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  • This show rules I love this show. I've always wanted to be a police officer and thats why I love this show. On a scale of 1 to 19 I rate this show a 17. Is anybody else a police officer that likes to watch this show?. I love this show I love this show!.

    So I like the videos that the criminals and the police chase and the police catch the criminal. This show is giving me some great tips to become a police officer. I was thinking sheriff but I want to do something that has a lot of action in it. So this show is on spike tv I guess good bye.
  • drunk drivies do whatever they can to pursuade the cops that they are not drunk

    its fun to watch cops when they forget all their training and its a one on one fist fight... and them pu*sies always call for back up because they can not fend for them selves. its fun to watch cops get scared and pull out their guns and thinking they got the situation under control till the bad guys pull out guns also then what happends them pu*sies always call for back up because they can not fend for them selves. But its the best when cops pull over drunk drivers and the drunk drivies do whatever they can to pursuade the cops that they are not drunk and even prove it by trying to do back flips and end in horrible head aches :)
  • very very funny show, the commentator is a wierdo who gives me joke

    this show is amazing, if only they put more footage of criminals gettings away sometimes, not repeating the same footage a hundred times, and not always making the police out to get every criminal that commits an offence, and showed more drunk people being arrested it would be better. the commentator doesnt mean to be so funny but i stay up late every sunday to watch this as it nearly makes me cry its so funny every time. one of the crackers like this made me crease.. this hotwired biker is a not so easy rider lol and now i noticed they changed the show to disturbing events caught on police video last week and it is pure joke wiv a nu random guy tryin to sound like the old one, sum drunk guy shouting at the police was makin me laugh 4 ages. have a blaze and watch this i gaurantee ull be in stitches
  • It may not be for everyone, but there is an audience for everything. Including police footage.

    This show is a welcome break from the highly usually garbage on TV. It has no intrinsic value to it on it's on but it is amazing filler material that is just plain fun to watch. Those who object to watching COPS bust the bad guys are probably the criminals themselves, or maybe they just remember the time THEY were on the show. To most people this is just popcorn garbage to watch whil passing time. And who doesn't love a good car crash!!
  • How can you not like bad guys doing dumb things? How can you not like police chases? How can you not like me? No really, how can you not?

    World's Wildest Police videos is a frisky frenzy of police tapes that captures routine police stops, gone BAD! Police cars chasing criminals, chopper chases, bad guys being dumb and saying the alphabet backwards. It's a great show for mindless fun, or if you like the law enforcement. Sadly not many episodes were made, but there only so much you can find I guess. It was a good series, and the infamous acting of the main narrator. He talks to us like were children, but its funny. Overall a great show I'd advise watching, because I think you'd like it if you give it a try, much like me... you'd like me, just give me a try. I come in three flavors...wait, oops. World's Wildest Police Chases is a winner here. :)
  • Except for the announcer, who is really hard to bear, this show is non-stop excitement every time.

    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting possibly the greatest anti-crime measure since they invented jails.

    In this show, they show video segments of criminals being run to ground by the police. The bad guy always loses. Whether it's a highway chase, or some idiot trying to sneak through some houses, or a bike flipping end to end, you will see the consequences of illegal and dangerous behavior. It's not pretty.

    This show is very graphic and not for small children. That said, adults can watch it not just for the shock value, but to learn a little about what it is police have to do at work every day.

    When you see those lights in your mirror--just pull over.
  • Cops, but with an overbearing host who takes himself too seriously.

    Police Videos is the cheapest of reality programs. You take footage of police actions, and string them together with the occasional segment with the host, a retired cop who's been around the block a few times.

    The show itself is informative and educational, teaching police tactics and showing people why thye should stay on the straight and narrow. It's honest to... Sometimes, the bad guy gets away.

    The only problem is the Sherrif, who really takes himself too seriously, and should have done his sequences slightly tonguyt in cheek. Being stern is fine, but when you're obviously faking it, you need to lighten up.
  • I watch this show for the crashes!!!

