World of Quest

Season 1 Episode 2

Between a Rock and a Hard Place / Bottoms Up

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 22, 2008 on The CW



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    • General Ogun: You will lead us to the Dagger of Way or you will be tortured.
      Lord Spite: I like the sound of that- tortured. You rocks are worthless. You're paperweights and nobody likes paperweights. They're a gift nobody wants.
      General Ogun: That is not how you torture a rock.
      Lord Spite: How exactly do you torture a rock? (General Ogun takes the rocks and bashes them together) Impressive.

    • Quest: Rocks on a mission? What's next, a bucket of dirt?
      Male Rock: Watch your tongue, my grandmother was dirt.

    • Prince Nestor: I don't get why the grass is so ticked off...
      Gatling: Haven't you ever heard of crab-grass?
      Graer: Ha ha. Good one, Gatling.
      Quest: Hey! Why aren't you helping?
      Graer: Ah, you know me. I'm an eater, not a fighter.

    • Prince Nestor: Okay, who's dumb idea was it to cut through the grass?
      Quest and Gatling: Yours!
      Prince Nestor: Right... well carry on.

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