World of Quest

Season 1 Episode 12

Night of the Hunter / World of Carney

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jun 07, 2008 on The CW

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  • Meh. Yep, that's the summary.

    And that's also pretty much the review. Except to add that wow, Nestor got the swords back. Wish I cared anymore. And also to add that, not so incidentally, it looks like "World of Quest" is dead after next week's episode - CW4kids is apparently dropping it. A net search reveals that a second season of WofQ may be broadcast in Canada, but after seeing this series get dumber and dumber, with only 2 decent eps (Rolling Nestor/Mini-Quest, and the Fall of Oddysia), I can't say I care if I ever see the second season.

    Note to the writers of WofQ: you know, if the show's supposed to be a comedy, you guys need to learn how to write comedy. As someone on the forum noted, parody will only carry you so far. Plus, if the show revolves around a quest, then we, the viewers, have to take that quest a little seriously, would-be comedy or not, if you want to hold our interest. As it is, the only character I care about is Nestor, and all too often he took a back seat (and some uncalled-for punishment) from that big jerk Quest. Plus the characters don't seem to give a damn about each other, with Nestor being the exception - he cares more about the other characters than they deserve.

    And lame, incompetent villians that make it all too easy for the "heroes" to beat them...that is just pitiful. And BORING.

    So if Nestor ever stars in another show, and gets better writers, give me a call. Ciao.