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  • Worst Week, from the mind of Matt Tarses (Scrubs), is an American take on the British series The Worst Week of My Life. This CBS single camera offering centers on a young couple dealing with the groom's soon-to-be-in-laws during a family vacation.

    Worse Week was THE funniest series I have EVER seen! It was funny and not stupid and I appreciated the writers for that. The cast worked very well off of each other too! And I didn't really have to worry about anything that was too offensive for the entire family, which is hard to find these days. I watch it on Netflix Roku because we don't have cable and I will just have to watch it again because it was so funny! Seriously, I was so disappointed when I saw that the show was canceled after one hillariously, laugh out loud seaon! Please CBS bring this show back! I will be a loyal fan!
  • Well...I've saw the first episode...and it's hilarious...the problem is...it has already ended...how come ?

    Well...I've saw the first episode...and it's hilarious...the problem is...it has already ended...how come ? In a global world, there are plenty of money that is being lost because of this stupid idea, that...only American people view the shows...well it's our lost but yours too !! Until you have that stupid form of doing business, you will be loosing money and blame the pirates for your stupid errors..... This is an example of that ....this is a show (that by the way it's originated in England as I discovered) and someone put an end on it...WAKE UP PEOPLE...the rest of the world doesn't need to comply with the American way of thinking...try this for an idea...start series worldwide..(since you have cable channels all around the world) and see how it goes....than you can ended if doesn't attract people.
  • Worst Week was a great show which is gone because people are stupid.

    This show was better than most other crap on TV, but obviously people are stupid and good things can't last. That crap the Mentalist has room on the schedule even though it's annoying knock off of another show. Oh but we can't give this funny show that's good a chance that would just be too dangerous to the stupidity of people. Everybody who didn't like this show are worthless. My Name is Earl should still be on too. And if Parks and Recreation gets canceled, then there is no chance at all of anything good ever remaining on TV ever again!
  • Funniest series I think I have ever seen in years.

    I missed most of the episodes during the 2008-2009 season, so I have been paying $2.99 per episode through Tivo to watch each episode. I have three more to go. I often get my husband out of bed at 1- or 2am because I am gut laughing. He only watches golf on television, but he has watched most of the episodes with me. We will watch two or three episodes at a time. So now, the DVD of Season 1 is coming out for under $30. I've already spent almost $50 in rentals...but it was worth it. Probably the funniest series I have ever watched. I'm almost done...now what? Bummer :o( I am ordering two or three of the DVD sets to give as Christmas gifts...not sure to whom yet but I'll figure it out.
  • Terrific show.

    One of the best shows canceled too soon. CBS should have renewed it for a 2nd season. As for the show I really liked it and thought it should have done better because it was really funny. I guess no one watched it.

    Anyways I always felt sorry for Sam getting into one hilarious situation after another. The funniest situation was when Mel went into labor and he went to the wrong hospital and ended up walking to the other hospital with numb legs. At least Sam always ended up fixing things at the end of most episodes. Why was Worst Week Canceled. Why??
  • Meeting the in laws can be daunting at the best of times but this show takes it to a whole new level

    I finally sat down and fired up the ol' pvr to clear some space off the hard drive and i needed to fill in 30 minutes and found worst week staring me in the face. Not a lot of advertising had been done for this show the only thing i knew about it was that it was based on the British version tittled the worst week of my life. From peeing in the kitchen on a goose to burning the birthday present this show certainly did have something for everyone while it wasnt a laugh a minute I feel that once we get to know these characters the show will certainly pay off.
  • Predictable yet Intriguing. Ideal show for a good belly laugh!

    The story line to this show is quite predictable, However I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked being able to switch off and not having to think about what was going to happen next. I welcome these sorts of television shows. Reality TV is over-rated. Overall I got a good belly laugh out of it.Especially the scene when the lights went out and he peed in the pot. The actor playing Sam is hilarious and I have always liked Kurtwood Smith from that 70's show. I'm starting to think he enjoys playing the role of one angry SOB!!

    Looking forward to seeing what dramas will unfold in the next episode.
  • At a couple of points I was bending over, in stitches laughing but there are too many minuses to this.

    I can't judge the entire show based on the one episode I've seen, the Pilot, but if every other episode is similar to that one, I'm not exactly excited about the show

    Plot - It was advertised as the TV version of Meet the Fockers/Parents and thats exactly how it turned out to be with over the top story-lines which seemed too over the top and completely unrealistic. I was cringing throughout the scene of the Dick's 'death.' It could have been funny but it just seemed stupid and innapropriate for a comedy.

