World Series of Blackjack

Season 4 Episode 13

Championship Tournament

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 27, 2007 on GSN - Game Show Network
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Championship Tournament
Rick Fortin, Kristine Johnson, Alice Walker and Marlin Horseman and T.J. Boros (returned in a second chance drawing) compete in the fourth season's final match for the grand prize of $500,000. As the championship players feel each other, some demonstrate aggressive strategies, while others hold their fire to start. In the first knockout, one player finds himself having fallen behind and his last bid to remain in the game fails. As the bets escalate, some players take big risks, but one player combines both good strategy and lucky wins for an amazing come-from-behind. As the players head into the final hand, there is more money on the table than ever before. All three are in it with a fighting shot, but luck once again plays a big part in the results.moreless

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    Rick Fortin

    Rick Fortin

    Tournament Player

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    Kristine Johnson

    Kristine Johnson

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    Alice Walker (II)

    Alice Walker (II)

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    • TRIVIA (3)

      • With four hands to go, Marlin Horseman bet $50,000 and received a pair of 8s. The book says to always split those and he did, a risky move with that much money on the table. Furthermore, he got a 3 on top of one of the eights and chose to double down, bringing his total bet on the table to $150,000. Dealer Jessica busted, which was good for him, as he otherwise would have lost his double-down with a 16.

      • T.J. Boros reentered the tournament in a second-chance drawing at the start of the match. He once again followed his strategy of "go big or go home," but ended up going home anyway, as he was knocked out in the first knockout hand, having fallen well behind the other players.

      • It was an exciting final hand with a huge amount of chips over the table --- over a million dollars worth, in fact. Marlin had $399,000, Alice had $430,250 and Rick had $384,500. All three wisely made the maximum bet of $50,000. Amazingly, Alice made a blackjack, meaning that unless she chose to play it as a double-down instead, the other two players would have to get double-after-split opportunities to have a shot at winning. They did not, each starting out with 14 (both had already used their Burger King Power Chip), and Alice chose to take the blackjack, automatically making her the winner. This meant that Rick and Marlin were playing for second place. Marlin decided to simply surrender, leaving it to Rick's double-down to determine his fate. Dealer Jessica drew to a 17, but Rick only made a 16 on his double-down. Alice took the grand prize of $500,000, with Marlin taking second-place and an additional $75,000 and Rick leaving in third.

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Matt: An amazing year for Alice Walker and, as always, her Mom is with her. Her good luck charm. She's been cheering on every step of the way. Another great year for the Walkers.

      • Matt: And she got the ace! Black for Alice. Unbelievable. I don't think anybody has seen a turnaround like this one. She's been politely asking for blackjack all tournament long and she gets one in the final hand of the final game of the tournament.

      • Matt: One hand to go and the King has joined us to award the $500,000 prize.

      • Matt: And look at the scores. Record chip stacks in this final match.

      • Marlin: 50,000.
        Matt: This is go big or go home time for everybody right now.

      • Matt: Marlin has made this a $150,000 hand. I mean, clearly this is make or break.

      • Matt: You know, we asked Rick about his stoic demeanor before this championship match and he said part of the reason he's that way is because his told him it's better to remain silent and appear foolish than speak and remove all doubt.

      • Matt: It's dangerous when a player that takes the biggest risks like Alice does gets the sweetest cards.

      • Marlin: Four blue and four yellow.
        Matt: Here comes Marlin with the Dr. Seuss act --- One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. 48 grand out there for Marlin as he doubles down.

      • Matt: Rick's rigid demeanor's generated something of a cult following here throughout this event.

      • Matt: Rick busts, though, by the way, that's the same reaction he'll give you if he makes a 21.

      • Alice: Ready for a blackjack. Ready for that blackjack.
        Matt: Alice is always calling for a blackjack. (She gets an ace.) She's halfway there.

      • Matt: The highest stakes, the highest drama --- we've got it all tonight. Dealer Jessica is ready to let the championship action unfold.

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