World's Wildest Police Videos

Monday 3:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Apr 01, 1998 In Season


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  • Squealing tire sound effects are dubbed in, as well as some others. Narrator's annoying at best. footage is replayed far too many times. The very real interesting action is over dramatized & emphasized with sound effects, replays, & cheesy narration.

    The summary basically says it (as it should).
    You may disagree on my personal grade for the show, but you cannot possibly watch this and tell me squealing tires are not dubbed in. Once you notice that, you can start to notice even some other sound effects are added for intensity & drama.

    I loved the show at first, but as it became more obvious that sound effects were fake and as the narrator got more on my nerves I couldn't watch it.
    The footage is great. I love to see it, but not after it's been mutilated by these people.
    As for the narrator, the guy is always stating how perps are acting like it's a video game, or they're in a race car, or on a raceway. "This guy is speeding like it's the Indy 500." Not to mention he doesn't speak, He SHOUTS. Sorry, but he is just annoying to me.

    Then there are endless replays & zoom ins, there is probably 5 minutes of footage for every 20 minutes of show. No point in watching a repeat.

    Similar shows do it too, but i can see this stuff on the net without all the BS. I would love the show, give it an A+, if they just didn't have these major problems.
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