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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Nick Jr. (ended 2010)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Extra episode
    • Mr. Unlucky
      Mr. Unlucky
      Episode 25.1
      Wubbzy is excited because he found a penny and he?s going to be lucky all day?until everything starts going wrong! Will Wubbzy be able to find his good luck again?
    • Rush Hour; Wubbzy's Rainy Day
      Rush Hour: Wubbzy learns an important lesson in patience after enter his rapidly build boat in the Wuzzleburg Floaty Boat Race, which ends up totally falling apart. Wubbzy's Rainy Day: Wubbzy and the gang come up with unique games to pass the time until the rain stops and they can play Hoppity Hoop Hockey again.moreless
    • Focus, Wubbzy!
      Focus, Wubbzy!
      Episode 25
      Wubbzy tries to learn to stay focus to help!
    • What a Card; Too Many Wubbzys
      What a Card: Wubbzy and Daizy find out that Earl has a very rare footy-football card of Touchdown Tiki that they both want. Too Many Wubbzys: After agreeing to go to he Robotic Dinosaur Show with Walden, the Cool Tool Convention with Widget, and to the Captain Wonderpants Ice Show with Daizy, Wubbzy comes up with a clever way to solve his problem of having too many plans in one day.moreless
    • Ty Ty the Tool Guy; Happily Ever After
      Ty Ty the Tool Guy: After the Quackers lose their house from a pet elephant sneezing, the gang is inspired by Ty Ty the tool guy to help them rebuild their house. Happily Ever After: After asking Walden to read "Hopping Dipple-Dop" again, Widget decides to make the story come to life.moreless
    • Wubb Idol
      Wubb Idol
      Episode 22
      Wubb Idol: Wubbzy's journey begins once the Wubb Girlz come to town in this hour long special.
    • Lights, Camera, Wubbzy!; A Wubbstar Is Born
      Lights, Camera, Wubbzy!: The Wubb Girlz offer Wubbzy a part in their new movie.

      A Wubbstar Is Born: After becoming a movie star, Wubbzy starts to miss his friend back in Wuzzleburg.
    • Wubbzy's Big Makeover; The Big Wuzzlewood Concert
      Wubbzy's Big Makeover: Wubbzy realizes that it's better to be yourself, than something you are not. The Big Wuzzlewood Concert: Wubbzy and his friends join the The Wubb Girlz on stage, after Wubbzy gets stage fright and won't go on.
    • Bye Bye Wuzzleburg; Wubbzy's Wacky Journey
      Bye Bye Wuzzleburg: Wubbzy is afraid to leave Wuzzleburg after winning the Wuzzleburg Idol. Wubbzy's Wacky Journey: Wubbzy wants to stop at Wacky World Amusement Park, but Walden doesn't want to make any stops on their way to Wuzzlewood.
    • Wubb Girlz Rule; Wuzzleburg Idol
      Wubb Girlz Rule: Daizy tries to impress Shine, of the Wubb Girlz, during a talent show called the Wuzzleburg Idol. Wuzzleburg Idol Wubbzy wins the Wuzzleburg Idol by being himself.
    • Save the Wuzzly; All Bottled Up
      Save the Wuzzly: After all the trees were cut down in the forest, Wubbzy and the gang try to help the Wuzzly bear find a new place to call home. All Bottled Up: In an attempt to recycle, Wubbzy and the gang come up with ways they can reuse their old juice bottles.moreless
    • Big Bunny Blues; The Flower Day Parade
      Big Bunny Blues: Wubbzy and the gang get all geared up for Easter and all the candy they are requesting, just to discover that somehow, Easter was called off. The Flower Day Parade: Wubbzy tries to find a skill that he has, so he can join in the Flower Day Parade.moreless
    • Hoop Dreamz; Daizy's Purple Thumb
      Hoop Dreamz: Wubbzy believes that his friends don't have time for him, so he joins the Hoopty-Hoops team. Daizy's Purple Thumb: Daizy has trouble making things grow after she is put in charge of the community garden.
    • Hangin's With Mr. Gummy; Wonder Wubbzy
      Hangin's With Mr. Gummy: Wubbzy breaks Mr Gummy windows and tries to fix it by spending time with him. Wonder Wubbzy: Superheroes Wubbzy and Daizy pretend to rescue their friends.
