Worst Week

Season 1 Episode 11

The Gift

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 15, 2008 on CBS

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  • Its Christmass and The family is getting gifts for each other

    This Show is really going down hill. I cant help but wonder how rich are these poeple? Every time Sam screws up he always costs them a lot and this time he said he could negotiate and instead of paying $13K for a smart car they ended up paying $16K and he got tht car stollen and they just took another check and bought another car and say he has fixed everything. besides the show is becoming heavily predictable and i mean you know everytime you see something good about to happen you know Sam will mess it up and whats worse you know how he is going to do it.

    The end was to me forced, what person would murder someone because they just told someones boss some thing they did wrong is that worth life imprisonment?
  • Slightly better than the last 2 episodes but not much.

    The trouble with Worst Week is that so much of it is unfunny. In this case, the scenes with the Smart car were quite amusing though it was pretty much telegraphed that the first one was going to be stolen by the 'helpful' man. The scenes with the Polish family, especially the cello player were also quite nice. Most of the rest seemed forced especially where the mother in law is concerned. The bit sliding down the stairs on the cello and mending it so perfectly afterwards simply did not ring true. Surely the writers can come up with material better than this?
  • Better than last week's monstrosity.

    After last week's debacle it wouldn't be hard to top things this week. Fortunately, they did more than that as there were actually numerous funny bits from Sam being shut down by Angela trying to get cookies, to Dick in general to the Europeans attacking Sam in his car.

    Why this episode worked is because the bad happenings did not seem too forced and were well-played from the carjacking to Angela falling down the stairs it all seemed very believable in the zany world of television comedy. I'm not going to say Worst Week is about to turn things around but this was an acceptable episode.