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  • Worldfocus special edition: slices of life around the globe
    Watch the full show from Friday, April 2. A special edition on slices of life around the globe: The passion for baseball in Cuba; rodeo in Brazil; indigenous Bolivian women sport bowler hats; glass-making in Hebron; wineries in Lebanon; and, the Czech tradition of mushroom-hunting.
  • Worldfocus special edition on 21st century Africa
    Watch the full show from Thursday, April 1. A special edition on 21st century Africa: Chinese is one of the hottest subjects in Kenyan schools; many upwardly mobile people are realizing the African dream; cell phones have revolutionized African life; and Rwandan students with laptops.
  • Worldfocus special edition on technology
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, March 31. A special edition on technology around the globe: Estonia loves its e-life; in Singapore, the government wants to implement pay-as-you-drive to unclog the streets; from Greece, new hope for the blind thanks to a hand-held device; and, an Israeli electric car company.
  • Special edition on women in the developing world
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, March 30. A special edition on women in the developing world: From the Congo, the story of a wife who yearns for the past; in Liberia, women battle sexual abuse; why women are the majority in Rwanda's parliament; and, an Indian woman helps Untouchables.
  • Worldfocus special edition on deadly diseases
    Watch the full show from Monday, March 29. A special edition on deadly diseases: AIDS continues to rage in South Africa; in Thailand, one man fights AIDS complacency; Haiti and the Dominican Republic join together to combat malaria; and, stopping drug-resistant tuberculosis.
  • Worldfocus special edition on renewable energy in Denmark
    Watch the full show from Friday, March 26. A special edition on energy in Denmark: The nation has reduced its dependence on fossil fuels and created jobs; Denmark is a leader in wind power; one community has drastically reduced home energy costs; and, one island is carbon-neutral.
  • Worldfocus special edition on preserving the past
    Watch the full show from Thursday, March 25. A special edition on preserving the past: Maintaining Roman antiquities has residents worried about the high cost of history; the challenge of building a new subway line in Rome; Greece battles for ancient sculptures; and, an unchanged Ethiopian town.
  • Worldfocus special edition on immigration
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, March 24. A special edition on immigration: A look at anti-Muslim sentiment in France; plans to build a new mosque draw a powerful response from the right in Germany; and, as Spanish unemployment rises, some immigrants are scorned.
  • Worldfocus special edition on health care
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, March 23. A special edition on health care challenges around the world: The battle against cervical cancer in Nicaragua; helping more women survive childbirth in Guatemala; the struggle for basic care in Uganda; and, tuberculosis still takes a heavy toll in India.
  • Worldfocus special edition on the Health of Nations
    Watch the full show from Monday, March 22. The Health of Nations special edition: in Chile, how fast you get treated depends on what ails you; in Brazil, emphasis is on medical care for the poor; Singapore's health care is funded by an unusual savings plan; and, Canada saves on admin costs.moreless
  • Full Show: March 19, 2010
    Watch the full show from Friday, March 19. A special edition on Mexico: hundreds of thousands of immigrants risk their lives fleeing into Mexico; how the recession is affecting ordinary Mexicans; Mexico City becomes the first place in Latin America to legalize abortion; and, how the arts are used to preserve Mayan languages.moreless
  • Full Show: March 18, 2010
    Watch the full show from Thursday, March 18. A special edition on women in the Muslim world: more and more Jordanian women are leaving home to work; in Egypt, freedom of choice means embracing tradition and the veil; from Iran, how women are moving forward; and, in Turkey, a soccer league of their own.moreless
  • Full Show: March 17, 2010
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, March 17. A special edition on the changing face of the Arab world: In Beirut, gay rights are being defended, and the party scene is hot; West Bank factory owners struggle to compete against Chinese imports; Oprah is on the air in Jordan; and, Turkish soap operas are popular in Ramallah.moreless
  • Full Show: March 16, 2010
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, March 16. A special edition on 21st century Israel: The Jewish state undergoes sweeping changes as immigrants from around the world pour in; investment in high-tech spurs growth; an Israeli company engineers electric car infrastructure; and, a look at Israel's film industry.
  • Full Show: March 15, 2010
    Watch the full show from Monday, March 15: China adopts a tough, new attitude on human rights, internet freedom and the economy; after the killing of an American couple in Mexico, U.S. and Mexican officials condemn drug violence; German Catholics address sexual abuse; and, Mongolians struggle with extreme climate changes.
  • Full Show: March 12, 2010
    Watch the full show from Friday, March 12: Insurgents carry out a suicide bombing in Pakistan, killing dozens in Lahore; after Vice President Biden's visit to Israel and the West Bank, tensions remain high; the Maldives islands could fall victim to climate change; and, an archaeological mystery is solved.
