World's Wildest Police Videos

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World's Wildest Police Videos

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World's Wildest Police Videos examines criminals at their dumbest who are caught on tape. It includes police pursuits, robberies, and routine traffic stops gone bad.

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  • On your seat

    Few random ep (14)
  • Heartbroken Sister

    I used to love this show until I saw the last day of My 17 Year old brothers life used as the beginning of every show :'( on YouTube the video is ppsted as Batman:/ a commercial for Batman plays right before. Please take this clip off of this show. It literally makes me sick to my stomach! My brother was not a criminal! He just needed some help. police should not have killed him.moreless
  • propaganda

    this show is nothing more than propaganda to instill fear in the public so the police can steel more of the peoples rights reminds me of Germany in the late 1920s
  • Could Bother TRYING to get the Stories Right

    I was watching a marathon of the revived show tonight and noticed a clip from a mass murder in 2011 from Grand Rapids, MI. Being from Grand Rapids and having almost been right in the middle of that specific situation, I was interested. The story was all fine and good until they got to the end. That's where things started being less than correct. At the end, they said Dantzler drove his SUV into the woods and then shot himself before the SWAT team could get to him. This is VASTLY incorrect. While he did drive off into the woods, he proceeded to exit the vehicle, run into a nearby house and take three people hostage for hours before finally pulling the trigger on himself. Not only does a quick and easy Google search tell you this information is correct, but I had a police scanner going THE ENTIRE TIME the hostage situation was taking place. I heard the cops go into the building, I heard them talking to Dantzler, I heard him shoot himself. How many stories on this show are incorrect, I wonder. And why bother telling the story if you're just going to get it wrong? This show's crew needs to do some actual research BEFORE putting a story into an episode.moreless
  • sorry

    Okay hear me out. this is a good show okay BUT. the fake tire screeching? the fake sirens? the reason I say it's fake is when they show the videos from a helicopter and the vehicle veers left or right and u hear the fake tire screeching....come on really. Let's take away the Hollywood crap and make this a "video". and stop zooming in and out as if that's what's happening. if you don't believe me....just watch the show!!!!! score 2.5moreless

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