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World of Quest

Season 1 Episode 13

Search for Power Part 1 / Search for Power Part 2

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jun 14, 2008 on The CW
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  • Two words: good riddance.

    These two episodes - advertised by the hack who runs the series as a "cliffhanger" - were loaded with some of the most amateurish scripting ever displayed outside a 2nd-grade writing assignment. They were also loaded with the elements that destroyed this promising series - lame jokes, stupid side-plots that were neither funny nor helpful to the main plot - and too much time spent on the worst villians ever concocted for any cartoon. So let's list the sins of this series:

    1. A main "hero" (Quest) who spent most of his time griping and beating up on a little kid.

    2. A secondary hero (Prince Nestor) who was the most appealing character by far, but who was never allowed to shine because the main "hero" had to always be right, always be victorious, always be seen as the long-suffering one. So Nestor had to constantly screw up, which was a stupid idea because he was the only one invested in the quest, so he was the one we, the viewers, should have been allowed to care about the most. But the writers seemed to try to do their damndest to prevent that. A truly boneheaded decision.

    3. The quest. Oh, yes, the quest, remember that? It's understandably difficult to because the series seemed more devoted to the characters fighting various unimaginative monsters than actually focus on the goal. And anyway, since the characters (save Nestor) didn't seem to give a damn about each other, not to mention the King or Queen, that took all the juice out of viewers' caring about the quest's outcome.

    4. Not once did this series do anything like character/relationship development. If the writers thought doing that would turn off kids, that's another indication of their ineptitude. Spiderman, the show that preceded Quest, has lots of such moments, and it's extremely popular. Even Spongebob has moments like that. And there was potential in Quest for such development, but that, like everything else promising in this series, was totally wasted.

    And so was my time, in watching this series. Too bad. "World of Quest" is dead. Long live Prince Nestor.moreless

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