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  • propaganda

    this show is nothing more than propaganda to instill fear in the public so the police can steel more of the peoples rights reminds me of Germany in the late 1920s
  • hi

    this show is sad cops are clearly abusing their powers they should be the ones going to jail in most cases for endangerment of innocent people that wanted nothing to do with that rage but the useless Police always makes sure someone innocent gets hurt and thats basically what the PD is good for.... and this show is trying to make cops look good ... its like they cant just let the guy drive away without anyone getting hurt and then let the detectives or who ever they are do their job if they can lol but clearly they cant and chase those people that committed real crimes and let regular people live normal lives is that what the highway patrol is for ? to endanger hundreds of innocent driver on the highway so they can show it on tv and say how good they are and how they almost got killed by the criminal they were chasing in which some cases its just kids that are scared to death and dont know any better then try and run year sure cops are real heroes LOL LMAO :D
  • I have questions about this show, which I find disturbing:

    1. Nearly all of the clips are from southern American (i.e Texas) states. (Hardly "World's" Wildest Police Videos)
    2. You never see a black police officer. Only black criminals.
    3. John Bunnell talks in a slow, patronising voice, (obviously targeting an audience of limited intelligence...)
    4. The criminals often dangerously evade police for miles during pursuits, avoiding roadblocks, 'spike strips' etc., making the police look incompetent.
    5. The tapes are very dated; some are over 10 years old!
    6. John Bunnell's teeth are so whitened that they glow in the dark and are scary.
    To a citizen of the United Kingdom, (that's a small island, part of Europe, by the way), the show shows a level of violence, over-use of weapons, racism, and evidence of inbreeding that shows the true face of America: A paranoid xenophobic nation of warmongers, obsessed with world domination, oil, and power.
  • More of the same old thing! Propaganda.

    After watching this program for some time now, it never ceases to amaze me how one sided and utterly biased this show is. It blows me away how this show glorifies the police in the U.S. and shows the totally unprofessional conduct of American law enforcement in every episode. I cannot count how many times I have seen a person give up to the officer's and then physically assaulted, only to be charged themselves for assault on the officer. How many times I have seen the officer's put the public at risk with their absolute lack of concern for public safety. Talk about exaggeration! I find Cops uncut by the Brits to be far more accurate in the depiction of U.S. law enforcement. How can this show be honestly considered to be reality? Propaganda comes to mind. Shame on you for throwing such a line of B.S. at the public!
  • I dont like this show

    Its so painful to watch. Why would people make a show that are painful to watch. People getting hurt, People getting killed, People with fight, etc. I dont like it. I hate to see people getting hurt,dying,etc. Its just so painful. My brother watches that show all the time. It would be better if its a police chase and no one is hurt.
  • Except for the announcer, who is really hard to bear, this show is non-stop excitement every time.

    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting possibly the greatest anti-crime measure since they invented jails.

    In this show, they show video segments of criminals being run to ground by the police. The bad guy always loses. Whether it's a highway chase, or some idiot trying to sneak through some houses, or a bike flipping end to end, you will see the consequences of illegal and dangerous behavior. It's not pretty.

    This show is very graphic and not for small children. That said, adults can watch it not just for the shock value, but to learn a little about what it is police have to do at work every day.

    When you see those lights in your mirror--just pull over.
  • shame

    worlds wildest police videos needs to take out the supposed 'real' chopper commentary. the normal audio is great and doesn't need to be spiced up by this brazen attempt to enhance the footage.

    shame on you wwpv for thinking that the viewers are dummies!
  • Heartbroken Sister

    I used to love this show until I saw the last day of My 17 Year old brothers life used as the beginning of every show :'( on YouTube the video is ppsted as Batman:/ a commercial for Batman plays right before. Please take this clip off of this show. It literally makes me sick to my stomach! My brother was not a criminal! He just needed some help. police should not have killed him.
  • I can't believe people like this stuff.

    It's fake! The video is real, but the presentation is fake.

    Consider the following questions....

