World's Strictest Parents - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • "The Souza Family"
    Episode 28
    "The Souza Family"
  • 7/17/10
    "The Toscano Family"
  • "The Wilcox Family"
    Episode 26
    "The Wilcox Family"
  • "The Robinson Family"
    EP 125 "The Robinson Family"
  • 6/23/10
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  • 6/18/10
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  • "The Cooper Family"
    Episode 22
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  • "The Brown Family"
    Episode 21
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  • "The Combes Family"
    Episode 20
    "The Combes Family"
  • 5/14/10
    "The Ballard Family"
  • The Smidts
    Episode 18
    The Smidts are an Idaho family who believe that rural living promotes a good work ethic for teenagers. For the next week, they will take in two disrespectful teenagers. Anthony and Sierra do not take orders from anyone.
  • The Call Family
    Episode 17
    The Calls are a large Utah family that depends on everyone pitching in and working hard both in and out of the home. Russ and Kim Call have raised 12 kids. They run a tight ship on which back talk and attitude are not allowed. They believe that every member of the family must pull their weight to make sure the household runs smoothly. For the next week, the Calls will take in Mark and Ariel, two entitled teens who have never experienced a hard day's work in their lives. But can a week of strict schedules and an intense work load help these teens realize the error of their ways?moreless
  • 11/28/09
    The McCormicks are a strict Iowa family who lay down the law both at work and at home. Sean is a police officer who believes in rigid schedules and hard work for his family. Irene is a fitness instructor who instills healthy values in her children. Irene and Sean are role model parents who make every moment count. They believe you get out of life what you put into it, and they put in their all. Zach and Karli are lazy teens who have no direction in their lives. When they enter the McCormick's home, Irene and Sean have their work cut out for them. Can the McCormicks force these teens onto a better path?moreless
  • The Gentrup Family
    Episode 15
    The Gentrups are a loving Arizona family who believe that a positive and considerate attitude is everything. Jim and Janee Gentrup don't tolerate self indulgence. They believe hard work and giving back to the community is the way to raise self-sufficient and socially engaging kids. For the next week, the Gentrups take in Cristiana and Ronnie, two spoiled teens that demand and get everything they want. Will a week of the Gentrups' rigid structure and service to others force them to give up their selfish and misguided behavior?moreless
  • The Bouldin Family
    Episode 14
    The Bouldins are a tight-knit North Carolina family who believe that tough love is a biblical principal. The pastor of his own church, Blake Bouldin keeps his own kids on the righteous path and demands they lead disciplined and honest lives. For the next week, the Bouldins take in Mackenzie and Ian, two teens with bad attitudes and bold aspirations to have it their way. Fireworks ensue when the teens test the Bouldins with their defiance and dishonesty. Can the Bouldins' stern punishments and tough love approach get these two teens to see the light?moreless
  • The Knight Family
    Episode 13
    The Knights are a Tennessee family who believe in enforcing the law at work and at home. Penny Knight is a juvenile probation officer who keeps her own children on a tight leash. For the next week, they will take in two rowdy teens. Jackie and Spencer have engaged in illegal activities and have no respect for authority. When they meet the Knights, two contrasting worlds collide. Will a week on lockdown force these teens to straighten up?moreless
  • The Manning Family
    Episode 12
    The Mannings are a ranching family from Oregon who believe that luxuries and trust must both be earned. This means that kids living in their home start off with a mattress and one change of clothes. They must earn the rest with hard work and good behavior. When Brent and Audrey arrive, they get a harsh lesson in the Manning principles of basic living, tough discipline and rigid consequences. Do they have what it takes to buckle down and get with the program?moreless
  • The Wright Family
    Episode 11
    Sam and Amy Wright head up a strict and loving household based on old-fashioned traditional values. The Wright children are expected to address elders with "ma'am" and "sir." Both parents agree that all kids will test a parent's resolve and as such, require a tight leash. This means searching bags and checking up on their kids to make sure the rules are being followed at all times. These parents pride themselves on being consistent and following through with punishment 100 percent of the time. But when two troubled teens come to stay with the family, Sam and Amy's rigid rules and high expectations soon lead to conflict. Neither of the teens appreciates the hard work and interventionist parenting. Will a week of living in the Wright home force the teens to change their deviant ways?moreless
  • The Bilben Family
    Episode 10
    Theresa and Gary Bilben's restaurant is the cornerstone of their approach to parenting. Not only does it bring the whole family together, it allows the parents to keep track of what their kids are getting up to. Knowing that idle time provides opportunities for misbehavior, Theresa and Gary are sure to fill their kids' schedules and demand text message updates whenever they're unsupervised. It's a markedly different approach to what their two teen visitors are used to. So when Jennifer and Chad land in the Bilben's world, they offer immediate resistance. Neither appreciates the constant monitoring and interventionist parenting, but after a week in the household, will the teenagers draw lessons to take back to their own troubled homes?moreless
  • The Bolton Family
    Episode 9
    Cliff and Lisa Bolton are both coaches at the local high school. But even when they're away from their football team and cheerleaders, they're still very much in coach mode. They're quick to blow the whistle on their own kids' transgressions, demanding push-ups or other physical tasks as a consequence for bad behavior. But when two wayward teenagers come to stay with the family, Cliff and Lisa's high expectations for appropriate behavior soon leads to conflict. Their rigid enforcement of the household rules and demand for responsibility and respect ignites a fire storm of protest. But will a week of Bolton-enforced living turn rebellious teenagers into team players?moreless
  • Forsyth Family
    Episode 8

    The Forsyth family believes that faith in God and the powers of family and togetherness can get them through any problem. When two unruly teens are sent to their home for a lesson in discipline, the Forsyth have to use every trick in the book to help the teens gain and new perspective on life.

  • Rutherford Family
    Episode 7

    The Rutherford family has raised their children on a strict rules and a specific daily routine. The believe these methods teach the children stability and respect. When two disrespectful teens are sent to live with the Rutherford's, the teens face a culture shock as they are forced to follow the family's rules.

  • Morrison Family
    Episode 6

    The Morrison family are completely no-nonsense. Adele and Garrett come from a family who have already given up on them. The combination is explosive. The Morrisons refuse to be manipulated by Adele and start laying down a dress code for Garrett. One week may not be enough to make a difference, or it may push everyone over the edge.

  • Cork Family
    Episode 5

    The parent's of two rebelling teens are unable to discipline them and fear they may end up in jail if they continue on the paths they are on. The send the teens to the Cork family for a lesson is respect and hard work. The Cork family is deeply religious and believe in strict discipline and a heavily structured routine.

  • McCuin Family
    Episode 3
    Teenagers Ricky and Katie are sent by their families to live with the McCuin family, in the hopes that the family's regimine of strict rules and hard work rub off on the troubled teens.
  • 7/28/09
    The Hatcher family of Tennessee takes in teens Reed and Jessica and sets them to work in the hopes that a good work ethic and family values will quell the teen's self-centered personalities.
  • 7/23/09
    Troubled teens Brittani and Ivan are sent by their mothers to live with the Vinton family, in the hopes that their rude, arrogant behavior takes a turn for the better.
  • Helton Family
    Episode 1

    When two troubles teens get in trouble at home, their desperate parents send them to the Helton Family in hope that they can be rehabilitated into respectful young adults. The Heltons believe hard work and a structured routine is the key to proper discipline and can change the teens' opinions of their parents.