    Characters - Only four main characters were introduced in this episode and the relationships with one another weren't very interesting and I can't see them going too far. I don't know why this show was picked up in the first place considering there are only four main characters, with only one of them a half decent actor, being Kurtwood Smith who plays Dick.

    Acting - As I said, apart from Kurtwood, the acting really isn't anything special. Whoever cast this show deserves a big slap on the face!

    In conclusion apart from the occasional funny stunt, there are no funny lines like other comedies and the show relies too much on it's over-the-top storylines to bring in the laughs. Hey, it's just my opinion but it's a big thumbs down from me.
  • Hilarity Ensues.

    I absolutely love this show. It's so different from everything else right now. It's light hearted and yes, predictable.... but it's hilarious and fun for the whole family. It might not be the smartest show around (but we do have plenty of Greys Anatomy and CSI's to keep us content in that department) but this is one show I look forward to every week. The two main characters are great together (Kyle Bonnheimer and Erin Hayes) and their parents are great as well! Have to love Kurtwood Smith. I think this show is hilarious and I really hope it comes back!
  • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Please bring back this classic, enormously hilarious sitcom. This show is laugh out loud funny, with an AWESOME CAST! I honestly cannot understand how anybody could not enjoy this creative masterpiece.

    Too many gut busting scenes to even recount, the fathers car going up in flames during the family portrait. The substitute cat, on and on....
    Perhaps another time slot will bring this precious comedic masterpiece to prominence. Run more promos and get this show back on, pleassssssssssssssssse.
    The cast complement each other perfectly in this zany fun filled gut buster.
    I cannot think of anything more to say other than lets give this baby another go and bring it right to the top of the ratings where it surely deserves to be.
    Rock on Worst Week!

    Oh, did I mention I LOVE THIS SHOW?
  • Great, marvelous, truly funny.

    This is a wonderful show every monday it takes the load off and lets me laugh at the sheer bad luck of sam! I couldn't wait to watch it was dissappointed when it ended and can't wait for it to come back!! I wish this show was more widely known cause I believe more people would watch it and love it! This show needs to be sdvertised more or maybe at a spot where it doesn't get a lot of competition to put itself out there because once people watch it they are going to be waiting to see what happens to Sam next week. Please don't scrap this show! It's one of the few new shows I actually enjoy cause frankly some of them are just getting weird or to mimicy to other shows and this is a true original! In my eyes at least Good job!
  • I absolutely love this show.... it always delivers. I am waiting for the new episodes. Excellent choice! I commend CBS.

    I absolutely love this show.... it always delivers. I am waiting for the new episodes. I so enjoyed each episodes from the very first one to the Epidural which was hysterical. I wish they had ordered more than just 3 new ones -- 22 would have been ideal for a show like this. The actors are a perfect fit with their characters and the chemestry between them is natural and easy. The acctor who plays Sam Briggs (Kyle Bornheimer)is ideal in this role. His timing, delivery, and facial expressions are spot on. He sometimes reminds me of Dick Van Dyke He is charming and loveable. The laughs just keep coming as I watch this show. Excellent choice! I commend CBS.
  • Who hasn't experienced a "Murphy's Law" day where whatever can go wrong will. You can either let life get you down or you can take it for what it is, laugh, and move on. Worst Week lets us laugh at the show and at our own crazy lives!

    We have watched every episode of Worst Week and are fans. If unable to watch at the scheduled time we record so that we never miss a show. Worst Week is clean, fun entertainment. I think it is funny partly because everybody can identify a character or event to someone they know. And who hasn't experienced a "Murphy's Law" day where whatever can go wrong will. You can either let it get you down or you can take it for what it is, laugh, and move on. The extreme bumbling and "slap stick" comedy is refreshing. Thanks for the fun! We hope to see more episodes of Worst Week. A new baby will make for lots of great material!
  • I crack up every time!!

    This show cracks me up every week... there are some moments that I rewind on my DVR just to laugh again and again. You would think that Sam's screw ups would get old... but they don't. I personally loved the episode when he couldn't deal with the dog giving birth. This guy is a riot. I had originally thought this show was going to be a rip off of Meet the Parents, but I was wrong... IT'S BETTER! They gave us an episode with a story about the day he saw his mother-in-law's vagina Now that's comedy. Gimme more CBS... Worst Week is a great start to MY week!
  • Please cancel this show...NOW!!!!!!!!!