    Q. Why is the voice of the helicopter reporter the same regardless of where in the country the video was shot?

    A. It's fake. The reporter is sitting in a studio watching the video years after it was shot. It's called a voice-over.

    Q. How is it we can hear the sirens, squeeling wheels and crashes from the helicopters?

    A. We can't! They have a good foley artist. That's a sound effects guy. Like the reporters voice, the sound is added in the studio as part of the production of the TV show.

    Q. How do they make time go backwards?!?

    A. Watch the clocks on the dashcam videos. Time moves backwards. Why? Because the video is heavily edited to make the video appear more exciting.

    This show implies that what we are seeing is how the incident happened. While the video is real, we aren't viewing things as they happened. We are seeing it the way the producers want us to see it.
  • I can't believe people like this stuff.

    It's fake! The video is real, but the presentation is fake.

    Consider the following questions....

    Q. Why is the voice of the helicopter reporter the same regardless of where in the country the video was shot?

    A. It's fake. The reporter is sitting in a studio watching the video years after it was shot. It's called a voice-over.

    Q. How is it we can hear the sirens, squeeling wheels and crashes from the helicopters?

    A. We can't! They have a good foley artist. That's a sound effects guy. Like the reporters voice, the sound is added in the studio as part of the production of the TV show.

    Q. How do they make time go backwards?!?

    A. Watch the clocks on the dashcam videos. Time moves backwards. Why? Because the video is heavily edited to make the video appear more exciting.

    This show implies that what we are seeing is how the incident happened. While the video is real, we arn't viewing things as they happened. We are seeing it the way the producers want us to see it.
  • Super stretched footage.

    This show is incredible in the way it can take 45 seconds of actual footage, and then, cut it, zoom it, replay it, and mirror image it so they can get 3 or 4 minutes out of it... it's downright annoying now.

    I'm also amazed that after all this time, John Bunnel is still the worst actor I've ever seen... And why the hell is C.W. Jensen even on the show?

    Why can't we just have the footage as its filmed, with a brief description of what's going on?

    In my opinion, this show is just a good way of taking 15 minutes of eventful footage, and making an hours worth of television out of it.
  • Why is it you try to make people think that officers are always in the right when, we see obviously there not? Are you commy's? It's beginning to look that way. You need to cool your heals or, your going to loose your appeal.

    Don't be non concerning. If you think because your working for the local, state or fed gov. you are ammune to prosecution. Your hellacioucly wrong and, your own leaders will throw you to the dogs if you get caught up in a civil rights case causing them embarassement. People your working for will not allow a law suit to cause them anymore economic or political issues. For a law suit will cost them more than firing your butt. I served this so called great country and found that, their gratitude only runs so deep. Don't be presumptious. your friend
  • Could Bother TRYING to get the Stories Right

    I was watching a marathon of the revived show tonight and noticed a clip from a mass murder in 2011 from Grand Rapids, MI. Being from Grand Rapids and having almost been right in the middle of that specific situation, I was interested. The story was all fine and good until they got to the end. That's where things started being less than correct. At the end, they said Dantzler drove his SUV into the woods and then shot himself before the SWAT team could get to him. This is VASTLY incorrect. While he did drive off into the woods, he proceeded to exit the vehicle, run into a nearby house and take three people hostage for hours before finally pulling the trigger on himself. Not only does a quick and easy Google search tell you this information is correct, but I had a police scanner going THE ENTIRE TIME the hostage situation was taking place. I heard the cops go into the building, I heard them talking to Dantzler, I heard him shoot himself. How many stories on this show are incorrect, I wonder. And why bother telling the story if you're just going to get it wrong? This show's crew needs to do some actual research BEFORE putting a story into an episode.
  • The commentary for this show is so full of crap! A cop rams a suspect and the narrarator says stuff like "the suspect just tried to kill an officer with a vehicle." It clearly shows the cop is the one doing the ramming. Tell us the truth. Not lies!

