World's Wildest Police Videos

Monday 3:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Apr 01, 1998 In Season


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  • hi

    this show is sad cops are clearly abusing their powers they should be the ones going to jail in most cases for endangerment of innocent people that wanted nothing to do with that rage but the useless Police always makes sure someone innocent gets hurt and thats basically what the PD is good for.... and this show is trying to make cops look good ... its like they cant just let the guy drive away without anyone getting hurt and then let the detectives or who ever they are do their job if they can lol but clearly they cant and chase those people that committed real crimes and let regular people live normal lives is that what the highway patrol is for ? to endanger hundreds of innocent driver on the highway so they can show it on tv and say how good they are and how they almost got killed by the criminal they were chasing in which some cases its just kids that are scared to death and dont know any better then try and run year sure cops are real heroes LOL LMAO :D