Worst Week

Season 1 Episode 13

The Puppy

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 19, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

When a litter of puppies is born Sam worries that he will not be able to handle the birth of his own child.

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  • A few amusing moments within a lot of dross.

    This episode was okay in parts and absolutely useless in others. There were a few nice moments in it. Angela talking about blinging blackberrys when she clearly had no clue as to what a blackberry is or what bling means tickled me but mostly this was stupid. The whole thing with Dick locking himself out and making Sam get Angela's key was so contrived I could not believe it. The birthing class was quite good where he tries to avoid seeing the video. Otherwise this was a mediocre episode of an excruciatingly mediocre series. I wouldn't bother with it if I were you.moreless
  • Disappointing and generic.

    It really is disappointing when a 4.3 score for an episode of Worst Week is average. I really don't know how this show is on the air as it's the weak link of the CBS Monday lineup. When a show has to resort to having a woman walk in on a naked man you know they're reaching. It was funny when Seinfeld did it over 15 years ago. Now, not so much. Sam was mildly funny at the birthing class when he mentioned how his 4 years in the AV Club gave him the knowledge of how to use a plug, but for the most part this was yet another dull episode.moreless

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    • (Sam plugs in the VCR at the birthing class)
      Sam: We're good to go. Four years of AV club paying off.

    • Melanie: Then my mom ... and she didn't even mean to ... she got it in my head that you were only acting this way. That you were pretending to want to go to these classes because I really wanted to go and that deep down you were really freaking out.
      Sam: Wait. She managed to put all that in your head accidentally?
      Melanie: She's very good.

    • Dick: So does that mean soon I'll be avoiding my birthing classes too?
      Sam: What? What are you talking about? I'm not avoiding it. I'm taking my own sweet time. How did you know that?
      Dick: I don't know. I just kind of thought you were stalling when I came out of the shower and you were there holding my robe open for me.

    • Angela: Vanessa from the dermatologist's office invited me to the mall to eat chicken wraps and get our blackberrys blinged.
      Melanie: Do you know what it means, to bling a blackberry?
      Angela: No. But it sounds delicious.

    • Doug: Why are you all green?
      Sam: Because I went to my wife's office to get a key and I saw a puppy being born and I puked on it.
      Doug: You puked on a puppy?
      Sam: All over its cute little face. I don't know why.

    • Angela: Mel was just telling us about how Eleanor quit.
      Sam: (to Melanie) You told them I was naked in your office?
      Melanie: No.
      Sam: Good. Good ... Good.

    • Melanie: What! Why are you naked?
      Sam: (talking about the receptionist) I didn't know she was going to be here. I thought we were going to do naughty things that would make your mother cry.
      Melanie: I was talking about having dessert before dinner.

    • Sam: We have our first birth class at lunch time.
      Dick: Birth class? What happens if you fail? They don't let you have the baby?

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