Worst Cooks in America

Sunday 9:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Jan 03, 2010 In Season





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  • Cheap tv at it's worst.

    The scramble for cheapo tv shows has the tv world in a tizzy. Fill those time slots with ANYTHING seems to be the case here.
    The food network gives us a program where two quasi-celeb-chefs (funny how easily this network hands out the label 'celeb') try to teach each a rag-tag-amuffin team of non-cooks to cook. It's even more boring than it sounds folks!
    The hosts, Chef Anne, with her gigantic, needs it's own orbit, raggedy hairdo is actually the more stimulating of the two leaders.... now isn't that sickening?! Ok, she's not as bad as the dude version of her, don't recall his name, obese guy with spikey white hair, close enough!, Elton Brown or 'Alex' whose last name, well I just don't care, since her this-is-tv-to-commit-suicide-to appearances are just an affront.
    The other chef, I don't remember his name because, well, there's unappealing then there's this guy. Can he cook? who cares, get him off the tv before my tivo gets up and beats the crap out of me for capturing such images!
    The viewer is luckily put out of it's misery in short order, as the contestants are dismissed in near speed-dating style. I gave it a 3 because, as I said, it's not as bad as some of the other programming on this network. How sad is that!?!?
    Having to view this to appease a spouse is grounds for a divorce by reason of malicious cruelty!