World's Wildest Police Videos

Monday 3:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Apr 01, 1998 In Season


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  • Worlds Wildest Police Videos as narrated by (ex) Sherriff John Bunnell. A hodge podge of completely slanted videos meant to glorify law enforcement becomes laughable.

    Are we, as a society addicted to the sex and violence in movies and television? If you look into current programming and movie ticket sales, you might find that it is what generates sales in advertising. One example of this might be found in the series \"Worlds Wildest Police Videos\".
    The series is jam packed with violent car chases and cops throwing suspects to the ground during arrest procedures. Sherriff John Bunnell would have you believe that the cops are much smarter than they really are ( in most cases ) and that the suspects ( whom he normally refers to as idiots, drug crazed fiends, lawless individuals and other slanderous names ) are always stupid and \'never had a chance\'. The thing is, he rarely shows the ones that got away unless there is some other major selling point he can use to glorify law enforcement agents or agencies.
    Furthermore, I suppose he expects that nobody is going to pay any attention to what is really happening in these scenes as the cop car camera action usually has a date and time stamp which shows a truth he never mentions. A number of times I have seen where he has edited the sequence of events to fit his brand of story telling and mis represents the actual situation. For example, he may tell a story about a chase making it sounded like the entire situation only lasted a few minutes when in reality, it lasted 2 hours or more. Or another scene where the chase did last for an extended amount of time, and he replays segments of the chase more than once, all of this to incerease the dramatic effect.
    John Bunnell has the advantage of knowing how the different stories actually evolve and then modifies them to show that the cops are always in control, and the lawbreakers were never in control of anything. Then there is the laughable quotes he comes up with, sometimes even contradicting himself from one episode to another. In short, John Bunnell does present some entertaining clips of car chases, some ending in violent crashes; and interesting enough, the victims of these crashes are never hurt and niether are the innocent drivers of other vehicles that are unfortunately involved in these crashes. Considering that some of these crashes are caused by the police performing a PIT maneuver and cause innocent drivers to be involved, these other drivers apparently never sue either...?
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