  • Full Show: March 11, 2010
    Watch the full show from Thursday, March 11: China and India give their blessing to the Copenhagen climate change accord; in the Caribbean, coral reefs are dying and hurricanes are intensifying; more Greek protests erupt over the austerity plan; and China's number of billionaires increases.
  • Full Show: March 10, 2010
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, March 10. Tonight, an encore presentation of a Worldfocus special edition: A helping hand. Joe rescues street kids in the Philippines; Miss Gene devotes her life to fighting AIDS in Jamaica; a woman protects single moms in Morocco; and, a man and a donkey deliver books to children in Colombia.moreless
  • Full Show: March 9, 2010
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, March 9: As Vice President Joe Biden pushes peace talks, the Israelis announce a big new settlement project in Jerusalem; in a raid in Indonesia, a top al-Qaeda-linked terror suspect is likely killed; and, in Jordan, unlikely advocates strive for animal rights.
  • Full Show: March 8, 2010
    Watch the full show from Monday, March 8: The top U.S. commander in Iraq says the troop withdrawal will continue now that parliamentary elections are over; Icelandic voters reject a plan to repay billions lost by British and Dutch depositors; and in India, many women run major corporations.
  • Full Show: March 5, 2010
    Watch the full show from Friday, March 5: A vote in the U.S. House of Representatives sparks outrage in Turkey; large protests sweep Greece after parliament approves new austerity measures; the Chinese premier uses the internet to talk to ordinary citizens and promote democracy; and, Egypt tries to stop smoking.
  • Full Show: March 4, 2010
    Watch the full show from Thursday, March 4: The U.S. and its allies plan for a big offensive in the Kandahar area of Afghanistan; Russians recall the Soviet legacy in Afghanistan; Israel and the Palestinians move toward a resumption of peace talks; and, Muscovites celebrate 20 years since McDonald's first arrived.moreless
  • Full Show: March 3, 2010
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, March 3: Suicide bombings just days before national elections leave dozens dead in Iraq; a possible breakthrough in the Middle East, as Arab foreign ministers support new Israeli-Palestinian negotiations; Greece tries to sell austerity plan; and, Britain's growing cocaine problem.
  • Full Show: March 2, 2010
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, March 2: Chile races to rescue survivors, as food and water finally make it to some of those in need; an investigation into the death of the first female British soldier in Afghanistan; the heartbreaking story of Haiti's homeless children; and, the post-Olympics blame game in Russia.moreless
  • Full Show: March 1, 2010
    Watch the full show from Monday, March 1: In Chile, scenes of devastation as rescuers search for survivors of the massive earthquake; the impact of the earthquake on Chile's economy, which until now had weathered the recession quite well; and, in the Hague, the former Bosnian Serb leader defends himself.
  • Full Show: February 26, 2010
    Watch the full show from Friday, February 26: In the Afghan capital, suicide attackers target hotels used by foreigners, killing 17 people; outrage over bank bonuses in Britain after major losses last year; the Chinese are hitting the slopes and becoming a snowy super power; and, a deeper look at Australian Aboriginal culture.moreless
  • Full Show: February 25, 2010
    Watch the full show from Thursday, February 25: The Afghan government takes control of Marjah thanks to the largest military operation of the war; more Israeli names appear as suspects in the Hamas hit; U.K. conservatives have found a new way to become popular; and, a glimpse of indigenous people in Arctic Siberia.moreless
  • Full Show: February 24, 2010
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, February 24: The governments of Greece, Spain and Ireland are implementing unpopular austerity programs to combat huge deficits; in Turkey, a high-profile crackdown on the military is raising tensions; and, we continue our look at indigenous groups with the Nukak of Colombia.
  • Full Show: February 23, 2010
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, February 23: the U.S. top commander in Afghanistan goes on Afghan TV to apologize for the latest deadly strike on civilians; new hope in Sudan, as the government and Darfur rebel leaders sign a truce; tensions soar once more over the Falklands; and, an Arctic circus changes lives.moreless
  • Full Show: February 22, 2010
    Watch the full show from Monday, February 22: In Afghanistan, NATO's Marjah offensive enters its second week; fallout continues from the assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai; new evidence suggests a Chinese university was the source of an internet attack on Google; and, a report on Japan's indigenous population.
  • Full Show: February 19, 2010
    Watch the full show from Friday, February 19: The inside story of a man who worked for the Iranian paramilitary forces and later faced their brutal tactics himself; strong criticism from China after Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama; Niger's military takes power; and, a few moments of joy in Haiti as lost children re-unite with family.moreless
  • Full Show: February 18, 2010
    Watch the full show from Thursday, February 18: U.S. and Afghan forces control key parts of the town, but the fight is far from over; President Obama welcomes the Dalai Lama while trying not to damage Sino-American relations; and, in South America, a new conflict between Britain and Argentina over offshore oil.moreless
  • Full Show: February 17, 2010
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, February 17: The deepening mystery over who killed a top Palestinian militant in Dubai; in South America, new charges of human rights abuses by paramilitary groups in Colombia; and, the surprising family secrets of King Tut are revealed.
