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World's Craziest Videos

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World's Craziest Videos is a funny blooper and video outtakes series that made its debut in the year 2004. Viewers and World's Craziest Videos staff members gather and submit home movies, sports tape excerpts and TV show segments that feature people in a variety of humorous situations such as falling off of a stage, getting hit in the crotch with a ball or running into a pole when attempting to rob a store as well as many others. The funniest moments in the World's Craziest Videos series are not intended to be funny when they are first filmed, but wacky and unexpected occurrences make the videos so hilarious that the producers of the show have chosen to share them with the world. In addition to the funny video material, the staff record sound effects and commentary to be played alongside the footage that explains why what the viewer is watching is so entertaining.