World's Worst Tenants

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Jun 01, 2012 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Full Moon Fever
      Episode 10
      The team makes contact with a tenant who believes he's a werewolf. Todd and Rick have a communication breakdown with a nearly nude family of Spanish tourists. The team corners a squatter who makes a clean getaway.
    • Hot Rods
      Episode 9
      The team blocks a billionaire tenant from racing his modified cars on a private racetrack. Todd and Rick are electrocuted in a booby-trapped house and face off against an heiress with a collection of unauthorized dogs.
    • Naughty Nana
      Episode 8
      The team confronts a tenant running an illegal hotel in a morgue. A tenant creates an explosive situation by forming natural gas in his apartment. Todd and Rick meet an older lady making sex toys in her kitchen.
    • Haulin' A$$
      Episode 7
      The team faces off against a tenant performing a ritual sacrifice. Randye gets tangled up with a Nevada tenant running an unauthorized brothel. A disgruntled business owner blows up his landlord's car.
    • 4/16/13
      Todd and Rick take a beating from an elderly tenant when they try to remove a dead tree. A photographer risks burning down a church for his shot. The team busts an S&M dungeon in a commercial airline pilot's apartment.
    • Rocketfish
      Episode 5
      The team catches a greedy daughter placing dibs on her dead father's estate. An ex-con tries to blow up a boatful of smuggled explosives to avoid prison. The team busts an apartment full of street thieves.
    • Burning Man
      Episode 4
      The team confronts a tenant who sets off a fiery explosion. A scorned ex-wife saws everything in her apartment in half! The team saves an elderly tenant from a nasty manager who's trying to smoke her out.
    • Runaway RV
      Episode 3
      Todd & Rick investigate reports of public indecency and confront a boyfriend with a twisted fetish. They are nearly run over by a runaway RV and get tangled up with a roid raging bodybuilder.
    • Motel California
      Episode 2
      Todd drags Rick and Randye on a ghost hunt at a house where there's been a murder. A tenant on a bender digs in his heels at a Hollywood motel. The team discovers an immigrant kitchen that's making guests deathly ill.
    • Held At Gunpoint
      Episode 1
      Todd & Co. look into a harassment claim and save a tenant from potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Rick uncovers decomposing bodies in a funeral home and Todd stares down the barrel of a squatter's gun.
  • Season 1