Would I Lie to You?

Friday 8:30 PM on BBC Premiered Jun 16, 2007 In Season





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  • Lives and dies by the cast and research...

    At times, this is one of the most remarkable and laugh-out-loud comedies on TV. The sparring between David Mitchell and Lee Mack follows in the great tradition of class-war comedy, and Mitchell's jumps of logic when exposing flaws in others' arguments is inspired. The Radio Times said that he has now overtaken Paul Merton as the best panelist on TV, and I would not disagree.

    Angus Deayton is a fine host too; less prominent than he was in Have I Got News For You. I hope he's given more of an ad-lib role in future, rather than just an autocue reader. The show might be limited by its nature, though. Even by the end of Series 2, some of the truths/lies told by the captains were obviously false. How could Lee Mack have worked for 6 months on the Empire State Building with no-one noticing? This limits the truth/false game to the four guests... and if they have no personality, then the game can fall flat. Fortunately, this hasn't happened much so far, but we have to fear for the future of this show.