Worst Week

Season 1 Episode 4

The Truck

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 13, 2008 on CBS

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  • Sam blows up Dick's truck.

    Well, it was a step-up from last week but Worst Week still needs to be better than this to warrant a full season pickup. Some things I did like were Sam being pulled by the dog (this has happened to me with dogs chasing after rabbits, and the car exploding over the house in the final scene. It was just tremendously built up and you got the feeling of, "Okay, how could Dick possibly forgive this guy now?" vibe. Sam played off Chaz well, but he's just not as clever as he was in the pilot. Chaz and David were both good here too as David's subtle one-liners were perfectly timed and the Chaz character was just well-written. An okay episode but the septic tank thing was so Meet The Parents.
  • His bad luck continues.

    Sam's bad luck continues and today Sam and Mel have their first OBGYN appointment, and they still have not told her parents about the wedding or the baby. So, Mel tells her mom that Sam has to get a hair cut and that she has to go with him because he's scared of scissors. Sams rakes all the leaves for Angela in their yard before they leave with tons and tons of bags of leaves. Sam loses his car keys and they have to take Dick's truck there and they are an hour late and have to wait in the waiting room for a couple hours. When they get home, the family is taking a picture and Angela doesn't want Sam in it because it doesn't include BOYFRIENDS, so Mel comes out to say that they are engaged and that she is pregnant, it then ends with an explosion of Dick's truck.

    Overall, good episode.
  • In this episode, Sam's bad luck in trying to impress Melanie's family continues - with this efforrt ending in a BOOM

    Through 4 episodes, this series continues to be different from other sitcoms, has good acting and is moderately humorous. Still worth another look. Sam continues to volunteer to do menial chores to get Melanie's family to like him - like walking the dog and raking leaves - with predictable disastrous results. We meet the family's pompous son in law - that can do no wrong in Dick's eyes and the family finally learns or Melanie's pregnancy. And when it seems that Sam has finally won over her family, Dick's classic truck catches fire and goes up in a spectacular explosion.