    This reality tv show is quite good especially the pursuits which sometimes lead to crashes and that's what I think we should have, just the crashes and the pursuits and then you have a cool tv show!!! I just watch this show for the crashes at the end of the pursuits, some being really disastrous!!!
  • Get rid of Bunnell. THEN you have a great show!

    This was one of the most underappreciated shows on TV and then people realized when it was taken off.

    Each night it's on TV so I try to watch it. Even though I've seen most of the episodes, this is one show where I can watch the same episodes over and over and not get sick of them.

    It's entertaining and the majority of the time, it leaves you on the edge of your seat.

    The show had two main downsides in my opinon. First, John Bunnell. Took himself WAY too seriously. It's annoying when I'm trying to watch a chase and he cuts in saying, "This guy has no intention of stopping!"

    The second flaw, in my opinion, is when they show what's coming up on the episodes (what other chases you will be seeing). They show so much footage that it ends up ruining it sometimes. I've learned to look away.

    Good show, I REALLY hope it will be brought out on DVD, but it's seriously doubtful.
  • oh they ended this around the same time nickelodean ended rugrats but ok , this show wasfun to watch i liked the car wrecks

    this is a show that is better then cops , better then whats on -dog , and is similair to disorderly conduct instead its all high speed pursuits i liked this show spike needs to turn their timer back and put this baby on because tv is just getting worst and worst every year all these crime dramas im suprised this is not on any more at least i can watch as a hundred criminals crash their cars like morons other shows wanna talk about rape and such just put those people in jail cause it has no place on tv , this was the best cop show ever cops is close so is disorderly conduct
  • A pretty good cop show with real life car chases.

    A pretty good cop showwith real-life car chases. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.
  • this is a great tv programme sherriff John Bunnell is an absolute legend he is hillerious without trying to be.

    this is a great tv programme sherriff John Bunnell is an absolute legend he is hillerious without trying to be. it takes you to some of the most ferotious crimes ever caught on camera with Bunnell dilivering commentry its one of my favourette tv shows. id rate it 8.5 out of 10
  • Wall to Wall Police Action!

    World's Wildest Police Videos is a reality crime TV series which shows video footage including chases involving police cars, store theft/breaking and entering incidents, and riots. Most of the videos are from U.S. police departments, but many are from other nations as well. Video sources include cameras from police cars, helicopters, store security systems, news reporters, and private citizens.

    It is hosted by John Bunnell, a retired police officer and sheriff (Multnomah County, Oregon), with a degree in social science. Each episode opens with Bunnell warning viewers "Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised."

    A typical episode, "Pit Maneuver", includes sections entitled: "Pit Maneuver", "Car Thieves", "Rainy Chase", "Big Rig Road Block", "Jumping Off Bridge", and "Drunk Drivers." This was soon dropped, and replaced with just clips with segues into each of them by Bunnell.

    The series ran on Fox from 1998-2002. Reruns currently air on Spike TV in America, and on five and Bravo in the United Kingdom. Certain episodes aired on ITV in the UK under the title Police in Action, not to be confused with the ITV-made programme Police, Camera, Action, hosted by Alistair Stewart.

    A video game based on the series was released for the PlayStation in 2001, entitled World's Scariest Police Chases. It featured the voice of Bunnell. The game begins in the same way as the show, with Bunnell warning "Due to the graphic nature of this game, player discretion is advised."

  • Wow! I loved it!

    I can't say much about it, but it looks like you are in a policecar and you get to learn about how to catch the bad guys, do tricks, and that. I can also say I almost laughed at some parts and I can say: "Wow!" and "Holy crap!" That was so funny.
  • On your seat

    Few random ep (14)
  • Enjoyed every minute!

    I got a good sense of how brainless criminals can be from this show and it's great seeing them get what they deserve in the end. I'm thrilled this show has returned to TV with new episodes and still has the format the episodes from 1999 had.
  • It's half good,half funny.

