Worst Case Scenario (2002)

TBS (ended 2002)


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  • Great show, very informative!

    What a great and informative show! This show just rocks and I am proud to be the editor for it! although there aren't that many people who join in the discussion and who like to submit for this show I like it anyway! This show is always a great show to watch because it tells you a lot about different things you need to know, weather if it is very basic or it is a very tough concept to grasp. Although this show does need some fine tuning it is a great show overall and I hope it comes back for another season because it was a great show to watch!
  • Very Informative Show.One of the greats

    A very serious show that could save alot of people's lives. I always liked this show because it could happen to me and I would know what to do. A worst Case Scenario is an obstacle in life that people should be prepared for a times. With a host like Mike Rowe, a man I respect, the show is like a documentary on what to do. This is better than that cheap show "What sould you do?".
  • Definitely worth a look.

    What do you do when your stuck in a sinking car? In a burning building? Stuck in an elevator? Stranded in the desert? Worst-Case Scanrio addresses all these life-threatening situations and many more as Mike Rowe, the host, tries to enbale you to survive when your life is on the line. Not only do they present these issues, they also use volunteers (who've never done it before; have developed a phobia of it), and competitors for various challenges, and they, basically, know what they're talking about. This show will be beneficial to the whole family. Especially when your faced with a situation they address.