    "Worst Week" should be called "Worst Show". It's the same week after week...this bumbling, stumbling fool around a no nonsense, rich, straight laced family. A trade magazine had this show listed as one of the most promising for the 2008 fall season. Where was their head on this mess? I'm really amazed that a well established actor such as Kurtwood Smith would be associated with this disaster. Kurtwood's character in "Worst Week" is a rich polished version of the character Red Forman that Kurtwood played so well in "That 70's Show". The only difference is that there's no dope smoking kids in his basement, but a bumbling, moron son-in-law goofing around the house. At least Nancy Lenehan has "My name is Earl" to fall back onto playing Earl's mother. Not as steady a pay check, but better than nothing at all. Please pull the plug. I have on my DVR recording list.
  • A show that thinks torturing and killing animals is funny.

    I only managed to make it through to episode 2. This is the most tasteless shows I have ever watched. Thinking it is funny to have a show centering on torturing and killing animals is sick. I have never felt so disgusted by a story line in my life. The first episode was not very good, very dumb slap stick comedy, but palatable. I was not prepared for the disgusting plot of the second episode. I will never watch this show again. I enjoyed the british version, that one had taste. This show in 3 words. Disgusting, tasteless and horrible
  • I have tried to like this show, but...

    This is a show that I have tried to watch and like, but I just don't find it the least bit entertaining. Someday I will probably say it is one of my favorite shows, but right now I just don't find it funny. I keep waiting for it not to be quite so predictable, but it hasn't happened. I would like to find the entertainment value in this show but I find it predictable, unfunny, not very clever and the acting doesn't make me like the characters. The characters are all trite. I hope that it will improve over time or that someone explains to me why it is considered funny.
  • Awful show, lame jokes, really unfunny.

    Every time I watch this show I wonder why I bother. Most of the time the jokes are unfunny and the cast are just rubbish. The father in law is the only reasonable one in it and even he seems like he can't be bothered. Sam is terrible, the actingis dreadful and he has a really irritating way of laughing at his own jokes. Mel's alright and so is the mother in law but they don't really shine. Most of the situations are very predictable and the Wedding episode was one of the worst I have seen recently it was so pathetic. So do yourself a favour and give this one a miss.
  • The funniest scene to date appears on Worst Week in this episode, Mel and Sam both make up stories about their parents and the classic web of misunderstanding(s) make for a great episode.

    In this episode, Mel and Sam both make up stories about their parents when the two couples meet for the first time. With good intentions, the stories do create circumstances where the viewer has a great time watching situations knowing both sides of the story. The funniest scene to date appears when Sam is taking out two full bags of broken glass, carrying them on his bare feet across the hardwood floors which his mother-in-law spent the entire night buffering. We do not have to discuss how that ends up, but this scene literally had me laughing in tears, having to pause and even rewind! This is the scene I now describe to try and get other people on board with Worst Week!
  • Worst Week one of the best

    The first episode of Worst Week is an almost perfect comedy episode. I wasn't sure that a King Midas in reverse concept where everything seems to go wrong would work. Great writing and casting makes it work. The humor kept escalating all the way to the end of the first episode. I have watched this first episode three times, something I never do, to share it with the rest of my family. Every viewing was entertaining - I would begin to laugh as the next situation approached. Everyone else also enjoyed the first episode and was ready to watch more. My recommendation is to watch the first episode, although they can be seen as stand-alones, and enjoy!
  • This show is based om Murphy's Law. Any thing that can go wrong...... will and keep you in stitches while it happens. A quick 20 minutes without the commercials goes so quick and you won't be able to wait until the next episode.

    This show will never last because it is actually funny. If this show is anything like some of the good shows of the past they will cancel it soon. The networks as a rule keep the crap and can the good stuff. It's just a matter of time. I only hope that I am wrong about this one. This show will bring out the best in any grouch. If you have a decent sense of humor you will laugh until your belly hurts. They say that this show is made by the same people that make "Scrubs". I have never seen "Scrubs" but if it is anything like "Worst Week" I have got to see that too.
  • the show is a disaster. i even question how it got on air? the plot is repetitive and boring, the characters are dull, and its simply painful to watch.

    the fact this show even made it on air is a mystery. first of all, anyone who calls the lead character, Sam Briggs, 'charming' must be crazy. the guy is annoying, not to mention his weird head. second of all, the dialogues are a poor man's arrested development crossed with how i met your mother. third of all, how anyone finds the plot mildly interesting is beyond my wildest imagination. the story line is outright dull. finally, the show is a car crash, especially in comparison with the quality stuff on tv. the only sad part is that Kurtwood Smith belongs to this travesty. the man's a legend.
  • Started good, went bad.

    The show was good only at the beginning.
    Who can resist the the funny accidents that happened in the first episode? No one!

    It was promising at the beginning, but, from there and forward it lacked original script, strong storyline, or any. I hope it'll change soon.

    This show can not be taken serious more then "Just another sitcom" and it delivers it at it's best.
    The actors are very good, especially Kurtwood Smith from "That 70's show".

