World's Wildest Police Videos

Monday 3:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Apr 01, 1998 In Season


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  • very very funny show, the commentator is a wierdo who gives me joke

    this show is amazing, if only they put more footage of criminals gettings away sometimes, not repeating the same footage a hundred times, and not always making the police out to get every criminal that commits an offence, and showed more drunk people being arrested it would be better. the commentator doesnt mean to be so funny but i stay up late every sunday to watch this as it nearly makes me cry its so funny every time. one of the crackers like this made me crease.. this hotwired biker is a not so easy rider lol and now i noticed they changed the show to disturbing events caught on police video last week and it is pure joke wiv a nu random guy tryin to sound like the old one, sum drunk guy shouting at the police was makin me laugh 4 ages. have a blaze and watch this i gaurantee ull be in stitches
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