World Series of Blackjack

Monday 11:00 PM on GSN - Game Show Network Premiered Mar 01, 2004 In Season


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  • Season 4
    • Championship Tournament
      Rick Fortin, Kristine Johnson, Alice Walker and Marlin Horseman and T.J. Boros (returned in a second chance drawing) compete in the fourth season's final match for the grand prize of $500,000. As the championship players feel each other, some demonstrate aggressive strategies, while others hold their fire to start. In the first knockout, one player finds himself having fallen behind and his last bid to remain in the game fails. As the bets escalate, some players take big risks, but one player combines both good strategy and lucky wins for an amazing come-from-behind. As the players head into the final hand, there is more money on the table than ever before. All three are in it with a fighting shot, but luck once again plays a big part in the results.moreless
    • Semi Final 2
      Semi Final 2
      Episode 12
      George Mandilaras, Jeff Swenson, Alice Walker, Jarek Markowiak and Marlin Horseman are the competitors for two seats in the final match of the fourth season of the World Series of Blackjack. As the players feel each other out, one follows a strategy of betting the minimum for many, many hands, playing it safe. It turns out to be a wise move against a series of particularly hot dealer hands, including no less than four blackjacks. As the gameplay intensifies, the players are forced to begin making moves, but one busts out when his luck takes a turn for the worst. Then, some particularly aggressive play sees another player potentially running away with the lead. Things remain close, however, as the players head to the final hands, leaving the fate of the game up in the air.moreless
    • Semi Final 1
      Semi Final 1
      Episode 11
      T.J. Boros, Marvin Ornstein, Salomon Cohen-Botbol, Kristine Johnson and Rick Fortin compete in the first semi-final match of the season to determine who will advance to the final for a shot at the grand prize of $500,000. The game seems some aggressive play early on, but when one player plays a little too aggressively, he finds himself out of luck on the first knockout hand. As the high stakes come out, some players find themselves rooting heavily for the dealer --- hoping she will wipe the table during a time when they've bet low. With their one shot at making the finals on the line, some risky plays come out, including an unusual splitting of 10s. In the final hand, despite one player having a commanding lead, all three find themselves in with a shot of winning. The top two move on to the final, while the season comes to a close for the rest.moreless
    • Wild Card 2
      Wild Card 2
      Episode 10
      Rick Jensen, Phil Dunaway, Norm Sheridan and Marlin Horseman, having placed second in their original qualifying matches, return for one last chance to make the semi-finals. Additionally, Christiane Hogenbirk returns in the second-chance drawing. With only one spot in the finals remaining, everyone battles fiercely, but they face a hot streak on the part of the dealer, who repeatedly shows a 10-value card as her up-card. A streak of especially bad luck sends one player home early, leaving the other four to battle it out. At this point, some exciting swings see two players very nearly leaving the game before battling back to be within range of their opponents. Then, after taking another fall, winning his hand is not enough to save another from being knocked out when the second knockout card appears. The game comes down to an exciting final hand where one player is forced to double on a bad hand to have any hope of winning.moreless
    • Wild Card 1
      Wild Card 1
      Episode 9
      Players who did not win their qualifying match compete for one last chance to make the semi-finals. The competitors are Kami Lis, "Rock n Roll" Darrell Arnold, Rick Fortain, Dannye Long and Henry Tran. All placed second in their original matches, with the exception of Henry, who won a second-chance drawing. With only one remaining chance at the semi-finals and no second-place, all competitors were fighting hard. As the first knockout hand came around, one player made a risky maximum bet, hoping others would follow. They did not, but a smart surrender saved the game. It was Kami Lis who was knocked out --- ending her dream of being the first player in World Series history to sit at three final tables. As the game progressed, one player found himself falling dangerously behind. Unable to catch up, he busted out just before the second knockout hand. This left three to compete in an intense final hand, where with a triple double-down, it was potentially anyone's match.moreless
    • Marvin v. Dannye v. Shannon v. Angelo Merkouris v. Henry
      The final qualifying match of the season features five more players hoping to advance to either the wild-card match or semi-finals, in pursuit of the title of World Series of Blackjack champion. Shannon Elizabeth is from Los Angeles, CA and a Celebrity Blackjack finalist. There's also Henry Tran --- a computer chip engineer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who was a semi-finalist in the previous season. Marvin Ornstein is a tournament veteran and retired casino owner from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. There's also Dannye Long, a school administrator from Columbia, Mississippi. Finally, there's Angelo Merkouris, a construction worker from Kandila, Greece. As the match gets underway, Shannon Elizabeth hopes to make some luck, but instead ends up short in the first knockout hand. As the game becomes more intense, two players find themselves falling behind and struggling to stay in the match. It all comes down to one of the most unusual final hands in the history of the series.moreless
    • Ken Einiger v. Joe v. Rick Fortin v. Don Rebentisch v. Kristine