    Most of the show is going inside the Clayton's Residence. Which is kind of getting boring. But in the 5th episode we can see it changes(For the better).

    I recommend this show only if you don't have anything else to watch.
  • I love this show so so so much!!!

    This show is true comedc genius. Its very refreshing to see such an amazingly hillarious cast of characters come together on one brilliantly written show. I love the way Sam and Mel are together. Their chemistry is amazing. The writr of this show is brilliant. I havent laughed that hard in a really long time. I've watched every episode at least three times. I was very sad tonight when I looked at the guide on my television to find out that it wasnt going to be on tonight. I will be devastated if this show gets cancelled. I have watched several of the other comedies on this channel and others , and none of them even come close to this one. Worst week is the best show to come along in many many years. I myself am a die hard seinfeld fan, and have yet to find a funnier show , until now. This show over time will definately be better than seinfeld and others like it!!
  • Clever meets screwball; WW's lovable leads find themselves in precarious situations that keep you on the ball, while you're laughing out loud. Refreshing to watch a show that flies by, leaving you wanting more each week, and not less. Keep it coming..

    CBS's campaign for the show had me ready to believe the one-camera sitcom format could still work. And how! Getting used to the slop the networks have been trolling out lately, "Worst Week's" first several installments have rekindled my hopes that some TV execs have the guts to give the viewer a chance to once again laugh out loud at the antics of a hapless hero; not just the weirdos who show up to show the world they can't sing, dance or crawl over obstacles.

    Thank the entertainment Gods that an original show with likable folk, unpredictable (mostly) scenarios and satisfying climaxes is given an extended shot in this era of three and out axes. Please, CBS, don't start hiding the show in different timeslots. You KNOW this show's more promising and original than "Gary Un-Married." Let America love this clever gem.
  • Love it!

    This show is a good spin-off of "Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers" movies. I love that you are always tense wondering what mess he is going to create next. I have not laughed this hard in a really long time. The show may be a bit predictable, but the characters are great. Keep it coming. I am really surprised that this show has made it into "The Axe" list for Monday nights, It currently sits as the top selection for being axed. I agress that it is up against some good shows, but I think it deserves a chance. Good light humor that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  • Way Funny!

    Every once in awhile, a truly unique show comes along, and I think "Worst Week" is one of those shows. The writing is fast, funny, and unpredictable, and the acting is phenomenal. Kyle Bornheimer is a pleasure to watch, and he makes the ridiculous situations that arise both believable and side-splittingly funny, and he makes us care about his bumbling. The only down side I can see is that the writers may run out of funny material and situations, although I'm sure they could put Sam and Mel into almost any situation, and it would be amusing. I love this show, and can't wait to see more of it...
  • "Worst Week" is definitely a disaster made for primetime TV.

    Loosely based on the popular British sitcom, "The Worst Week of My Life," the show revolves around Sam, an engaged young man who tries to please his fiancee's parents, but ends up doing a lot of very bad things. While most sitcoms are all about laughter and fun, "Worst Week" is all about having superstition and bad luck in a matter of one week. Also, it's great to see Kurtwood Smith back on television, but his character is no Red Forman. If this show is going to be canceled, we will have nothing to worry about. After all, "Worst Week" is one of TV's worst shows in recent memory and I will not watch it.
  • Pretty blah show

    After watching Worst Week for the past 3 weeks, I find it's really just pretty blah. It's one of those shows that you can pretty much predict the whole outcome. You know everything Sam touches will get messed up somehow. For example: We know if he's getting someone drink, that he'll drop it or spill it somehow. If he's walking the dog, somehow the dog will get away. If he's getting something out of the garage, he'll end up scratching one of the cars. We know the outcome, the only mystery is how exactly it'll happen. The show does give a me chuckles here and there but nothing like Two and a Half Men, the show before it. I think the Monday night lineup as now, is the only thing keeping the show even on. I myself will continue to watch. Heck it's only 30 min and the lead actress is hot. So as long as she's in every scene, I'll be alright.
  • Sam's misadventures continue as he loses the family dog and sets his future father-in-law's classic truck on fire.

    Through 4 episodes, the show is still worth a watch. It is uniquely different from other sitcoms, despite its similarities to Meet the Parents. It has interesting characters, good acting and some rather humorous moments. The family finally learns of ---'s pregnancy - but not before a series of events leads to Dick's classic truck going up in a majestic explosion. We meet Dick's pompous son-in-law who is the apple of everyone's eye. Sam is so wanting to impress his future family that he volunteers for menial chores such as raking leaves and walking the dog with predictable disastrous results.
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