Jackass and it seems a lot of other people are fans as well. I\'ve seen several other attempts at shows recreating Jackass, but they don\'t seem to last too long. Jackass on MTV only shows the stuff from 5-6 years ago. The Dudesons on Spike is never on anymore. And I even saw a Russian (I think) version that was absolutely horrible.

    World Famous For Dicking Around picks up where Jackass left off, so to speak. The show isn\'t as gross as Jackass, but it\'s just about as funny.

    Since viewing that initial episode, I have Tivoed a season pass so now I can catch all episodes.

    Last night I was watching a Tivoed program. After a couple of minutes of hearing my laughter, my wife yelled from another room, \"what are you watching.\" The funniest stunt I can recall was watching the guys see how long they could hold a hair dryer set to the hottest/highest setting above their heads.

    It\'s great fun to watch. I highly recommend it for anyone who gets a kick out of watching people do stupid things.moreless
  • world famousnfor dicking around.......

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! if i'm ever down or sad i just watch 'world famous for dicking around' and i instandly feel great, laughing out loud, bubbley, and just all around WOOHOOO!!! i love this show and it totally helps that all the guys are hot with sexy accents. :) i love this show its funny, clever, creative, the scottish version of american 'jackass.' i cant get over how much this show makes me laugh. its great when the guys slide down this giant blue tarp thingy all greased up and went over htis jump and went flying down all half naked. it was fantastic. i would watch it all day i'd love to see more of the guys dicking around being guys and being crazy just to have a laugh. keep it up!! thanks: Aliciamoreless
  • Dicking good show about scottmen's beating the crap out of each other basicly trying to make it big, with alot of fire.

    World Famous For dicking around is about 6 young scottmen's dicking around basicly to try to make it big, each show they have a hollywood "Big Shot" or someone in the entertainment buissness come and see the boys do stunts and so forth.

    So the show is basicly like jackass and stuff but feels like a bunch of dudes just dicking around with a camera wich mackes the show better in my opinion.

    They do some decent stunts like blind boxing, kicking flameing soccer balls at each other, falling of tree's and so forth they do alot of stunts with fire.

    The show is a good laugh and the boys never realy impress anyone that much but its still a decent watch.moreless
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