Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Season 2 Episode 2

Wubbzy & the Fire Engine; Too Much of a Doodle Thing

Aired Unknown Sep 03, 2008 on Nick Jr.

Episode Recap

Wubbzy & The fire engine: During the gangs walk in Wuzzleburg, Walden sees a giant meatball hit the street, thinking its a meteorite. When Widget sticks her hand in the meteorite, she finds its a meatball. Wubbzy gets a taste of the meatball, excited the meatball includes marinara sauce. Tons other giant meatballs fall from the sky. Wubbzy then spots a fire engine, and wants to see. The meatballs seem to be coming from a factory that makes spaghetti and meatballs. Two people in the factory run out, with a giant wave of spaghetti and meat balls following them. However, the fire department shows up just in time and with hoses and a giant fork, they are able to stop the chaos. Amazed, Wubbzy wishes he had his own fire engine. Widget builds him one, and promises to let him have it if Wubbzy promises to not use it for anything dangerous. Wubbzy makes the promise, and Walden gives him his helmet. Wubbzy then decides to go for a ride with Daizy, finding their first need for help when Earl gets his kite stuck in a tree he is hanging from. Wubbzy uses his engines ladder to help earl get his kite back, knowing it is not too dangerous. Later through, Wubbzy finds a empty bird bath. Wubbzy uses the hose to fill it with water. Later, Wubbzy and Daizy are strolling through Wuzzleberg when he spots smoke coming from a building. Thinking it is a fire, Daizy tells Wubbzy to wait for a real fire engine, but Wubbzy says its an emergency. He goes to the top of the building, and uses the hose to put out the fire, finding the smoke was Chef Fritz making pancakes, which are now soggy due to what Wubbzy did. When the chef tried to pull one from the stack, it accidentally hit Wubbzys face. He fell towards his fire engine, activating the vehicles trampoline and springing him up high onto a globe statue at the top of a building. Wubbzy yells to Daizy, in which she notifies Walden and Widget of the problem to notify the fire department. When the firemen get to the building in which Wubbzy is stuck, the wind causes Wubbzy to start to lose his balance. The firefighters try to raise the ladder high enough to get to Wubbzy, but before they can, the wind blows Wubbzys hat off. Wubbzy dives for it, but ends up falling off the building. However, the firemen end up catching Wubbzy by his tail on time. Wubbzy is sorry he used the fire engine, but with the firemen knowing he was just trying to be helpful, he becomes part of the fire department.
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