    • Once Upon a Wubbzy; Big Birthday Mystery
      Once Upon a Wubbzy: Daizy and Wubbzy accidently ruin Widget's pickleberry bush and then try to replace it before she finds out. Big Birthday Mystery: Wubbzy tries to solve a puzzling mystery by using his new detective kit.
    • Daizy's Favorite Place; Quiet Wubbzy
      Daizy's Favorite Place: Daizy and her friends head to the park for a picnic. Quiet Wubbzy: Wubbzy wants to play Woogle Bugle, but can't seem to find the right place to play it.
    • Cupid's Helper; My Speedy Valentine
      Cupid's Helper: Wubbzy finds Cupid's bubble wand. My Speedy Valentine: Wubbzy and the gang try to find the fastest way to make their valentines.
    • A Great and Grumpy Holiday; The Super-Special Gift
      A Great and Grumpy Holiday: Wubbzy stops and nothing to get the perfect Christmas tree that is on old man Grumpus' land. The Super-Special Gift: Wubbzy helps Santa deliver toys, after his trip to the north pole to ask him for Daizy's rainbow for Christmas.
    • The Ghost of Wuzzleburg; March of the Pumpkins
      The Ghost of Wuzzleburg: Wubbzy dresses as the The Ghost of Wuzzleburg in order to take first prize in the town's Halloween costume contest. March of the Pumpkins: In order to be crowned the Pumpkin King at the Harvest Festival, Wubbzy goes in search of the biggest pumpkin that he can find.moreless
    • Daizy's Hair Salon; New Kid on the Block
      Daizy's Hair Salon: Wubbzy advertises for Daizy's new hair salon. New Kid on the Block: Wubbzy learns a hard lesson about being the center of attention when a new kid, Murphy, joins Wubbzy's class.
    • Wubbzy the Hero; The Nasty Nose
      Wubbzy the Hero: People think Wubbzy is a hero after seeing him chasing a dinosaur. The Nasty Nose: Wubbzy is headed to a pool party, but first he has to deal with the problem with his nose.
    • Welcome to the Dollhouse; What Would Wubbzy Do?
      Welcome to the Dollhouse: Daizy gets a new dollhouse in which Wubbzy and Daizy shrink themselves to play in. What Would Wubbzy Do?: Daizy needs Wubbzy's help to deliver her doodleberry jelly jars.
    • Tooth or Dare; Moo Moo's Snoozity Snooze
      Tooth or Dare: Wubbzy attempts to fill in for the toothfairy, who is on vacation, after Daizy loses a tooth. Moo Moo's Snoozity Snooze: Wubbzy tries to wake up Moo Moo the Magician and stop him from casting spells all over Wuzzleburg in his sleep.
    • Bye Bye Birdies; Call of the Mild
      Bye Bye Birdies: Wuzzleburg seems to be the place to be when a few migrating birds are having too much fun at Wubbzy's bird-watching slumber party at the Wubb Club, to want to move on. Call of the Mild: Wubbzy and Daizy stumble upon a rare and frightened one-horned animal.
    • Wubbzy and the Sparkle Stone; Meet the Wuzzles
      Wubbzy and the Sparkle Stone: Wubbzy drops Daizy sparkly ring down a hole and must make his way to the center of the earth to find it and bring it back to her. Meet the Wuzzles: Daizy gets frustrated when she can't play any instruments, but still wants to join the gang's new band.moreless
    • Wubbzy & the Fire Engine; Too Much of a Doodle Thing
      Wubbzy & the Fire Engine: Wubbzy ends up in danger when he tries to become a fireman. Too Much of a Doodle Thing: Wubbzy eats all the doodleberries in town and tries to grow his doodleberries, which soon grow out of control.
    • Mr. Unlucky; Focus Wubbzy!
      Mr. Unlucky: Wubbzy finds a penny, which he believes will bring him luck, that is until he had a run of bad luck after walking under a ladder. Focus Wubbzy!: Wubbzy needs to stay focused when deliver a package for the mail man, but he is really tested when his friends are being chased around by a Jellygator in the park.moreless
    • Who's That Girl?; Wubbzy's Big Move
      Who's That Girl?: Wubbzy tries to spend time playing with his new neighbor Daizy, but quickly get bored and heads back to play with his friends again. Wubbzy's Big Move: Wubbzy soon learns that living in the Wubb Club isn't all he thought it was going to be.
  • Season 1
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