    I like car chases and such as much as the next person, but give me a break! Trying to justify a cops behavior by putting blame on suspects is just wrong. Make it real! Who writes this crap? Do the producers of these shows think we are stupid? I mean, we are watching the action with our eyes. How can they say the crap that they do and expect us to believe anything different? I just think they are undermining my intelligence by the narraration they put with the videos they show. Granted, not all the videos are that way, but the ones that are really erk my nerves. They are glorifying certain police actions by putting all the blame on the criminals. Get it right!
  • sorry

    Okay hear me out. this is a good show okay BUT. the fake tire screeching? the fake sirens? the reason I say it's fake is when they show the videos from a helicopter and the vehicle veers left or right and u hear the fake tire screeching....come on really. Let's take away the Hollywood crap and make this a "video". and stop zooming in and out as if that's what's happening. if you don't believe me....just watch the show!!!!! score 2.5
  • A bad COPS spin off

    This show was played midweek to fulfill the reality law enforcement junkies diet before the new episode of COPS on the weekends

    Unlike Cops however this show featured dash cam footage.
    It also featured some videos that one could watch on Maximum Exposure or any of the other extreme video shows the networks cram down our throats.
    It was a decent show, it's one flaw was it was too global, I mean how many people in the states care about a police chase in Europe?.
  • This would be an awesome show if it weren't for the overexaggerating windbag of a narrator. Good action. Good video. Terrible narration.

    The moron who narrates this otherwise entertaining show is a complete windbag. He will overexaggerate the most mundane events, while misrepresenting what is really going on. Example: Imagine a man walking a straight line. You can obviously see the man walking perfectly straight. The numbskull in charge of narrating says "The subject staggers with every step, and struggles to even stay on his feet. He's completely smashed, and our hero's the police know it." I'm all for COPS and reality police shows, but this announcer has got to be the worst of the worst.
  • i just want to see a show where the criminals get away

    The reason i rated it at a 5 you always see the ones that get caught is i would like to see a show on the ones that got away why is it always the ones that get caught we see not everyone gets caught some do get away and all criminals aren\'t that dumb I\'m just one who would like to see what goes on in the making of this show and how much footage gets cut away and i know I\'m not the only one who is thinking like this other than that i do like the show so dont get me wrong just a concerned fan
  • Want ratings?

    This is a very entertaining show that keeps you wanting more. There are however, a couple of downfalls: The host, who's obvious need to be over dramatic is extremely annoying, and the fact that they never have clips that show the bad guy getting away. If you want ratings show footage where the underdog wins. It would be great to see authority figures get knocked off their high horse every now and again. Everybody loves a great underdog story, especially when they are using excessive force for petty crimes. This is a fun show to watch, but an episode where the bad guys get away would really catch the viewers attention and make for very captivating television.
  • Watching stupid criminals drive reclessly and subsequently getting arrested? How can that not be fun?

    The show features long police-chases, reckless driving, stupid criminals, and spectacular crashes. All is there to make an amazing show. Unfortunately it falls just short of perfection. The show's commentator, Sheriff John Bunnell. While he possibly was a fine sheriff, he has a liking for pompous language, and likes the sound of his own voice a little too much. Combine that with an annoying way the show is edited, with cuts of what's coming after the break, what's coming next, what we've seen, what-you-are-watching-right-now for those of you who have an attention-span shorter than a ferret. Repeat, repeat, again, again, and again. It gets tedious after a while.
    If you can get past Bunnell and the editor, and you like car-chases and stuid crminals, chances are you will enjoy this show.
  • the show is okay gut it's not great.

    the best part is when the criminals do crazy things and they do stupid things, sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's scary. the shows not that great but it's okay, when you see them run they almost always get caught, but out of every thing the shows okay, not great.
  • The show wouldn't be as cutting edge, as exciting or as hilarious without the host. The narrator is so bad that he's brilliant. The footage shown is pretty exhilerating also, but the host makes this show what it is!