  • Full Show: February 16, 2010
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, February 16: A major development in the war in Afghanistan, as the Taliban's military chief is captured in Karachi; it's day four of the major offensive in Helmand province; a close-up view of how a Mexican village depends on U.S. economic strength; and, attack of the two-ton titans in India.moreless
  • Full Show: February 15, 2010
    Watch the full show from Monday, February 15: From Afghanistan, day three of the biggest NATO offensive since 2001; in Ireland, the latest on that country's "dirty secret" about abuse by Catholic clergy; a special report about business in Cuba; and, an avant-garde art colony in Berlin.
  • Full Show: February 12, 2010
    Watch the full show from Friday, February 12: Mexico's president visits Ciudad Juarez, the country's murder capital, just miles from the U.S. border; one month after the earthquake, Haitians struggle for survival; and, the Olympic torch arrives in Vancouver for tonight's opening ceremonies.
  • Full Show: February 11, 2010
    Watch the full show from Thursday, February 11: Iran marks the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution with large demonstrations and an iron fist; twenty years after Nelson Mandela walked to freedom, a look at South Africa today; and, the challenges of guaranteeing security for Olympic athletes and spectators.
  • Full Show: February 10, 2010
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, February 10: From Haiti, the curse of corruption taints the food aid program; in Greece, unhappy workers take to the streets as the government considers a new austerity plan; and, a crackdown by the Iranian government in advance of tomorrow's anniversary.
  • Full Show: February 9, 2010
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, February 9: The latest roadblock from Toyota is the recall of hundreds of thousands of cars and a new apology; from Nigeria, new allegations that may implicate security forces in the killing of civilians during a battle with Islamic insurgents; and, an update on the Israeli electric car infrastructure.moreless
  • Full Show: February 8, 2010
    Watch the full show from Monday, February 8: A defiant Iran moves ahead with plans for higher-level uranium enrichment, claiming it's for medical use; in Ukraine, the opposition candidate is the apparent election winner; an inside look at the battle for women's rights in Turkey; and, meet the Buddhist hip hop monk.moreless
  • Full Show: February 5, 2010
    Watch the full show from Friday, February 5: The economic damage continues to spread, as southern Europe faces major debt woes; in Afghanistan, NATO commanders say they're on the verge of a major attack; more fallout from an American airstrike last September; and, millions of Japanese behold a city of ice in Sapporo.moreless
  • Full Show: February 4, 2010
    Watch the full show from Thursday, February 4: Toyota's troubles grow deeper, as the Prius comes under fire; from France, more controversy over Muslim identity and what it means to be French; how tobacco companies are courting Indonesian smokers; and, a secret dream house in the U.K. may come tumbling down.moreless
  • Full Show: February 3, 2010
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, February 3: In Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he's ready to cut a deal over nuclear program; from Britain, calls for more Alzheimer's research; in China, a modern-day Thomas Edison pioneers "knockoff" electric cars; and, in Bolivia, a look at the impact of global warming.moreless
  • Full Show: February 2, 2010
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, February 2: Ten Americans remain in custody in Haiti, accused of trafficking children; a French court probes the 2000 crash of an Air France Concorde; some people believe the Jamaican government is encouraging anti-gay violence; and, a look at the Oscar nominees for Best Foreign Language Film.moreless
  • Full Show: February 1, 2010
    Watch the full show from Monday, February 1: From Japan, growing outrage over the presence of American troops in Okinawa; in Haiti, the bizarre story of a group of American churchgoers arrested by local authorities; in Vietnam, things are starting to look a lot like America; and, sea turtles back from the brink in Australia.moreless
  • Full Show: January 29, 2010
    Watch the full show from Friday, January 29: The war in Iraq -- a strong and unequivocal defense by Tony Blair; on an island paradise, secret talks on ending the war in Afghanistan; more than two weeks after Haiti's quake, the growing threat of disease; and, life among the penguins of Patagonia.moreless
  • Full Show: January 28, 2010
    Watch the full show from Thursday, January 28: World leaders plot a roadmap in Afghanistan and pledge money to buy the loyalties of Taliban; locals in one Afghan region have created their own militia; a remarkable Indian woman provides hope to Dalits; and, newly discovered Mayan ruins help explain history.
  • Full Show: January 27, 2010
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, January 27: religious leaders in Yemen decry "foreign interference;" the U.S. and Russia move closer to a new deal to reduce nuclear arms; survivors remember the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp; and, Avatar, the movie, plays in China.