      The seventh qualifying tournament of the season saw the return of Ken Einiger, the champion from the show's second season. Having played in all four seaons, he was hoping to become the first and only player to be a two-time champion. Hoping to deflect him from this dream were four other players, all stiff competition. The match included Joe Reitman, an actor from Los Angeles, California who has won over $300,000 in tournaments. There was also Rick Fortin from Warner Robins, Georgia --- an aerospace engineer. The only female entrant in this match was Kristine Johnson, an insurance agent from Longview, Washington. Finally, there was Don Rebentisch, a retired mechanic from Coral, Michigan. After a slow start to the match, play began in earnest, with steadily increasing bets and risks taken by the players. On the whole, it was a quiet match, marked by superb emotional control by many of the players. However, when one player found himself in a hole heading up to the final hand, he was forced to make maximum bets in the hopes of getting back in the game. Instead, he fell further and further behind, leaving the final hand to be a two-player affair.moreless
    • Marlin v. T.J. v. Ken Smith v. Penn v. Helen
      The sixth qualifier features Penn Jillette, an illusionist from Las Vegas, Nevada as the celebrity guest. Also featured in this match is Ken Smith, a pro blackjack player from Hattiesburg, Mississippi who made it to the final match in the first season and has appeared in all seasons to date. Looking to upset either of these two are Helen Ho (a quality control technician from Milpitas, CA), T.J. Boros (a real estate investor from Coon Rapids, Minnesota) and Marlin Horseman (an engineer from Las Vegas, Nevada.) Hoping to get out in front of the crowd, Penn makes a max bet in the fourth hand, but loses. Surprisingly, he manages both some good luck and good play to battle his way back. In another surprise, Ken Smith is knocked out in the second knockout hand, surrendering when realizes he has no chance to avoid being knocked out. When it comes to the final hand, Penn Jillette is all jokes, but his opponents are seriously in it to win it.moreless
    • Caroline v. Darrell v. Eli v. Hans v. Jarek
      The fifth qualifying tournament includes Caroline Rhea, the reigning champion of Celebrity Blackjack. Also competing is Jarek Markowiak, a pro blackjack player from Ukiah, California. Additionally, there's "Rock n Roll" Darrell Arnold, a musician and professional gambler from Dallas, Texas. Next is Eli Haber, a blackjack high roller from Beverly Hills, California. Finally, there's Hans Schmid, a sales engineer from Verona, New Jersey. Right at the beginning of the game, Hans Schmid gets a blackjack on a $28,000 hand, hoping to get the other players to chase him. Only Eli takes the bait, ending up busting out in the fifth hand. Then, Hans is eliminated in a knockout hand, leaving only three to compete. Only two remain for the final hand and the results are determined by a dealer bust.moreless
    • Salomon v. Orel v. Rick Jensen v. Mikki v. Philip
      The fourth qualifying tournament features a diverse group of players from varying backgrounds. Orel Hershiser is a retired major league baseball player from Dallas, Texas. Rick Jensen is a pro blackjack player from Irving, Texas. Salomon Cohen Botbol is a laboratory president from Caracas, Venezuela. Mikki Sullivan is an attorney from San Diego, California and finally, Philip Richman is an auto parts distributor from Minneapolis, Minnesota. As the celebrity at the table, much attention is on Orel Hershiser and he manages to survive both knockout hands. Another player surprises the others by initially adopting a conservative strategy and then surprisingly switching to one that seems to be straight-out gambling. For the most part, the match is marked by highly conservative play, with all remaining players below their initial stakes on the final hand.moreless
    • Norm v. Joe Fisher v. Dave v. Kacie Bergeron v. Alice
      "Hollywood" Dave Stann returns to the World Series of Blackjack. After finishing second in the first season, he hopes to once again make it to the finals. He faces tournament veteran Norm Sheridan (Northridge, CA), Kacie Bergeron (a CPA from Dallas, Texas), Joe Fisher (in human resources, from Lansing, Michigan) and the 2006 National 3-Card Poker Champion, Alice Walker (a hotel director from Houston, Texas.) Stann soon finds his dreams crashing as he receives a series of bad hands that leave him in the hole. As he busts out of the game, the other players get down to more serious play. As they make their moves, the Burger King Power Chip plays a key role in the final standings. One player makes a risky move that could put him in a great position for the final hand, or out of the game.moreless
    • Joe Malc v. Juan v. Kami v. Jeff Swenson v. Lon
      The second qualifying tournament sees the return of Kami Lis. From Warsaw, Poland, she reached the finals in two previous seasons and is the most successful female player on the series to date. Also in this episode are Juan Cloud (from Monterey, Mexico), Joe Malc (from Las Vegas, Nevada), Jeff Swenson (an engineering consultant from Simi Valley, CA) and Lon Johnson (a contractor from Lansing, Michigan. At the start of the match, all eyes are on Joe Malc. He begins with a maximum bet of $50,000 and continues this in every hand until he busts out. After this, the remaining players settle in for some real action. All demonstrate superb strategy and the Burger King Power Chip plays an important role in the proceedings. In the final hand, all were within $10,000 of each other. It was one of the most unusual final hands in the history of the program, with the final results determined by a pair of surrenders.moreless
    • George v. Jeff Bernstein v. Christiane v. Tiffany v. Phil
      World Series of Blackjack returns to GSN as the competitors battle it out for blackjack championship. The first qualifier features Dr. Jeff Bernstein (from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, a psychologist and last year's champ), Tiffany Michelle (from Los Angeles, CA, a pro card player nicknamed "Hot Chips"), George Mandilaras (from Greece, a construction worker), Christiane Hogenbirk (from Tucson, Arizona and formerly France) and Phil Dunaway (from Fairland, IN, a pro blackjack player.) Betting starts fairly conservative early on, but the match is marked by a surprise on the first knockout round. Later, a string of dealer busts leads to some big wins. Some strategic play leads to fairly large bankrolls, with an ever-shifting lead. The final hand proves to be very tactical, with all remaining players having a good shot at the win.moreless
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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