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Tuesday 10:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jan 26, 2007 Between Seasons



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Wrestling Society X

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Wrestling Society X, WSX for short, is the new kid on the block when it comes to wrestling organizations.

Brought to you by MTV, WSX is a 30 minute program filmed as a TV series with episodes airing each week. Each week you will be treated to outrageous matches and live band performances opening each show.

You may also recognize some familiar faces like 6-Pac(WWF's X-Pac) and Vampiro(WCW's Vimpiro). Sadly the show is taped far in advance and not shown live.
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  • WSX showcases the hard-hitting stars and style of the pro wrestling independent circuit.

    I like WSX because they have showcased some great indy stars like Ruckus, Teddy Hart, MDogg20, and others. They have also put together some good spot. However, I've got complaints as well. I hate their ring announcer, he's more concerned with putting himself over than promoting matches. I like the announcers pretty well, I know Kris Dloss from watching XPW DVDs and the other guy isn't bad either. I hate the fact that the let the musical acts do guest commentary. The only one that seemed to know a damn thing about wrestling was Styles P. Hated Zakk Wyle on commentary (great musician but a freakin' moron!) and pretty much all the other musician too. The production values for this show are too dirty and often very cartoonish. They want to present and indy style production value like ECW back in the day...but they aren't even coming close. Some of their spots, such as their explosions and the now infamous fireball are overdone. This show is great if you turn the sound off and manage to ignore the below average production values and cartoonish spots. Also the matches tend to be spotfests sometimes. There isn't a lot of actual technical wrestling being done...it's all high flying and brutality...I'm a fan of high flying and burtality...but you need to balance it out with the old school stuff too. The show is only half an hour and that is not enough time to put together good matches and run storylines. I will continue to watch this show until it gets cancelled (which it has been once already, and then reinstated) because I love wrestling and they showcase some incredible talents on WSX. I would feel better if the show was not on MTV, the netwrok for all things idiotic. I fall inot MTV's 18-25 year old viewer group and I hate just about everything on the channel...I think WSX needs to work out a deal with a network directed to more intelligent viewers. Despite the general perception, all pro wrestling fans are not morons and slobbering idiots who never went to college. Whether or not you want to watch this is your decision...I recommend it for hardcore wrestling fanatics like myself...but the casual wrestling fans and WWE marks will hate this show.moreless
  • i am writing in today to encourage yas on ya awsome work

    Who ever thought of this show is smarter than einstein. The high flying is awsome, just like the violence. I think everybody asgrees with me that MTV should grant the werestling society x an extra half hour at least. This is the greatest wrestling ever. More extreme than ecw and more wrestling than wwe. i hope that wsx stays in business for a long time. I stay up every night that it's on, i do anything to see it. This week i almost got kicked off the footy team cause i missed practice, my reason was i was watching wrestling society x. Keep up the good work.moreless
  • WSX, something that as the title says needs fine-tuning.

    Show has a decent concept behind it and is rather interesting the first time around. However, each additional show lowered it's apeal.

    MTV is partially to blame for this as they really had no idea what they were getting themselves in to. Let's face it, MTV saw this as a fad and thought they could capitalize on it.

    All the show needed was one thing, not to be put up against ECW. Extend the show to one hour and keep it away from other wrestling promotions and I think you have a really good oportunity with catching some good ratings and this could take off.

    My recomendation: If they ever reair any episodes I guess give it a shot, but don't expect that much unless your in to the band.moreless

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