Worst Week

Season 1 Episode 15

The Epidural

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 16, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

In the first-season finale, Mel calls Sam to tell him she is in labor, but somehow Sam winds up at the wrong hospital.

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  • worst week is the best tv show I've seen in 40 years ! nancy

    Great show ! I was greatly shocked to see it ended on monday nights.

    I don't know who rates these shows.I wish I would've wrote far sooner to cbs to keep this show on the air ! what do we have to do to see it again.Can I bus the show on dvd ? I've went to video stores and best buy and can't find a tape of it.

    When will cbs show it again ? I need exact time and date asap !I work in health care and this show has me laughing foe 30 minutes stright and I'm withdrawing from it now.Please tell me when I can see it again.nancymoreless
  • Better than most episodes of this show.

    This was the last episode of the season and as it is unlikely to go into a second season it was probably the last episode ever. This was better than most of the episodes have been. The ending with the baby was sweet and the gags along the way were fairly predictale but at least raised a few smiles. The sequence where Sam dropped the phone in the mailbox and then got beaten up by the mail woman and then got an epidural then got a ride in a taxi with a humourous driver was quite amusing. Of course the taxi got stuck in traffic and he had to drag himself the rest of the way to the hospital. It was ok though not really great.moreless
  • Melanie gives birth.

    This episode felt like the pilot and the second episode all over again: it was actually good.

    The premise was simple and the people along the way such as the taxi driver and the "pinch hitting" doctor were actually funny. The accidents and crashes were harmless too and reminded of Matthew from Newsradio in their enjoyability, as opposed to the bloopers from Jackass they usually seem like.

    This was a good episode to close the season on, and I put it as series finale because I truly believe this will be the last Worst Week ever. Not a memorable show, but a pretty good finale.moreless

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    • Melanie: Where were you?
      Sam: Oh, you said you needed some time alone. No, no, no. I'm joking. I dropped the phone in the mailbox and got blackjacked by a mail carrier and got an epidural and dragged myself three blocks to get here.
      Melanie: What? You got an epidural? That's not fair. Dr. Harry won't even give me ice chips.

    • Dick: My son-in-law. About six feet tall. Early thirties. Probably smashing into something.
      Nurse: I'm sorry, Sir, I haven't seen him.

    • Melanie: I can't do this alone.
      Dick: But you're not alone. We're here with you.
      Melanie: Are you? Because you guys have been fighting about your stupid sofa all day. I timed your arguments. They're six minutes apart.

    • Angela: Why would you need a flashlight?
      Sam: Just trying to be there for my wife.
      Dick: To be fair, he's always there when you don't need him.

    • Melanie: Okay. Fifty baby shower thank you notes, done.
      Angela: I'm impressed you got through them so fast.
      Melanie: It was easy. I just wrote the same thing on every one.
      Angela: Oh Mel, you didn't? Oh, no, no. My friends, they all call each other. They read and they compare. I'd be ... I'd be ... ruined.
      Melanie: Gotcha!

    • Melanie: My water broke.
      Sam: Your water broke? Okay, alright.
      Melanie: Sam, what are you doing?
      Sam: I need hot towels, ice chips and a flashlight. We're going to do it. There's no time. There's no time. Can you call 911?
      Melanie: Sam, my water glass broke, is what I should have said.

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