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  • I love this show :)

    OK. Where should I start?

    Character apperance:

    1) Nestor.
    God, he is so handsome. I love his hair and his uniform/armour. BUT square eyes?!WTF??? Square face? Fine, I can accept, but square eyes?! I also like his snake-firing thingy. And for some reason he has a backpack on his back, which he never uses... His personality is good. He's spoiled, arrogant, and yet, cute to watch :)
    2) Quest.
    Could use a smaller jaw... His personality is pretty good. But he could still use some "humanity"and "softness".
    3) Graer.
    He's good drawn too. But it's a little bit strange to see a half-lion, half-eagle animal with a high-tech wing armour. His personality is toleratable, could be more friendly.
    4) Way.
    Could be more female-like. I think she would be cuter if she had some hair. She should have more personality and more spotlight.
    5) Anna.
    She would be better in a skirt, but I don't complain much about that. Could have a bigger chest :) And less tattoo'es. I don't have anything against her, but damn, she is so ANOYING! Anna is the least of my favorite good guys. her personality lacks some strenght.
    6) General Ogun. Good apperance, great personality.
    7) Lord Spite.
    Why the hell does he has a metre long horn on his head?!! I will never know... He could be more talented, more strong and definatly more evil, than he is now...

    Pretty good. A bunch of good guys vs. some badguys in a race for swords. Nothing to complain...

    Theme song, music : superb! Theme song is really catchy (I use it on my mobile phone), nice quitar chords. The music is pretty good too.

    Voices: Nestors voice is the best. Quest sometimes sounds hoarse.

    Humour: Well, I do however have to admit, that sometimes it is really lame. The creators have over done it with fart and snot jokes. And sometimes the rest of the jokes are pretty painfull too...

    I agree to everyone, who said that Quest should stop torturing Nestor so much. I mean, it is sometimes funny when he says something unpleasant to him, or kicks him in the butt. But, this makes Quest look like a badguy! Seriously, Quest should be angry at the queen who banished him, not her son... So, I think that even Quest should show some love to the young prince. And here's another thing I don't understand : if Nestori s the prince, THE PRINCE, the heir to the throne of all Odyssea, then it should be logical, that he should have unlimited power to everything. Instead everyone dissobey's him. One time he went to a small city demanding they should let g his jester friend. The mayor refused! If I was the mayor, and the prince, muture king of all odyssea came knoking on my door, I wouldn't even think of not obeying him. So, that's my pint : Nestor doesn't have any Power, though he is the prince, what's up with that?!

    In conclusion: World of Quest is a great cartoon. I highly recomend it to everyone. Also, I hope it will have a second season soon...