  • Full Show: January 26, 2010
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, January 26: Britain barely pulls out of a recession; a new report warns that al-Qaeda is still plotting to use weapons of mass destruction against the U.S.; Muslim students in London come under increased scrutiny; and, a stand-up comic tells jokes in Pakistan.
  • Full Show: January 25, 2010
    Watch the full show from Monday, January 25: as the war in Afghanistan escalates, new efforts to bring the insurgent group into the political mix; millions of Afghan migrants cross the Iran border; drugs from Afghanistan stir a drug war in Iran; and, a female North Korean defector boxes her way up in South Korea.moreless
  • Full Show: January 22, 2010
    Watch the full show from Friday, January 22: conditions in Haiti are slowly improving, depending on where in the capital you are; a growing number of Haitians are leaving on dangerous journeys in overcrowded boats; and, global markets react negatively to Obama's plan to tighten control over U.S. banks.
  • Full Show: January 21, 2010
    Watch the full show from Thursday, January 21: China's economy is growing faster than expected; China is also coming to the rescue of many Haitians; one Haitian family's quest to bury a loved one with dignity; and, pandas debut at this year---s World Expo in Shanghai.
  • Full Show: January 20, 2010
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, January 20: Haiti is rocked by a strong aftershock; Haitians question whereabouts of their government; a look at the emerging lithium industry in Bolivia; and fixing the price of pasta in Italy.
  • Full Show: January 19, 2010
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, January 19: Haitian children left orphaned in the aftermath; a high speed railroad in China links distant cities; President Obama's foreign policy record in Africa; and, Orthodox Christians commemorate the Epiphany with an icy plunge.
  • Full Show: January 18, 2010
    Watch the full show from Monday, January 18: Haitian police fire on looters; Taliban militants launch attacks in Afghanistan; President Barack Obama's foreign policy successes and failures during the last year; and, a food fight between Lebanon and Israel over who invented hummus.
  • Full Show: January 15, 2010
    Description: Watch the full show from Friday, January 15: the "Haiti in Ruins" special edition of Worldfocus -- food trickles in, medical treatment is lacking, and survivors continue to emerge; some refugees are crossing into the Dominican Republic; and, Haitians abroad wait to find out if loved ones are still alive.moreless
  • Full Show: January 14, 2010
    Watch the full show from Thursday, January 14: aid from around the world begins to arrive as an estimated 3 million Haitians need help; President Obama tells Haitians they will not be forsaken; and, a look at Haiti's history of political instability and environmental disaster.
  • Full Show: January 13, 2010
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, January 13: Haiti endures the most powerful earthquake in more than two centuries; a backgrounder on Haiti's struggles with poverty and food insecurity; and, a modern planned city on the West Bank.
  • Full Show: January 12, 2010
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, January 12: Tehran bombing kills a prominent Iranian scientist; Harry Reid's comments about President Obama spark a global debate on race; churches are set afire as religious strife rages in Malaysia; and, high-tech gadgets lead the blind in Greece.
  • Full Show: January 11, 2010
    Watch the full show from Monday, January 11: a deadly day for American troops in Afghanistan; al-Qaeda's recruiting campaign targets foreign students in Yemen; and, the challenges facing people in wheelchairs in Greece.
  • Full Show: January 8, 2010
    Watch the full show from Friday, January 8: Joblessness in Europe is as high as unemployment in the United States; Latvia suffers from the worst unemployment in Europe; the U.S. continues to go after al-Qaeda in Yemen; and, innovative Taiwanese news broadcasts are being animated.
  • Full Show: January 7, 2010
    Watch the full show from Thursday, January 7: momentum builds for a resumption of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians; some foreign investors flock to Palestinian high-tech; many Egyptian women elect to wear the veil; and, a Taiwanese sword maker preserves an ancient art form.
  • Full Show: January 6, 2010
    Watch the full show from Wednesday, January 6: an American military official condemns U.S. intelligence failures in Afghanistan; peace in Bosnia is still fragile; and, zoo animals in Europe can\'t escape the frigid cold.
  • Full Show: January 5, 2010
    Watch the full show from Tuesday, January 5: Europe weighs new security measures to try to guarantee passenger safety; Yemen intensifies its campaign against al-Qaeda; President Jimmy Carters campaign combats malaria in Haiti and the Dominican Republic; and, war continues in corners of DR Congo.
  • Full Show: January 4, 2010
    Watch the full show from Monday, January 4: Yemen launches a new attack against al-Qaeda; a charity builds a school in Pakistan offering an escape from the grinding poverty; and, Indonesia fails to slow destructive deforestation.
  • Full Show: January 1, 2010
    Description: Watch the full show from Friday, January 1: "One Night That Shook the World." Twenty years after the Berlin Wall fell, you'll hear how that remarkable day unfolded. Meet the German border guard who issued the order to let the East Germans out. And, Worldfocus examines who should get credit for the end of the Cold War.moreless