Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - Season 1

Nick Jr. (ended 2010)


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Episode Guide

  • Broken Record; Walden on the Beach
    Broken Record: Everyone seems to be in need of Wubbzy's help when he is trying to break a world record. Walden on the Beach: Nobody knows that Walden is afraid of the water, until they all head to the beach one afternoon.
  • The Wubbzy Shuffle; Follow the Leader
    The Wubbzy Shuffle: Widget catches on to the fact that Wubbzy is winning all his games by cheating, so she builds an ultimate robot to teach him a lesson about cheating. Follow the Leader: A group of baby chirpees have lost their mother, until they start to follow Wubbzy who leads them home.moreless
  • Where's My Wiggle Wrench?; You Gotta Have Art
    Where's My Wiggle Wrench?: Widget uses a new invention to try and find her wiggle wrench that she lost right before a contest. You Gotta Have Art: Wubbzy uses his friends for his first masterpiece after he takes up painting, but can't find the perfect subject.
  • The Tired Tail; Wubbzy's Big Idea
    The Tired Tail: Wubbzy loses the bounce from his tail and is told to stay a home to rest, but making a list of things to do, sets his recovery back. Wubbzy's Big Idea: Wubbzy wants to grow bigger so Walden invents a machine to help him do so, but things go wrong and Wubbzy gets too big.moreless
  • O Figgity-Fig Tree; Snow Day
    O Figgity-Fig Tree: Wubbzy overdecorated the towns Figgity-Fig tree and blows the generator which knocks out the lights. Now everyone must come up with a way to decorate it so it doens't need electricity. Snow Day: Wubbzy and Widget try to fix Walden Woly-bear snow sculpture that was ruined when Wubbzy went sledding into it.moreless
  • The Super Fixers; Fly Us To The Moon
    The Super Fixers: Wubbzy and his Walden devise a plan to get Widget away from her 30 TV screens. Fly Us To The Moon: Wubbzy and his friends need to help the sun get into the sky by waking the man in the moon up, so he can move out of the way.moreless
  • Mt. Fizzy Pop; Zoo Hullabaloo
    Mt. Fizzy Pop: Wubbzy and his friends act fast to change the sour milk from the erupting Mt. Fizzy Pop into something they'd like more. Zoo Hullabaloo: Widget needs to fix the cages at the zoo, so Wubbzy steps up to keep an eye on the animals at his house.
  • Mr. Valentine
    Mr. Valentine
    Episode 19
    Wubbzy helps deliver Valentine's Day cards when the mailman gets sick, but is disappointed when there are none for him. It turns out his friends were only saving the best for last, as they surprise him with cards and gifts after he saves the day.
  • Come Spy With Me; Puddle Muddle
    Come Spy With Me: Wubbzy and Widget think that Walden is hiding something from them, and they follow him all around town to try and figure out what the secret is. Puddle Muddle: It's picture time for Wubbzy, but he ends up getting himself all dirty from playing in the mud puddle before the picture is taken.moreless
  • Daizy's Purple Thumb
    Daizy is put in charge of the Wuzzleburg Community Garden, but when nothing grows under her supervision, it?s discovered that her famous green thumb has turned purple!
  • Magical Mess Up; Tea for Three
    Magical Mess Up: Wubbzy uses a magic wand from Moomoo the Magician and quickly loses control. Tea for Three: Wubbzy wants to throw a tea party and Widget offers to help. He builds the Tea Time 3000 to make sandwiches and tea, but the invention goes haywire.
  • The Grass Is Always Plaider; Everything's Coming Up Wubbzy?
    The Grass Is Always Plaider: Wubbzy, Walden, and Widget grow very bored with the same old things that they do in Wuzzleburg, so they travel over the mountain to the nearby city of Plaidville. They soon realize that things weren't so bad in Wuzzleburg, and head back. Everything's Coming Up Wubbzy?: Widget creates a special hat that makes whoever wears it act like Wubbzy.moreless
  • Widget Gets the Blooey Blues; Escape From Dino Island
