Worst Week

Season 1 Episode 2

The Bird

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 29, 2008 on CBS

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  • this episode thought that the killing and torture of animals made good comedy

    I found myself feeling sick after watching this episode. The torture and killing of animals is not funny. I found it horrible to watch and I am disgusted that it was allowed to air. I am not an animals rights activist by any means yet i was still offended by this show. I can't believe anyone would be laughing at the antics in this episode. My lovebird has been with me for 19 years and seeing this show broke my heart. Thinking anyone would think this is funny is beyond me. After this episode I will never watch this show again and I strongly suggest to anyone to not watch this show. It is sick, painful and disgusting.
  • Second Episode.

    Worst Week continues in the second episode of the series. In this episode, Dick shows Sam his prize birds that he loves. And Mel's sister comes to visit for Dick's Birthday and brings her tow kids, one son and newborn baby daughter. Sam tries to impress Dick's wife Angela. So, Sam pretends to like ovacado but he really doesn't. Sam then feeds the ovacado to one of Dick's bird's. Mel then tells Sam that ovacado is toxic to birds. And they look and the bird is dead. Sam tries to replace the bird, but then the other bird flies away and ends up dead because of Sam.

    This episode was kind of dumb and uninteresting. Not my favorite storyline. They could have done better, a lot better.
  • Worst Week continues.

    Another great installment from the crew at Worst Week. The combination of prop humor, comedic situations and dry wit makes the show so unique and an excellent addition to Monday's CBS comedy lineup.

    The cast is perfect as Kyle Bornheimer really plays well off everyone. We saw some funny situations involving him killing a bird that appeared as an errection and getting caught using a breast pump machine. Kurtwood Smith is also great in his role as the elderly, protective father who seems to be on the worst end of all of the hijinx.

    Another great episode and Meet the Parents the tv show continues to impress me.
  • Episode 2 shows no improvement.

    Well, I am officially frustrated with this show. Not sure if I'll be able to tune back in next week. The trouble is, I really like the characters. Erinn Hayes and Kyle Bornheimer seem to have great chemistry. Kurtwood Smith has the funny "old cranky guy" role down pat. Nancy Lenehan does great as the mother. And frankly, the comedic timing is there as well. The first two episodes have given me some laughs. So what's the problem? Good question. And I wish I had a simple answer. Well, maybe I do. The show itself is not comedy. The whole premise that this guy screws stuff up with Mel's family has already gotten old. It's already to the point where I'm groaning or shouting "NO" to my tv screen. And episode two gave me no indication that the show would be going a different direction any time soon.
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