World's Wildest Police Videos

Monday 3:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Apr 01, 1998 In Season


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  • Why is it you try to make people think that officers are always in the right when, we see obviously there not? Are you commy's? It's beginning to look that way. You need to cool your heals or, your going to loose your appeal.

    Don't be non concerning. If you think because your working for the local, state or fed gov. you are ammune to prosecution. Your hellacioucly wrong and, your own leaders will throw you to the dogs if you get caught up in a civil rights case causing them embarassement. People your working for will not allow a law suit to cause them anymore economic or political issues. For a law suit will cost them more than firing your butt. I served this so called great country and found that, their gratitude only runs so deep. Don't be presumptious. your friend