    This show is pretty funny,but it has a bunch of videos that were one of the best shows ever to be ever made.They should have not ended this show like every other show that was one of my favorite shows to ever been made.Everybody hates this show but me.I see it on TruTv and it's one of the best shows to ever show videos of car chases and criminals.Like a guy who shoplifts and steals a air conditionair without paying it.This show is one of the very funny shows to be ever made and it should have not been ended.
  • [in slow Southern drawl] I like the crashes heuh heuh heuh heuh [HOEDOWN] [dances]

    A very good show about Cop chases where there are usualy some very funny crashes, chases, criminals and gun fights. I usualy laugh at how stupid some of the criminals are on there. But it is usualy in southern states [Go rednecks!] like where I live [Arizona] and Texas. and it steryotypes us. But I still like the show.
  • this show rocks

    there are many reasons why i like this show. first of all the footage that it shows. its awesome, sometimes its funny, othertimes its not so funny and more serious but some of the criminals are really hilarious. the second thing is the host hes allright. put those 2 together and you have a gr8 action seeking program.
  • Worlds Wildest Police Videos as narrated by (ex) Sherriff John Bunnell. A hodge podge of completely slanted videos meant to glorify law enforcement becomes laughable.

    Are we, as a society addicted to the sex and violence in movies and television? If you look into current programming and movie ticket sales, you might find that it is what generates sales in advertising. One example of this might be found in the series \"Worlds Wildest Police Videos\".
    The series is jam packed with violent car chases and cops throwing suspects to the ground during arrest procedures. Sherriff John Bunnell would have you believe that the cops are much smarter than they really are ( in most cases ) and that the suspects ( whom he normally refers to as idiots, drug crazed fiends, lawless individuals and other slanderous names ) are always stupid and \'never had a chance\'. The thing is, he rarely shows the ones that got away unless there is some other major selling point he can use to glorify law enforcement agents or agencies.
    Furthermore, I suppose he expects that nobody is going to pay any attention to what is really happening in these scenes as the cop car camera action usually has a date and time stamp which shows a truth he never mentions. A number of times I have seen where he has edited the sequence of events to fit his brand of story telling and mis represents the actual situation. For example, he may tell a story about a chase making it sounded like the entire situation only lasted a few minutes when in reality, it lasted 2 hours or more. Or another scene where the chase did last for an extended amount of time, and he replays segments of the chase more than once, all of this to incerease the dramatic effect.
    John Bunnell has the advantage of knowing how the different stories actually evolve and then modifies them to show that the cops are always in control, and the lawbreakers were never in control of anything. Then there is the laughable quotes he comes up with, sometimes even contradicting himself from one episode to another. In short, John Bunnell does present some entertaining clips of car chases, some ending in violent crashes; and interesting enough, the victims of these crashes are never hurt and niether are the innocent drivers of other vehicles that are unfortunately involved in these crashes. Considering that some of these crashes are caused by the police performing a PIT maneuver and cause innocent drivers to be involved, these other drivers apparently never sue either...?
  • The show wouldn't be as cutting edge, as exciting or as hilarious without the host. The narrator is so bad that he's brilliant. The footage shown is pretty exhilerating also, but the host makes this show what it is!

    In summary, World's Widest Police Videos is the perfect show for when your bored on a friday night when nothing else is on TV. If your watching it with a sibling or friend, it's always good to have a laugh at the over-dramatized dialogue produced by the narrator. Some of the footage is quite entertaining to watch and you know deep down, you want the criminal to escape but they always manage to get caught. ;) Never the less, acceptable show which has a novelty position in some viewer's fav. tv show list.
  • the show is okay gut it's not great.

    the best part is when the criminals do crazy things and they do stupid things, sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's scary. the shows not that great but it's okay, when you see them run they almost always get caught, but out of every thing the shows okay, not great.
  • Want ratings?

    This is a very entertaining show that keeps you wanting more. There are however, a couple of downfalls: The host, who's obvious need to be over dramatic is extremely annoying, and the fact that they never have clips that show the bad guy getting away. If you want ratings show footage where the underdog wins. It would be great to see authority figures get knocked off their high horse every now and again. Everybody loves a great underdog story, especially when they are using excessive force for petty crimes. This is a fun show to watch, but an episode where the bad guys get away would really catch the viewers attention and make for very captivating television.
  • Watching stupid criminals drive reclessly and subsequently getting arrested? How can that not be fun?

