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  • One of my old favourites.

    I liked this show a lot a while back when I was a kid, it was a cheesy show yet it was somewhat fun, interesting and cute. I remember being strangely obsessed with this show at one stage.
  • Oddly satisfying but hilarious, in my opinion.

    I was obsessed with this show when I was little, and I probably was for about 5 years. I just grew a love for the characters (especially Widget), the stuff they liked, and the things they did together. I always loved the musical numbers at the end! They were pretty cute and creative, and each one had a little message or lesson in it. I also found them very just used to love this show a lot and I never really knew why. But the characters and the plots amazed me. Even thiugh the show was odd in some ways, it was still a great kids show and was pretty entertaining too. I don't think they should've taken it off the air, regardless if it ended. They should really show reruns of it.
  • I use to watch it when I was little... alot.

    i bet yall know from my other reviews that I find really stupid shows like dora and oobi to watch and laugh and make fun of with my friends, but this is not one of them. Although it may not make sense sometimes, its childhood, and widget was my fav coz she was pink. its not super bad.
  • Bland & boring, yet perfect for you little stupid kids who barely can talk & would watch whatever is on tv.

    So I first encountered this show when I was looking through schedules - the title was interesting like it was indicating some amazing or "little discoveries" kind of little kids' shows, but when I accidentally caught it's on I was like ._. disappointed at the sudden extreme visual appearance... I know there are other much better eye-candy shows for the similar audience, but nevertheless. Eventually I remembered the show again & just had to watch if only an episode or few to see if I was wrong about it. The whole animation is so simple & unbearably flat, as well as stylish as lots of things are drawn as rectangles with rounded corners. Shortly saying, most of lines in the show bend at 90 degrees but corners are rounded so the cartoon won't look "too sharp". The show's style kinda resembles what a little kid could draw as he/she can't draw well anyway, so he won't learn how to draw good from the show... that's especially about kids who after getting fascinated with the show go on drawing characters. In this case, the kid would succeed almost at first try, unless he/she would make it look even worse. In whole, visual appearance is so bland that it's catchy the first time you seeing this show for few seconds, but then you realize that except rectangles & relaxing colouring (which is actually nice, compared to some acrid MLP:FIM, for example! there's nothing more to feed your eyes, so your attention jumps on plots, characters, possible humour, etc.

    Hearing the first "Wow wow, evelybaly!" was cute & about 10 wow's after that too, but then it becomes slowly annoying to the point that if you're still watching it, you're seating in fear & ready to hear that cheesy Wow again. What I really found annoying & what makes this show boring is not only very weak almost invisible humour, but that that there are pauses between the characters' lines as if the voicing was done by people who not only were first to such kind of thing but were also unaware what lines others have... So it goes like this:

    Character 1: etc.

    Character 2: *waits a second to see if character 1 is done with his line* etc.

    Really it lacks some life there! As for the music, it's pretty cartoonishly perfect if you're listening to it, but if not then you don't even remember what you just heard. That's compared to some other shows where there distinct tunes & melodies playing in the background that you just not able to ignore & will be humming after the show still.

    Anyway, can't bother with this much longer. The show might be good for the targeted audience but not when they will grow up & come here to make an opinion about it (if it won't be affected by the nostalgia). If you want to introduce your kid to quality shows, go watch classic Disney shorts or those Playhouse Disney shows like PB&J Otter & such.
  • Season 1 was good. When Daisy was introduced, this show went downhill.

    I mean, what was the point of doing this? All Daisy does is just spin around and go, "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!" If you're going to make her spin, why not play the You Spin Me Right Round song while you're at it! I used to like this as a little kid. Now, I'm kinda glad this show was semi-canceled. What I mean by that is that they moved this to a really cryptic time as early as 2:00 in the morning! Geez, is that a bit early? You need to drink like 10 gallons of Mountain Dew and coffee to stay up THAT late!
  • I love this show. Stupid haters!

    Personally, I am a huge fan of this show. Now, don't get me wrong, or don't hate, because generally, the positive reviews on this are largely parents, while other people (mostly people without kids, or disgruntled parents) just go stupid and hate on it.

    But, here's one thing: This show is intelligent! I don't find it so annoying, and it also stands out from all the bad shows (see right), by actually being good.

    So anyways, I vote 9.5 (not 10, as it has some flaws, but they are too minor), and take note:

    Wubbzy is a gerbil-like creature, but not specified. Anyways, I think you guys (with reviews under 6.0) might have not seen it much, or maybe you're just jealous. Anyways, I'm out!

