Worst Case Scenario (2002)

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  • Season 1
    • Episode 113
      Episode 113
      Episode 13
    • Episode 111
      Episode 111
      Episode 12
      "Baywatch" stars Nicole Eggert and Traci Bingham face off in a lifeguard competition, and a woman tries to overcome her fear of dogs. Also: tips to survive a tornado, and Gear Girl (Danielle Burgio) tests a solar cellphone. Mike Rowe hosts.
    • Episode 112
      Episode 112
      Episode 11
    • Episode 110
      Episode 110
      Episode 10
      Slide Down a Mountain... - When you find yourself in danger at the top of a snowy mountain, and need to make a quick escape, what will you do? Desert Rally Face-Off - Face-off experts match survival skills in a race that tests problem solving as much as physical endurance. Ladder to Chopper - Stuck on the roof of a building, a volunteer must overcome a fear of heights by jumping onto a rope ladder dangling above. Animal CPR - Watch the efforts of a brave fireman whose quick thinking saves a small dog. Escape From 1st Floor Window - Our expert will show us what precautions you must take if you must make a jump through a plate glass window. SOFTIE SEATPACK - Gear Girl's plane is going down - and there are no parachutes on board! Luckily, the cushy pad on her seat has a secret capability that will let her float safely to earth.moreless
    • Episode 109
      Episode 109
      Episode 9
      Building to Building Jump - WCS expert, Tyler Vogt, will demonstrate what to do if you have to jump from one building to another building.

      Road Warrior Face Off - Challenges include getting a car out of a ditch, putting a scooter together and attaching a tow to their cars.

      Lightning Strikes - While this man was driving, lightning struck his truck.

      Stuck on a Ski Lift - WCS expert, Sean Graham, will describe what to do if you are stuck on a ski lift with nobody around to help you.

      911 Trunk Trap - WCS expert, Nicole Randall, will demonstrate how to escape from the trunk of a car.

      Swimming with Sharks - Our expert will show you how to swim with sharks without becoming their afternoon snack, as well as how to fend them off.moreless

    • Episode 108
      Episode 108
      Episode 8
      SUV Airborne Flip - While driving through the city in your SUV, something suddenly veers into your path. While trying to avoid the obstacle, your vehicle flips.

      Off Road Face Off - What would happen to an "off-roader" whose vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere? Would he know how to make an emergency repair?

      crazy Kayaking - When you suddenly realize that you're headed for a small waterfall in your kayak, it's time to put your kayaking skills to the test.

      Extreme Skier - As Garret Bartlet was preparing for a steep descent on skis, one of them got caught. His 1500-foot plunge is all caught on tape.

      How to Win a Bar Fight - You're walking out of a bar when you accidentally bump into the wrong guy. Do you know how to defend yourself in a fist fight?

      Dive into Flaming Water - There's been an explosion aboard your boat and now there's a flaming layer of diesel fuel surrounding it!moreless
    • Episode 107
      Episode 107
      Episode 7
      Motorcycle to Semi - WCS expert Jay Lynch will show how to safely jump from a motorcycle to a moving semi in order to stop it.

      Up the River Face-Off - A sports kayaker and an Olympic kayaker face off in a jungle river in Costa Rica.

      Crossing A Bridge - You're trapped in the jungle, the only path to safety is the two handrails and one-rope base before you that acts as a bridge. Can you do it?

      Girl Tossed Out Window - Anna Perez and her husband jump out of the third floor of a burning apartment building into a blanket being held by onlookers down below.

      PARAMOTOR - On a mission for the Institute, Gear Girl discovers her coordinates to be on top of 500-foot mesa! How will she reach the top in time?

      Cliff to Ocean Dive - WCS expert Heidi Pascoe will explain the correct way to jump from a 70 foot cliff into the ocean.moreless
    • Episode 106
      Episode 106
      Episode 6
      Elevator Plunge - Our expert Sean Graham will show you how to survive if an elevator car suddenly drops dozens of floors at top speed.

      Jungle Trek Face Off - With only a few non-traditional survival supplies and their wits to aid them, two WCS competitors race against each other to become Face Off Champion.

      Rats! - Our WCS volunteer has a paralyzing fear of rats, but By the end of her challenge, she will be able to stand in a room filled with hundreds of them.

      Steeplechase Survivor - During a horse race, jockey Simon Mills fell off his horse but got his foot stuck in the stirrup - and was dragged across the race field and over a jump fence.

      ONE-HAND DESCENDER - Gear Girl is doing a fine job of protecting an important package on her trek through the jungle, when suddenly she comes upon an 80-foot waterfall.

      Teeter-Totter Car - WCS expert Keith Adams will show you how to escape from a car dangling over the edge of a cliff. Learn the tricks that could save your life.moreless

    • Episode 105
      Episode 105
      Episode 5
      Jump from Moving Car - When there's no other choice, how do you correctly jump from a moving car?

