Would I Lie to You?

Friday 8:30 PM on BBC Premiered Jun 16, 2007 In Season





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  • Finally, a show that conquers comedy and that's the truth!

    It looks like the BBC have cracked the code to pure comedy gold, and it comes in the form of the spectacular: Would I lie to you?

    A simple idea transformed into one of telly's greats. No longer will you have to endlessly tear your way through the TV guide in search of a programme that can please such a wide number and range of people.

    Hosted by Angus Deayton, WILTY? combines good humour and wit (mainly supplied by David Mitchell and Lee Mack) with clueless celebrities being placed in the hot seat and revealing some of their funniest and sometimes unbelievable secrets.

    Yet, one question still remains- Is it the truth or just a big fat lie? Something that the opposing team must answer.

    However, the big attraction very rarely is the celebrities and other fellow comedians but the extremely talented David Mitchell and Lee Mack guiding them through with their snappy and crowd pleasing remarks.

    An unlikely combination but even Mitchell's famous Hitler haircut, posh background and humorous opinions along with Mack's 'your average bloke' personality and ever entertaining slick humour cannot stop these men from being the best things to happen to British quizcoms.

    Five stars? 10/10? These are mere understatements to what will await you if you ditch the dramas and go straight over to good old fashioned British comedy at it's best!
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