    ~BatteryMill! (score: A++)
  • Wow! Wow! Wow! What a stupid show!

    What the heck is Wubbzy anyway? Some kind of yellow cat? But hey, at least the show ended.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2 (originally posted last year on July 21): Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.
  • Load of shit!

    It's a pile of cum! It's stupid to da max!
  • Wow Wow idiot is more like it.

    Cant believe I used to like/love this show (when I was a kid) stupid as crap Kickety kick ball? should be kick ball. The songs are cheesy/corny,and suck cheese. Last It's not funny at all. Overall this show is bad 3/10 bad.
  • It's like Spongebob for toddlers.

    I know my kids love this show. I enjoy it too. I think its the older kids that hate the show probably have younger syblings that love it and constantly want to watch it. The show teaches all sorts of things. But is that how we judge entertainment. Why not you teach the kid instead of expecting every kid show to do what you should be doing as a parent? Wow wow Wubzy RULEZ.
  • Great

    This show is great my daughter absolutly loves it i dont see how some people talk about these shows being bad or say its dumb and this and that well listen here its ment for kids not adults so just relax and let these kids enjoy their show! To me i rather have my daughter watch wow wow wubbzy instead of watching family guy and other crap like that!
  • Horrible show!

    This is the 4th worst show i've ever seen.The 3rd worst is Ni Hao Kai Lan,2nd worst is Yo Gabba Gabba and the worst show ever is DORA.This show annoys me all the time and that quote Wubbzy always says(Wow Wow Wow) is so f*cking annoying like he says it all the time it's kinda gettin' old don't ya think.Please stop this show now and bring back Blues clues and Rainbow or just avoid it and watch Kerwhizz.
  • Educational? No. A little

    They say that this is an educational cartoon. I say no.

    Plot: Wubbzy, a cat? always embarks on his friends and adventures. He makes stuff with the people he meets.

    Character: They are plain, some are annoying. Like Wubbzy, who says "wow" all the time like a child with ADD problems.

    Value: This show has a very few value, but I only saw one, where they sang, "you'll be good, if you're just being yourself". That is good actually. In some cases. But that's it.

    Art: Animation is good, but needs improvement on those appearances. I can't recognize what they are.

    Overall: 1.5. Those morals can be good to children, like the Oswald did. But most of the episodes contain useless ADD filled junk.
  • This show stinks.

    I hated this show, even it was in a commercial. Ok let's tell about his stupid show. This is even worst than Wonder Pets.

    It's all about that happy-go-lucky idiot cat named Wubzzy, he goes lame adventures together with his dorky friends.

    The animation stinks so as the humor. Like Wuzzleburg, that was the most uncreative name of the city ever. It drives me crazy and CRAZY when Wubbzy saying "Wow, wow, wooooooooow" in every episodes so as he bounces his tail.

    I you want to watch a better show watch Chowder, it is way better than this also watch Blue Clues. That's it.
  • THis is one the stupidest kids shows i've ever seen, but Dora is still the number 1 worst kids show ever!

    What the heck is this show?! OK this show show about a thing (i'm not sure what it is.) named Wubbzy who has some friends and plays with his kickidy kickball and goes through life. I would get into deteal but the last time i saw this show i was like 7. I do remember one of his friends name his name is Widget and he wears gloves all the time. Now the episodes are the same all the time, now i can take it in Phineas and Ferb, but not in this show. Now the animation is terrible. The trees are shapes like swirles. And all the characters have weird shapes its annoying. Anyway this is one the worst kids shows out there. Overall 1/10.
  • Three awesome comedy series for preschoolers!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! A cheerful preschool aged kid named Wubbzy lives in the magical world of Wuzzleburg, where, as Willy Wonka would say 'dreams become realities and realities become dreams'. Wubbzy, like any preschooler, loves to play and just wants to have fun, but sometimes has problems in life that need to be taken care of. So what does he do? He goes to his two constant companions Widget and Walden for assistance and advice. Widget is a girl who loves to build and invents all sorts of wierd, but useful things and thinks that the only tools you need to solve a problem are a hammer and a saw, although she learns that doesn't always solve problems and owns a fix-it shop. Walden is a boy who loves to learn and discover new things by reading books and exploring, and usually solves the problem correctly while teaching Wubbzy (or in some cases Widget) an important lesson. Each episode usually contains two 10-minute stories, which are separated by a little 2-minute intermission clip where Wubbzy, Widget or Walden enlists the viewers, and at the end of the second 10-minute story comes a music video, summarizing the episode's moral of the day in a cool pop rock song. The most interesting thing about this show is that it was created by Bob Boyle, who was the Art Director of 'Fairly Odd Parents' and 'Danny Phantom'. (also one of my favorite shows)
  • Even for a kids show, Wow Wow Wubbzy sucks!

