World's Wildest Police Videos

Monday 3:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Apr 01, 1998 In Season


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  • More of the same old thing! Propaganda.

    After watching this program for some time now, it never ceases to amaze me how one sided and utterly biased this show is. It blows me away how this show glorifies the police in the U.S. and shows the totally unprofessional conduct of American law enforcement in every episode. I cannot count how many times I have seen a person give up to the officer's and then physically assaulted, only to be charged themselves for assault on the officer. How many times I have seen the officer's put the public at risk with their absolute lack of concern for public safety. Talk about exaggeration! I find Cops uncut by the Brits to be far more accurate in the depiction of U.S. law enforcement. How can this show be honestly considered to be reality? Propaganda comes to mind. Shame on you for throwing such a line of B.S. at the public!