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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! tells of the adventures of Wubbzy, Walden, Wubbzy's brainy friend, Widget, another friend of Wubbzy who can fix anything with her toolbox, and Daizy, the new, nature-loving friend. This animated children's show, created by Bob Boyle, takes place in Wuzzleburg. Wubbzy gets himself into crazy predicaments and strange situations, but with the help of Walden, Widget, and Daizy, Wubbzy gets himself out of trouble.


    Halloween 2006

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    • Oddly satisfying but hilarious, in my opinion.

      I was obsessed with this show when I was little, and I probably was for about 5 years. I just grew a love for the characters (especially Widget), the stuff they liked, and the things they did together. I always loved the musical numbers at the end! They were pretty cute and creative, and each one had a little message or lesson in it. I also found them very just used to love this show a lot and I never really knew why. But the characters and the plots amazed me. Even thiugh the show was odd in some ways, it was still a great kids show and was pretty entertaining too. I don't think they should've taken it off the air, regardless if it ended. They should really show reruns of it.moreless
    • I use to watch it when I was little... alot.

      i bet yall know from my other reviews that I find really stupid shows like dora and oobi to watch and laugh and make fun of with my friends, but this is not one of them. Although it may not make sense sometimes, its childhood, and widget was my fav coz she was pink. its not super bad.
    • Bland & boring, yet perfect for you little stupid kids who barely can talk & would watch whatever is on tv.

      So I first encountered this show when I was looking through schedules - the title was interesting like it was indicating some amazing or "little discoveries" kind of little kids' shows, but when I accidentally caught it's on I was like ._. disappointed at the sudden extreme visual appearance... I know there are other much better eye-candy shows for the similar audience, but nevertheless. Eventually I remembered the show again & just had to watch if only an episode or few to see if I was wrong about it. The whole animation is so simple & unbearably flat, as well as stylish as lots of things are drawn as rectangles with rounded corners. Shortly saying, most of lines in the show bend at 90 degrees but corners are rounded so the cartoon won't look "too sharp". The show's style kinda resembles what a little kid could draw as he/she can't draw well anyway, so he won't learn how to draw good from the show... that's especially about kids who after getting fascinated with the show go on drawing characters. In this case, the kid would succeed almost at first try, unless he/she would make it look even worse. In whole, visual appearance is so bland that it's catchy the first time you seeing this show for few seconds, but then you realize that except rectangles & relaxing colouring (which is actually nice, compared to some acrid MLP:FIM, for example! there's nothing more to feed your eyes, so your attention jumps on plots, characters, possible humour, etc.

      Hearing the first "Wow wow, evelybaly!" was cute & about 10 wow's after that too, but then it becomes slowly annoying to the point that if you're still watching it, you're seating in fear & ready to hear that cheesy Wow again. What I really found annoying & what makes this show boring is not only very weak almost invisible humour, but that that there are pauses between the characters' lines as if the voicing was done by people who not only were first to such kind of thing but were also unaware what lines others have... So it goes like this:

      Character 1: etc.

      Character 2: *waits a second to see if character 1 is done with his line* etc.

      Really it lacks some life there! As for the music, it's pretty cartoonishly perfect if you're listening to it, but if not then you don't even remember what you just heard. That's compared to some other shows where there distinct tunes & melodies playing in the background that you just not able to ignore & will be humming after the show still.

      Anyway, can't bother with this much longer. The show might be good for the targeted audience but not when they will grow up & come here to make an opinion about it (if it won't be affected by the nostalgia). If you want to introduce your kid to quality shows, go watch classic Disney shorts or those Playhouse Disney shows like PB&J Otter & such.moreless
    • This is my first review. Hope it's not too bad. Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is annoying.

      I can't believe I used to watch this show. It looks like something made in Adobe Flash!

      And now on to the show. Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is a show about Wubbzy, Widget, Walden, and Daisy trying to solve problems in Wuzzleburg. Wow! Wuzzleburg is a rip off of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania which this city is actually more educational and something you can search on Wikipedia for your school project than this crappy city which will make you fail school if you're a stupid dumbass to use this city in your school project!

      Now on to the characters:

      Wubbzy: Wubbzy is the main character of the show, and man, is he annoying! He keeps saying Wow! all the time and it gets annoying really fast. What type of animal is a wubbzy?

      Widget: Widget is the fixer of the gang. She is a pink rabbit that is suppose to solve Wubbzy's problems, only for her inventions to be backfired and she mainly says, "That wasn't supposed to happen. Ha ha ha it was supposed to happen!

      Walden: The geek of the gang. He is a scientist and loves to read books. He's not that good of a character either.

      Daisy: She was added in the newer episodes of Wubbzy. She lives in a flower. A flower? She lives in a flower? Ahahahaha! (mimicking the "Mama Mama Luigi" line from the episode Mama Luigi as said by Mario). And she plants her home with "Poodle Berry" seeds? They should be just called flower seeds!

      That's probably what every object in this show is named. Something wacky and stupid!

      And now back to my review of the show's summary!

      This show is horrible! It looks like a 3 year old drew all the scenery!

      I hate the musical numbers! But Justin Bieber is worse than these musical numbers! Thank god he retired.

      Now I don't like the educational value. This show will teach kids to disobey their friends and just do the complete opposite of what their friends tell the kids to do. Remember in one episode of Spongebob when Patrick kept touching the pieces of art in the museum and there's a police officer telling him not to touch? Why can't their friends act like the officers? Also, there's some breaking the 4th wall in this one. Wubbzy tells everyone what's going on in the show. Now do we feel at all interested in you talking to the audience. I'm not talking to you stupid Wubbzy!

      Anyways, I'm glad this show is cancelled!moreless
    • Season 1 was good. When Daisy was introduced, this show went downhill.

      I mean, what was the point of doing this? All Daisy does is just spin around and go, "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!" If you're going to make her spin, why not play the You Spin Me Right Round song while you're at it! I used to like this as a little kid. Now, I'm kinda glad this show was semi-canceled. What I mean by that is that they moved this to a really cryptic time as early as 2:00 in the morning! Geez, is that a bit early? You need to drink like 10 gallons of Mountain Dew and coffee to stay up THAT late!moreless

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