    In summary, World's Widest Police Videos is the perfect show for when your bored on a friday night when nothing else is on TV. If your watching it with a sibling or friend, it's always good to have a laugh at the over-dramatized dialogue produced by the narrator. Some of the footage is quite entertaining to watch and you know deep down, you want the criminal to escape but they always manage to get caught. ;) Never the less, acceptable show which has a novelty position in some viewer's fav. tv show list.
  • Worlds Wildest Police Videos as narrated by (ex) Sherriff John Bunnell. A hodge podge of completely slanted videos meant to glorify law enforcement becomes laughable.

    Are we, as a society addicted to the sex and violence in movies and television? If you look into current programming and movie ticket sales, you might find that it is what generates sales in advertising. One example of this might be found in the series \"Worlds Wildest Police Videos\".
    The series is jam packed with violent car chases and cops throwing suspects to the ground during arrest procedures. Sherriff John Bunnell would have you believe that the cops are much smarter than they really are ( in most cases ) and that the suspects ( whom he normally refers to as idiots, drug crazed fiends, lawless individuals and other slanderous names ) are always stupid and \'never had a chance\'. The thing is, he rarely shows the ones that got away unless there is some other major selling point he can use to glorify law enforcement agents or agencies.
    Furthermore, I suppose he expects that nobody is going to pay any attention to what is really happening in these scenes as the cop car camera action usually has a date and time stamp which shows a truth he never mentions. A number of times I have seen where he has edited the sequence of events to fit his brand of story telling and mis represents the actual situation. For example, he may tell a story about a chase making it sounded like the entire situation only lasted a few minutes when in reality, it lasted 2 hours or more. Or another scene where the chase did last for an extended amount of time, and he replays segments of the chase more than once, all of this to incerease the dramatic effect.
    John Bunnell has the advantage of knowing how the different stories actually evolve and then modifies them to show that the cops are always in control, and the lawbreakers were never in control of anything. Then there is the laughable quotes he comes up with, sometimes even contradicting himself from one episode to another. In short, John Bunnell does present some entertaining clips of car chases, some ending in violent crashes; and interesting enough, the victims of these crashes are never hurt and niether are the innocent drivers of other vehicles that are unfortunately involved in these crashes. Considering that some of these crashes are caused by the police performing a PIT maneuver and cause innocent drivers to be involved, these other drivers apparently never sue either...?
  • [in slow Southern drawl] I like the crashes heuh heuh heuh heuh [HOEDOWN] [dances]

    A very good show about Cop chases where there are usualy some very funny crashes, chases, criminals and gun fights. I usualy laugh at how stupid some of the criminals are on there. But it is usualy in southern states [Go rednecks!] like where I live [Arizona] and Texas. and it steryotypes us. But I still like the show.
  • this show rocks

    there are many reasons why i like this show. first of all the footage that it shows. its awesome, sometimes its funny, othertimes its not so funny and more serious but some of the criminals are really hilarious. the second thing is the host hes allright. put those 2 together and you have a gr8 action seeking program.
  • On your seat

    Few random ep (14)
  • Enjoyed every minute!

    I got a good sense of how brainless criminals can be from this show and it's great seeing them get what they deserve in the end. I'm thrilled this show has returned to TV with new episodes and still has the format the episodes from 1999 had.
  • Wow! I loved it!

    I can't say much about it, but it looks like you are in a policecar and you get to learn about how to catch the bad guys, do tricks, and that. I can also say I almost laughed at some parts and I can say: "Wow!" and "Holy crap!" That was so funny.
  • oh they ended this around the same time nickelodean ended rugrats but ok , this show wasfun to watch i liked the car wrecks

    this is a show that is better then cops , better then whats on -dog , and is similair to disorderly conduct instead its all high speed pursuits i liked this show spike needs to turn their timer back and put this baby on because tv is just getting worst and worst every year all these crime dramas im suprised this is not on any more at least i can watch as a hundred criminals crash their cars like morons other shows wanna talk about rape and such just put those people in jail cause it has no place on tv , this was the best cop show ever cops is close so is disorderly conduct
  • A pretty good cop show with real life car chases.

    A pretty good cop showwith real-life car chases. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.
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