Would I Lie to You?

Friday 8:30 PM on BBC Premiered Jun 16, 2007 In Season





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  • After a shakey first episode, this show really finds its footing!

    I'll be honest with you. The only reason I decided to watch this show was because Angus Deayton was hosting: this would be the "king of the panel show"'s first panel quiz since he was fired from Have I Got News For You. I imagine a lot of viewers tuned in under the same premise.

    The first episode of this series was very shaky: the guests were a bit predictable and David & Lee didn't really seem to know what they were doing. However, come episode 2 the show becomes hilarious! Each week the viewer is treated to seeing guests either lying through their teeth or telling some home truths.

    David Mitchell's banter is hilarious, he really is the number one star of the show. Similar to Paul Merton, he can pick up an ordinary every day event and twist into something incomprehensibly hilarious! Look out for some great monologues!

    Angus Deayton is of course brilliant in this genre: even though he is reading from an autocue (could we really expect anything less?), his dry patter makes it seem believable.

    Lee Mack is not as good as the other team captains, but don't get me wrong he is still very funny. Look out for a moment in episode 6 when he calls Tara Palmer Tomlinson a "spoilt b***h"!

    Unfortunately the show was broadcast on a Saturday night and not a Friday night. Because of this it screams of "Saturday night trash TV": the opening sequence is clearly intended the "wider audience" and Deayton always makes a cringeworthy entrance. However, this little indescripency usually only lasts for a minute or so at the start of the show, then the real humour begins!

    Like any panel show, the guests are an integral part. Therefore, if they are "a bit rubbish" then the episode seems "a bit rubbish". To be honest, the only "below average" episodes are episode 1 and episode 6.

    It's great to have another quality panel show to watch and I can't wait for the BBC to start airing season 2.