      Fire Fighting Face-Off - Two skilled fire fighters are challenged to rescue car accident victims, stop a runaway fire hose, and climb into a burning building.

      Rappel From A Skyscraper - WCS Volunteer Shannon Ford will face her fear of heights head on when she takes on the challenge of rappelling down the side of a 25-story building.

      Frozen Lake Rescue - A local fire department and one faithful dog come to the rescue of three drowning victims in a frozen pond.

      Swamp Survival - Your boat breaks downn in the Louisiana bayou and you're stuck in the middle of the swamp. You'll have to find food, water, and dry land to make it out alive.

      POWER SKI JET BOARD - Gear Girl is recalled from the beach to a Worst-Case vessel six miles offshore, but is hindered by an Institute field tester on a jet ski.moreless
    • Episode 104
      Episode 104
      Episode 4
      Escape a Sinking Car - How do you escape a submerged vehicle that is rapidly filling with water?

      Coast to Coast - Two WCS competitors face off in a contest of running, swimming, kayaking, and other grueling tests of the mind and body.

      Freeway Pileup - On the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, a van broke down in the carpool lane. A mustang that didn't see the van smashed full force into its rear.

      Awake Under the Knife - Jeannette Tracy-Liska had a routine operation, but the pain inhibitor was forgotten, and she was conscious during the surgery!

      Grand Exit - You're taking in a show at a vintage theater, all settled into your box seats, when a fire breaks out behind you! How can you get out to freedom?

      Bee Challenge - Ryan Abraham has had a fear of bees since childhood. He will now learn to overcome his fear and walk among a swarm of 80,000 of them.moreless

    • Episode 103
      Episode 103
      Episode 3
      Survive in the Desert - In the remote Sonoran desert, where summer temperatures routinely reach upwards of 110 degrees, getting stranded without food, water or supplies is a death sentence to the average person. But for our WCS expert, it's a walk in the park. David Alloway will drive right out into the desert and let his car break down intentionally. Then with just the car, its parts, and the bleak environment around him, he'll show us how to find water, make fire, signal for help, build shelter, medicine - even make sunblock and sun goggles to protect himself from the harsh desert sun!

      Brake less Bus - All is well on your first day on the job as a school bus driver, when suddenly, disaster strikes: the brakes are out! Do you know what to do to stop a speeding bus?

      Canyoneering Face-Off - Two tough and resourceful challengers will descend into the canyons of the Southwest to compete for the title of Worst Case Scenario Champion.

      Claustrophobia - Our claustrophobic volunteer will meet a series of challenges, culminating in a 100-foot crawl through a pitch-dark 3' x 3' air duct.

      Waterfall Rescue - Two couples and a nine-month old baby go over a waterfall and get stuck. Their dramatic rescue is all caught on tape.

      GEKKOMAT Gear Girl's got a party at the top of a building - but the doors are locked! Not a problem with the Gekkomat, a fully autonomous suction-cup system.moreless
    • Episode 102
      Episode 102
      Episode 2
      Motorcycle Under Semi - You're speeding down the street on your motorcycle when an 18-wheeler pulls out in front of you. Your only option is to dump the bike on its side and slide clear under it.

      Island Hopping - A former army recruit and an experienced white-water rafter compete in an island race to raise shelter, make fire, cook fish and make it to the finish line first.

      Landing a Plane - Bob Hoge has a fear of heights. But Bob Hoge is going to learn to land a plane, despite extremely perilous wind conditions. Will he succeed?

      Tucson River Rescue - A flash flood traps three men in a pickup truck. A home video camera records the catastrophe as the raging water pounds the three men without mercy.

      Rappel Down Bed Sheets - You wake up in the middle of the night to find your house in flames. You've got to escape out your window. Your only chance: making a rope out of your bed sheets.

      WEBSHOT NETGUN - Gear Girl must retrieve her field kit from a WCS field tester, but she means not to injure him - luckily, she's got a Webshot Netgun.moreless

    • Episode 101
      Episode 101
      Episode 1
      Building to Dumpster - You've seen it done in the movies... Good Guy, running on a rooftop with Bad Guy in pursuit, must jump off into a dumpster. What's the best way to make that jump?

      Forest Survival - A tree-hugging naturalist and a tough hunter/outdoors man must race over ten miles through the most unpopulated national park in the contiguous US.

      Cliff to Water Dive - Our Volunteer is going to learn to overcome her weak nerves and a fear of heights by jumping into a creek from over four stories up!

      Andy Judy's Ride - Andy Judy is an experienced skydiver who got caught underneath a plane as he was diving out. How did he survive? Watch and find out!

      SMOKE HOOD - In a fire, smoke kills more often than flames. To test the effectiveness of the EVAC-U8 Smoke Hood, Gear Girl will walk through a smoke and flame filled building.

      Falling Down a Mountain - You're hiking high up on a mountain trail, when one wrong step sends you tumbling to the bottom. We'll show you what to do in order to incur the least amount of harm.moreless
  • Specials