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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 9/2/09
      The season finale counts down to the most treacherous, danger packed recoveries that O'Hare Towing has faced. Only on SPEED.
    • 9/2/09
      The Gratziannas discuss the worst wrecks of the past season. Only on SPEED.
    • 8/27/09
      Spring finally comes to Chicago, and the warm weather means muddy terrain. Bill and the boys take on a machine load shift, while Tryke tackles a dump truck. Only on SPEED.
    • Friday the 13th
      Episode 17
      It’s Friday the 13th, and O’Hare’s haunted by freak occurrences. Two calls come in simultaneously, and Marci’s birthday celebration is interrupted by a shocking disturbance.
    • Jane Runs the Show
      Episode 16
      Bill and Marci head out of town, leaving sister Jane in charge of O’Hare. The calls roll in, including a cargo van that’s fallen off a lift, and a tricky winch out. Only on SPEED.
    • Rookies
      Episode 15
      Every year, O’Hare breaks in a class of rookie drivers. They’re put to the test right away, as Bill leads them to a roll over in a freight yard, and later they square off in a towing skills competition.
    • The Windy City
      Episode 14
      An overseas container is blown over on the side of the highway, a 40-ton crane sinks into a deep muddy sinkhole, and a 5-ton semi is stuck in the soft thawing ground.
    • Stuck in the Mud
      Episode 13
      A roof cave in leaves a car trapped inside a garage; an expensive sports car is carefully transported and several cars are winched out of muddy driveways. Only on SPEED.
    • Snow Angels
      Episode 12
      A two-car collision leaves one buried in the snow; two trucks are stuck on an icy slope and a pickup plunges into a river. Only on SPEED.
    • Code Red
      Episode 11
      On this episode of Wrecked, a semi is stuck under a bridge after a wheel breaks, a box truck has a head-on collision and three burned cars are towed. Only on SPEED.
    • 6/25/09
      A truck breaks down on a bridge, a fuel tanker starts to smoke and leak in mid-transport, a semi plows over an electrical light post, a semi crashes into a wall on the highway and a 200,000 pound crane breaks down on a city street. Only on SPEED.
    • Odd Jobs
      Episode 9
      It's not a typical day of rescues for the crew at O'Hare when a pedestrian bridge gets stuck over an icy pound and a 4500 lb. helicopter must be transported to a nearby facility. Only on SPEED.
    • 6/11/09
      Dispatch gets into a frenzy as slick roads cause a five car pile-up and a jackknifed tractor trailer blocks an off ramp, while all the drivers are out on calls for dead vehicles.
    • The Blizzard
      Episode 7
      On this episode of Wrecked, a 40 ton rig slides over into a ditch, an SUV rolls off the highway and Jay, Keith, Don and TJ winch out victims of the storm.
    • Marci's the Boss
      Episode 6
      On this episode of Wrecked, a tractor trailer loses control and rolls over an on-ramp; an overseas container slides down a slick road and rolls over at an intersection and Bill leaves town leaving Marci to man the shop. Only on SPEED.
    • 6/4/09
      On this episode of Wrecked, a container truck full of cardboard tips over on the highway; Tony and Jay break Tryk's truck and a semi gets stuck in a loading dock. Only on SPEED.
    • 5/28/09
      On this episode of Wrecked, two tractor trailers collide head on; a vehicle slides straight into a ditch, and a Honda sedan slides off the road into a neighbor’s yard.
  • Season 1