    This show is completely lame and stupid. Wubbzy drives me crazy when he goes 'Wow Wow' every four seconds and bounces around on his tail. Another super annoying thing is that pretty much everything in this little fantasy world starts with the letter W. Wuzzleburg is about the most uncreative name you could come up with for the town, and they do it anyway. Pathetic. I think that the animators are toddlers that they took from a babysitting service. EVERYTHING is square, resulting in terrible (and sometimes humorous) animation. Wubbzy: Wow wow everyone! I never realized how much my show sucked! Me: You said it Wubbzy! Now, why not do all of mankind a favor and go piss of Leonidus.

    Leonidus: THIS IS SPARTA! *Kicks Wubbzy into a hole*

    Everyone: Hurray!
  • Cute and entertaining show

    I sort of like this show the graphics are very colorful and entertaining and i think wubbzy is somewhat cute. That's weird because again I don't know why people are starting to threaten nick jr cartoons nowadays ever since like 2000 the war begun but I am sure a lot of kids like it and they watch nick jr. all the time so there's nothing to get so rude about I'm not really up to nick jr. or noggin either cause noggin is a very childish shortie preview that's why i dont go to it because i don't like noggin the only reason why I get on noggin is because one of the shows i want to watch are on there but I think this has lovely and entertaining animation even though it has unusual names but still great for the children.
  • A fun and entertaining show for kids.

    Well, I must say, when I actually sat down and watched an episode, I was truly amazed by how awesome this show is. My expectations of this show weren't very high, but when I saw the last 5 minutes or so of "Lights, Camera, Wubbzy," I really enjoyed it.

    Wubbzy has three main friends, Widget, Walden, and Daisy. Widget is an inventer who often makes inventions to help Wubbzy in some sort of way. Like the theme song says, Walden is really smart. He knows about science, and books, and art. Daisy is your average girl. She likes things like tea parties and kickety kick ball.

    "Wow Wow Wubbzy!" is similar to "The Busy World of Richard Scarry" in that it has music videos after stories. Music videos seen in "Wow Wow Wubbzy!" are often very catchy and well written. I especially like "Don't Lie," one of the first songs I heard.

    Altogether, "Wow Wow Wubbzy!" is an outstanding, very creative show. It's not a show you watch when you have nothing else to do. It's a show you actually want to watch. Why? This show is entertaining for people of all ages. Parents who don't like shows such as "Dora the Explorer" can find fun in watching this with their kids.

    Final show grade: B+
  • Amazing Show!

    I really like this sho3,I don't see whats all the hate for. Season 1 was good,but I think Seas 2 is better. I love the addition of Daizy! I love her ^_^. Its obvious her and Wubbzy like each other. Me and my 5 year old sis love this show and watch it together all the time! Widget is quirky,but cool and Walden is a good character too. Beyonce's appearances on the as The Wubb Girls leader was nice. I hope Nick Jr keeps this show running for a very long time. Spongebob and Wubbzy are alike also! Overall,a good hearted,impressive show that blows a lot the other the other Pre-School shows out the water.
  • Wow! Wow! Wow! This show is terrible.