    Widget Gets the Blooey Blues: Widget is saddened by yet another one of her failed inventions. Escape From Dino Island: Wubbzy, Walden, and Widget take a journey to Dino Island.
  • The Snow Shoo Shoo
    The Snow Shoo Shoo
    Episode 14
    The Snow Shoo Shoo: Wubbzy, Walden, and Widget set of in search of the Snow Shoo Shoo creature. They head to Mt Zubba and find the Snow shoo shoo holding a jam session with other shoo shoo's in a cave.
  • Watch the Birdie; The Pirate Treasure
    Watch the Birdie: Wubbzy is having his things stolen by a bird. The Pirate Treasure: Wubbzy, Widget, and Walden dress up like pirates and search for a buried treasure.
  • Wubbzy Bounces Back; A Dash for a Dolly
    Wubbzy flattens his kickity kick ball and runs into difficulties when he tries to get it replaced. It's Widget's birthday and Wubbzy wants to get her something extra special.
  • Monster Madness; The Very Last Leaf
    Wubbzy watches a scary movie and thinks there are monsters in the dark. Wubbzy, Walden and Widget all gather around the old Figgidy-Fig tree and anxiously wait for the last leaf to fall.
  • Magic Tricks; Who Needs School?
    Wubbzy learns that being a magician is hard work when he can't master the difficult tricks. Then Wubbzy is nervous and scared about his first day of school.
  • Take Us To Your Leader; Wubbzy the Star
    Take Us To Your Leader: Walden is looking through his telescope when he spots something in the sky and thinks it's a spaceship. Wubbzy the Star: Wubbzy wants to be the star of a play.
  • Eggs Over Easy; The Flight of the Flutterfly
    Eggs Over Easy: Wubbzy wants to color his easter eggs, but needs a little help, so Widget decided to step in and help her friend out. The Flight of the Flutterfly: While playing outside, Wubbzy sees a flutterfly. He catches it and then wants to keep it as his own pet.moreless
  • Gidget the Super-Robot; Wuzzleburg Express
    Gidget the Super-Robot: Widgets decides to build a super robot that looks and acts just like she does. Wuzzleburg Express: Wubbzy, Walden and Widget want to go to Mt. Zubba Bubba for a nice relaxing picnic, but first they have to get their.
  • Gotta Dance; The Wubb Club
    Gotta Dance: Widget has always wanted to be a ballerina, but can she make it. The Wubb Club: Wubbzy starts a new club for all of his friends. He calls it the "Wubb Club."
  • Run For Fun/Woozy Walden
    It's time for the biggest sporting event in Wuzzleburg - the Wuzzlympic Games and coach Michelle Kwanzleberry teaches the gang some sage advice. / Walden comes down with a case of Chickenitis ? all he can do is cluck.
  • Mr. Cool; A Clean Sweep
    Mr. Cool: Walden, who is a scientist tends to be a little uptight, but he wants Wubbzy to teach him how to be cool and hip. A Clean Sweep: Wubbzy decides to goof off and play instead of doing his chores like he was supposed to.
  • Perfecto Party; Goo-Goo Grief
    Perfecto Party: Wubbzy need to gather the right ingredients to prepare his special lasanga for Wubbzy birthday party, but marshmallows are out of season. Goo-Goo Grief: When Walden played his hoopty horn, a special little creature emerges.
  • Wubbzy in the Woods
    Wubbzy gets lost on the way to the frog pond in the woods!
  • Wubbzy in the Woodz; A Little Help From My Friends
    Wubbzy in the Woodz: Wubbzy gets lost while everyone goes camping. He tries to find his way back but he can't. A Little Help From My Friends: When Wubbzy tries to make dinner for his friends, Widget and Walden, things get messy.
  • A Tale of Tails; Special Delivery
    A Tale of Tails: Wubbzy can't figure out why everyone makes fun of his curzy tail. He tries to hide it but nothing work. Special Delivery: Wubbzy opens up Walden's package that has a toy train in it. Wubbzy tries to put it back together but the train gets away.
  • Widget's Wild Ride; Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle
    Widget's Wild Ride: Wubbzy build a road racer for the annual Wuzzleburg Derby, but Widget wants to modify it. Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle: Wubbzy buys a pet Fleegle but throws away the instruction manual for it.