    The show features long police-chases, reckless driving, stupid criminals, and spectacular crashes. All is there to make an amazing show. Unfortunately it falls just short of perfection. The show's commentator, Sheriff John Bunnell. While he possibly was a fine sheriff, he has a liking for pompous language, and likes the sound of his own voice a little too much. Combine that with an annoying way the show is edited, with cuts of what's coming after the break, what's coming next, what we've seen, what-you-are-watching-right-now for those of you who have an attention-span shorter than a ferret. Repeat, repeat, again, again, and again. It gets tedious after a while.
    If you can get past Bunnell and the editor, and you like car-chases and stuid crminals, chances are you will enjoy this show.
  • Squealing tire sound effects are dubbed in, as well as some others. Narrator's annoying at best. footage is replayed far too many times. The very real interesting action is over dramatized & emphasized with sound effects, replays, & cheesy narration.

    The summary basically says it (as it should).
    You may disagree on my personal grade for the show, but you cannot possibly watch this and tell me squealing tires are not dubbed in. Once you notice that, you can start to notice even some other sound effects are added for intensity & drama.

    I loved the show at first, but as it became more obvious that sound effects were fake and as the narrator got more on my nerves I couldn't watch it.
    The footage is great. I love to see it, but not after it's been mutilated by these people.
    As for the narrator, the guy is always stating how perps are acting like it's a video game, or they're in a race car, or on a raceway. "This guy is speeding like it's the Indy 500." Not to mention he doesn't speak, He SHOUTS. Sorry, but he is just annoying to me.

    Then there are endless replays & zoom ins, there is probably 5 minutes of footage for every 20 minutes of show. No point in watching a repeat.

    Similar shows do it too, but i can see this stuff on the net without all the BS. I would love the show, give it an A+, if they just didn't have these major problems.
  • i just want to see a show where the criminals get away

    The reason i rated it at a 5 you always see the ones that get caught is i would like to see a show on the ones that got away why is it always the ones that get caught we see not everyone gets caught some do get away and all criminals aren\'t that dumb I\'m just one who would like to see what goes on in the making of this show and how much footage gets cut away and i know I\'m not the only one who is thinking like this other than that i do like the show so dont get me wrong just a concerned fan
  • This would be an awesome show if it weren't for the overexaggerating windbag of a narrator. Good action. Good video. Terrible narration.

    The moron who narrates this otherwise entertaining show is a complete windbag. He will overexaggerate the most mundane events, while misrepresenting what is really going on. Example: Imagine a man walking a straight line. You can obviously see the man walking perfectly straight. The numbskull in charge of narrating says "The subject staggers with every step, and struggles to even stay on his feet. He's completely smashed, and our hero's the police know it." I'm all for COPS and reality police shows, but this announcer has got to be the worst of the worst.
  • A bad COPS spin off

    This show was played midweek to fulfill the reality law enforcement junkies diet before the new episode of COPS on the weekends

    Unlike Cops however this show featured dash cam footage.
    It also featured some videos that one could watch on Maximum Exposure or any of the other extreme video shows the networks cram down our throats.
    It was a decent show, it's one flaw was it was too global, I mean how many people in the states care about a police chase in Europe?.
  • I dont like this show

    Its so painful to watch. Why would people make a show that are painful to watch. People getting hurt, People getting killed, People with fight, etc. I dont like it. I hate to see people getting hurt,dying,etc. Its just so painful. My brother watches that show all the time. It would be better if its a police chase and no one is hurt.
  • sorry

    Okay hear me out. this is a good show okay BUT. the fake tire screeching? the fake sirens? the reason I say it's fake is when they show the videos from a helicopter and the vehicle veers left or right and u hear the fake tire screeching....come on really. Let's take away the Hollywood crap and make this a "video". and stop zooming in and out as if that's what's happening. if you don't believe me....just watch the show!!!!! score 2.5
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