    Noggin was suffering from terrible educational shows,and one of their resutls ended up with this. Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is about a guy named Wubbzy who goes on adventures with his friends Widget,Walden and Daisy. It may seem great,however,it fails on many levels. First off,all of the characters are idiots. Wubbzy is a huge troublemaker. When he's told not to do something,he does it anyway. (In one episode,he played ball in Widget's site when he's told not to.). So,he's teaching kids to disobey everyone? Wow,I thought this was educational. Also,why is he a male? He sounds like a girl,so shouldn't he be a girl? Widget is no better at all. She loves to build stuff,and has a texas accent. But she always says the same thing every single time her inventions don't work: "That Wasn't supposed to happen". Also,her inventions never work at all. They always screw up and always have to end with 3000. And why does she wear gloves everywhere she goes? I'm not kidding,she wears it everywhere she goes,even in bed. Did she forgot to take them off? Are they glued to her hands? Or is she trying to not get the flu? No one knows. Walden is a nerd who loves books. He's Ok,but is not a good character. Daisy loves planting flowers,but seriously,what kind of flowers are these? Poodle Berry seeds?! I'm must be stoned. Also,not to mention the horrible catchphrases. "Wow!Wow!Wow!","That's Kooky!' "That wasn't supposed to happen". Also,what is up with the names of items in this show? Kickity Kick ball? Panny-Pancakes? I must be stoned again. Not to mention this show points a middle finger to logic. I mean,in one episode, Wubbzy tried to wake up the man on the moon to make it turn day. What are they teaching these kids? That it turns daylight because there's man on the moon that drives the moon? Last time I checked,it turns daylight because of Earth's ROTATION. In another episode,Wubbzy grew a ball tree. Let's see a kid's face when he tries to grow a ball tree and it doesn't grow. I also hate the stupid musical numbers. They make Hannah Montana's music sound like a winner. There's also a running gag of a jukebox robot asking what time is it. Wubbzy always gets it wrong,and he never realizes that it's "Time for the Wubb club dance party". That just proves that Wubbzy is a moron. The animation,however,is colorful and looks like something out of a coloring book. But that can't save the show. Overall,it's horrible and bad,and should get canceled.
  • Wubbzy is Awesome!

    Wow! Wow! Wubbzy is one of the best shows Nick Jr. has had in a very long time. Wubbzy is so adorable. The show is actually really funny, the humor isn't just for preschoolers, which can't be said for most Nick Jr. Shows. I wouldn't consider Wubbzy to be just for preschoolers but for everyone who has ever had a sense of fun and whimsy. While you are bound to learn something while watching, the lessons aren't shoved down your throat. This show is a huge winner. I personally can't wait for Wubbzy merchandise because Wubbzy and the gang look so cuddley.
  • And they say that this preschool "comedy" show is nominated for an Emmy huh? Well , it seems that I predict it shouldn't get it. Because Wubbzy is up there with Dora.

    One person who works for Fredator Studios decided to make this crappy show which features this "unanimalistic" cat with adventures leading her way along with an invental rabbit friend and some dorkish animal as one too. Sadly , this show fails to impress me , even if it is by Fredator Studios , or even if it is aimed at the kiddies. It's my opinion. The music is lacky , one of the people who works for this show works for another dumped show that will soon get a review ( Yin Yang Yo! ) , an episode I watched was like The Anti Dr. Seuss Story , no actual humor since this suppose to be a "comedy" preschool show , that stupid guy that comes popping up saying "Kooooky!" is really on my freakin' nerves , and most of the other characters seem to fail. 1.0 out of 10.0
  • Awful, just awful. Even for a 5 year old show.

    Most shows I've seen on Nick Jr are about bad but this one is something for die for. Period. I don't like to watch that mouth slip out of sync. I recently saw an episode and couldn't stand it. Why? Why can the creators just except the fact that spongebob squarepants is a whole lot better show? They should have looked at SpongeBob Squarepants, and said ''Hey, our shows might suck, so.. How about we talk about how much better SpongeBob Squarepants is?''. Fing liers. The plots, characters... all lame. I want this st show to crawl into a hippo's butt, come down the toilet, down the hole through the sewers, and land in the firey depths of hell.
  • Wow,Wow,Everyone,My name is...(Gun shot to the face)Shut up!

    Okay,what the heck is this?It's so stupid.The show's about an idiot named Wubbzy.(That's not even a name)Who causes trouble ALL the time.He has a friend named Widget,who wears gloves EVERYWHERE.And an annoying nerd named Walden.Now every episode's the same thing.I can stand it in Phineas and Ferb,but not in this one.I give it an F for being so stupid.Scores:

    Animation:10/10 The only thing good about this show.It's so colorful.

    Voices:3\10 It's the same thing in every episode.Wow Wow Wow!Koooookkyy!That wasn't supposed to happen.It's so annoying

    Education Value:2\10 It's another show which doesn't teach kids anything at all.It teaches kids to get in trouble even more,how to be annoying and how to lie.

    Music:2\10 It makes Fanboy and Chum Chum look stupid.

    Theme:1\10 It's annoying.With those voices and stuff

    This has got to be so stupid.It's with the other junky shows like Johnny Test,Oobi,Barney and Friends,Fanboy and Chum Chum and The Garfield Show.It's so stupid
  • This show has it all, catchy tones, lovable characters, and problem solving.

