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Discovery Channel (ended 2009)

Early reactions to this new series

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    I saw some of the promos over Christmas when I was watching some of the Discovery Channel's most popular shows (Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, Survivorman). I happened to turn on the TV today and see some of the lawnmower racing and alligator wrestling episode. My initial reaction is so-so. It seems to be a mix of Dirty Jobs and Crocodile Hunter. Both of those shows are/were driven by the personality of the host, Steve Irwin and Mike Rowe. The host of this show, Dave Mordal, doesn't seem to have the charisma of either Steve or Mike. In the alligator segment, he keeps saying how afraid he is of reptiles and of how wimpy he is. Given that the show is supposed to explore some outlandish and dangerous pursuits, he might not be the best choice to host the show. Steve Irwin and Mike Rowe grab your attention but Mordal doesn't.

    If I come across this show again, I might give it another shot but after my first viewing, I wouldn't put this show in the top pantheon of Discovery Channel shows. Maybe it depends on what activities they are covering in the particular episode.
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