World Series of Blackjack

Season 4 Episode 8

Marvin v. Dannye v. Shannon v. Angelo Merkouris v. Henry

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jul 23, 2007 on GSN - Game Show Network
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Marvin v. Dannye v. Shannon v. Angelo Merkouris v. Henry
The final qualifying match of the season features five more players hoping to advance to either the wild-card match or semi-finals, in pursuit of the title of World Series of Blackjack champion. Shannon Elizabeth is from Los Angeles, CA and a Celebrity Blackjack finalist. There's also Henry Tran --- a computer chip engineer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who was a semi-finalist in the previous season. Marvin Ornstein is a tournament veteran and retired casino owner from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. There's also Dannye Long, a school administrator from Columbia, Mississippi. Finally, there's Angelo Merkouris, a construction worker from Kandila, Greece. As the match gets underway, Shannon Elizabeth hopes to make some luck, but instead ends up short in the first knockout hand. As the game becomes more intense, two players find themselves falling behind and struggling to stay in the match. It all comes down to one of the most unusual final hands in the history of the series.moreless

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    Marvin Ornstein

    Marvin Ornstein

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    Dannye Long

    Dannye Long

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    Shannon Elizabeth

    Shannon Elizabeth

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • As the second knockout hand loomed, both Henry and Angelo found themselves in a downward spiral. In Hand 14, Henry had approximately $95,000 --- well short of his opponents, who were around the $160-180,000 range. He bet $47,500 and managed to win the hand, but later began slipping again. When the second knockout hand came, Angelo was knocked out, but Henry was down to only $1,500. His luck ran out in the very next hand.

      • This episode featured an unusual turn of events in the final hand. Only two players were left standing --- Marvin Ornstein and Dannye Long. Dannye had $197,500 and, on the button, bet only $10,000. Marvin, who had $228,750, bet only $5,000. Host Matt Vasgersian explained that rather than counting chips, Dannye had a habit of maintaining a running count of the chip stacks in his head throughout the match. He had apparently made a grave miscalculation. His only hope was to double after splitting, an opportunity that did not become available. As it turned out, the final result was a dealer 21, so he would have lost even if he had made a proper bet.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Matt: You know, a lot of people don't realize the importance and difficulty of keeping chip counts in this game, but Dannye will get another shot in the wild-card game while Marvin moves right to the semi-finals.

      • Matt: Dannye needs to bet at last his deficit here.
        Dannye: 10,000.
        Matt: Wh-whoa. He has bet 10,000. And Dannye must have miscounted the chip stack again.

      • Matt: Dannye hits his 11. His seventh 21 of the night!

      • Matt: And a bust for Angelo. That leaves him with 44.5...
        Angelo: I can change that card, right? And use my Power Chip.
        Matt: ... and in real bad shape. Unless, of course, he uses is Burger King Power Chip, which he does. He's going to get rid of that five and have it his way.
        Henry: I think they still have a nine.
        Matt: Another chance at a small card to stay alive in the hand... (Angelo receives a nine and busts.)
        Henry: Yes!
        Matt: And he's left with 44.5 anyway.
        Henry: I'm bad! I'm bad!
        Angelo; That was bad, Henry.

      • Angelo: Why don't you do something funny? You know, like, uh, clapping, uh, high five?
        Shannon: Well, why don't you do it?
        Angelo: No, I"m not dangerous, I got, well...
        Matt: I think Angelo's starting to get on Shannon's nerves. See if she can keep thinking her good thoughts. The queen of positive karma.

      • Shannon: You can't create your own luck, they say --- but I kind of think you can.

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