    This show has it all, catchy tones, lovable characters, and problem solving. This show is meant for kids, but I still watch it with mine. It attracts the smallest of kids because of the bright colors and the older kids because of the fast pace. Wubbzy is just so cute and lovable, especially his tail. He deals with problems like losing a train, not properly reading instruction manuals on what to feed new pets, and helping to fix a slow express train. He is helped by his pals Widget and Walden. Widget is the on hands fix it girl and Walden is the brains. What more do you need? Brains, handy people, and humor?
  • omg its one of the few cartoons that doesn't force another language on your kids

    omg my ears don't burn when i turn on the tv for the kids to watch its a Miracle! this is one of the few cartoons i'll let them watch. its not that i don't mind the other shows its just that even the kids think the show is retarded. i'm also glad that its not interactive like most retarded cartoons such as hinky pinky doo. i wish shows would follow this ones example. I'm sorry but 78% of interactive cartoons are retarded annoying and make your kids loud. usually i want to be able to hear the tv so that i know what their watching rolls eyes.
  • The first DVD is coming to DVD in the fall 2008! I'm so excited!

    The first DVD will be packaged with a soundtrack CD including the fun songs of the 'music videos' at the end of each episode! The songs are educational and will be tolerable for parents to listen to as well! This package deal with be available at an exclusive retailer (TBA). The season two shows will begin this fall as well. I believe that you will be able to purchase a lot more Wubbzy merchandise this summer too, including games, beanie babies, plus toys, apparel, and cool stuff for birthday parties and what not! has some episodes to watch too!
  • Has some great moments - and the ONLY show for small children on television these days that I can say that about. Borrows heavily from other show concepts, but does everything better, so I forgive the producers for that.

    The music totally sounds like it was produced by one of the band members of 1980's new wave band DEVO. Very catchy and some of the lyrics are hilarious. The characters seem to be a compilation of Bob the Builder (Widget) superimposed on Max & Ruby, with elements of Winnie the Pooh and other cartoons here and there. Rather than being a nauseating rip-off contest, the production group here has done everything better - the music, the ideas, and (best of all) managed to stick in some laughs for the adults who might be watching. The songs are really REALLY catchy. WATCH THIS!
  • I am not a fan of this cartoon but it's good for childern between 3-8. But for my opioion this cartoon is a disgrace to comedy.

    My 31st review after "Danny Phantom."

    This cartoon is the 1st preschool comedy for childern 3-8. But try again Bolder media and Idt Entertainment cause your animation is rubbish and Tubish in a Terrbile way. From the creators of Yin yang yo comes this piece of disgraceful trash.
    I have no clue way I'm giving this disgraceful trash cartoon a 5.7 out of 10. Oh! I remember now! Cause it's good for childern 3-8 years old! Man, I'm so stupid. This cartoon will however get a C-. Here's my results:

    Voice-acting: D- 4.5/10.0 Whiny and poor voice-acting is one of the reasons to disgrace this piece of trash.

    Animation: E-- 3.0/10.0 The Animation is Ugly and Horrbile!!!! But it's also colorful. The Animation was sooo bad and sooo ugly, It looked like someone punched the chracthers in their faces and I just wanana thorw up all over the chracthers because they are ugly and badly drawn.
    It's also in Low Quatily.

    Graphics: C- 5.5/10.0 The graphics are barely better then the ugly and colorful Animation. But the graphics are pretty rubbish and tubish along with it.

    Sound: F- 2.5/10.0 Terrbile music with Abysmal songs. The crummy songs were stuck in my head for weeks! Dialouge: F-- 1.5/10.0 Wow wow wow! kooky!!! Wow wow wow! Koooooky!!! Is this all they say?!?!? Annoying, stupid, brainless, repetitve and garbage.

    Eductional Value: D 4.5/10.0 There is no good Eductional value to this cartoon at all. This teaches kids how to screw stuff up easily! Lasting Appeal: 4.8/10.0 This cartoon is the only thing on TV for me to watch, I hate it when it comes on Noggin every day on the afternoons at 3:30pm!!!!

    Overall: C- 5.7/10.0 Another poor-drawn cartoon. this cartoon gets a C- because some of the stuff is good, but most of it is Bad. I'm done with this disgrace to comedy trash. Shame on you Nick jr, Bolder media, and Idt Entertainment! Shame on you 3 all!! Try again you idiots! All right! That's it! I'm done reviewing this Disgraceful trash!
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